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Numbers for the new players

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9 minutes ago, bluegrassIU said:

I saw the title of the thread and feared Scott was dropping the mobile number for all the new payers.

Whew, that would have been a moderating nightmare!

My thought was that Scott had done all the sabremetrics on these guys and was ready for some analytical discussion 

But seriously, I like RP’s change as a show of leadership… being willing to adapt to make the new guy feel more welcome 

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23 minutes ago, Officer Obie said:

People wanted him to be a symbol that Bird never wanted to be.

"The Great White Hope/Hype"?

As you said, that's not what he wanted to be...So I can't understand the hatred from that angle...

I think #1 that was proven wrong simply by watching his play and the respect he eventually garnered with African-American players.  #2 if people really understood the Celtics (the organization itself, not the city of Boston) history relating to race they might think a lot differently...

He was a small town Indiana kid that made the basketball HoF...I just can't hate that...

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48 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

Why the hate for Bird? Just curious...

For me when I was a kid I did not know he was from Indiana.  I saw Magic in the 79 finals and that was it. I became a Lakers fan and therefore had to hate everything Celtic. By the time the McDonalds commercials starting coming out and stuff like that I stated to dislike him less and by the time he retired I admired him and just how great he was. 

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27 minutes ago, IU Scott said:

Because I was a fan of Magic and the Lakers

Magic Johnson was the only player I was really a huge fan of.  I was a Pacers fan first but when Magic went to the Lakers I followed them.  Ever since I have only been fan of a team and not an individual player

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