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IU Baseball 2023


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12 hours ago, slojoe said:

IU swept at Rutgers.  Lost 3 close games.  Lost Sunday on walk off homer.  Rutgers looks to be the class of B1G this year though Illini breathing down their necks.

I watched all 4 games this week. Oddly enough..  this was our best week of baseball this year. 

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Looking at some stuff.... we went 3-2 last week. 1-1 on the road and 2-1 at home. We also have been playing the last 3-4 weeks without Morgan Colopy who is our 2nd best OF and one of our better bats. This weekend we also played with out Glasser (starting SS and 2 hole hitter). He has been filling it up in conference play. 

Glasser is hitting .350 and obp of .450. Johnson is probably a tick better in the field, or at least it appears that way for now. 

Anyways... if we can get those two back, that is as good of a lineup as we have had in a while 1-9. 

Brehemer and Perkins had excellent starts this weekend. 

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Have no clue of other FR in the B1G. 

But we have 3 FR that are more in the running for B1G FR of the Year...

Josh Pyne .312/.370 5HR 39RBIs 

Brock Tibbits .274/.380 8HR 34RBIs 

Carter Mathison .254/.405 10HR 34RBIs 6 SBs 


The only FR hitter (in the last 5 years that I can think of having that big of an impact)--- 

Grant Richardson-- .265/.335 9HR 37RBIs 

He went in the 17th rd to the Yankees last year. 

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Very solid win tonight. Got home late last night, pitched 2 of our better dudes last night... 

Hayden and Walker combine for 7 innings 6H 10K 1BB

You get no offense, except for 2 subs Serruto and Goforth... plus Doanes created some havoc on the paths and got us a run. 

Found a road W. Have to understand the ceiling for this team. 

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