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    “Patience is not something a lot of fans have,” Knight said. “But this kid (Miller) is going to do a good job. Why? Because he can coach. Most of the coaches I’ve known, can’t coach. You folks are going to appreciate him, but it ain’t gonna happen in a year.”
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    That is a quote we need to have pinned at the top. RMK is NOT going to praise anything for IU easily that’s for certain.
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    I don't care if they flex or scream or get naked, just win a game for God's sake.
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    Green coming back is not going to help fix whatever locker room dysfunction we have going on. Break a rule? Yeah, the minimum punishment is fine. Not good for a team imploding before our eyes. Race is what, 19 years old? He may not be able to go 30-35 minutes right now, but he sure should be able to give 5-8, and then build from there.. Stop waiting until he's perfect, and get him on the floor and see if he can make a difference.
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    Yeah, why should players have fun? This is a business, damn it.
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    How about this, I'd like to see Archie test a lineup like: Phinisee, Green/Durham, Langford, Morgan, Moore. You can run with Green for some time and Al for some time, but the point is getting quicker, more dynamic and more skilled.
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    If that's all it takes for him to be bothered he wouldn't have transferred to LaLu and he probably just would not play basketball in general.
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    Is that where you stopped reading? The next sentence literally says, " Obviously this happens almost everywhere in the country, but it is something worth noting if true." If it were an issue, all of the schools on his final list would be dropped.
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    Well, if we only flex after made baskets, it's not happening very often.
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    Not sure why this is a topic. GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DARN KIDS!!!! Its a game, have fun. Emotion, its missing at IU.
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    All I'll say about flexin' is you'd better be winnin'! Will Sheehee flexing during a beatdown at Mackey was epic, but I'd bench a kid for flexing while the team was losing. Smack is for winners just like coffee is for closers!
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    Yes... shame on them for doing their job... 🙄
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    Rutgers fan coming in peace. I read through the IndianaHQ scouting report at the top of this thread, and figured I'd add a bit more info/context for any who are interested: 1. Omoruyi (6-7, 240, PF) has been the heart and soul of the team, and will probably be back in the starting lineup for Wednesday night's game. He missed three games with a dislocated left kneecap (repeat of an injury from last year that kept him out 2 weeks), and returned to come off the bench the last two games. He's a bit undersized for a PF, but is very good with footwork on defense and leads the league in charges taken. He can defend the 2-4 and the team runs much better when he's on the court. 2. Mathis (6-4, 200, SG) is a true freshman that had a bit of a slow start to the year, but has been a consistent starter the last 8 games and has emerged as a third scoring threat. While his season averages are 8.6 pts / 3.1 rbs (25% 3P,) since conference play restarted in January, he's averaged 14.4 pts / 5.3 rbs (38% 3P). He's definitely a slasher who gets most of his points on drives to the hoop and at the line, but he will take threes if left open. The IndianaHQ had Baker/Omoruyi accounting for 40.9% of the team's points, but that's really now includes Mathis now as a third option (Baker/Omoruyi have accounted for 36.3% in conference play, and Baker/Omoruyi/Mathis have accounted for 54.7%). He's also probably our best on ball defender, and at 6-4 will guard 1-3. 3. Thiam (6-10, 190, SF/SG) has been really off his game for most of this year, and word is that he hasn't been healthy. He was a DNP in our last game, and only averaged 16.5 min in the 6 conference games before that. While starting the season 16/34 (47%) from the arc over the first 9 games, he's since gone just 2/20 (10%) over the next 8 before sitting out on Saturday. I wouldn't expect to see him for many minutes. 4. Doucoure (6-9, 243, PF/C) is injured and it looks like he'll redshirt this season. 5. Johnson (6-10, 255, C) is a redshirt freshman who can be really good when he puts all the pieces together. He went 13/11 in 25 min vs. Nebraska and 13/8 in 27 min @Minnesota, but in three other games surrounding those two outings, he's gone 0/2, 3/4, 2/5. We try to get him established early in the game, and he has potential to be a threat down there, but he hasn't found offensive consistency yet. 6. Offensively, we've been trying to push more in transition, and you'll see Baker, Harper, and Mathis all looking to push the ball quickly up the court off a rebound. The offense has sometimes stagnated in half court sets, and we look to score either before the defense is set or off of offensive rebounds. In the half court, we've been trying to push the ball in to the bigs (Omoruyi/Johnson/Carter) much more, and they've had some success - which has taken some defensive focus off the perimeter to let Mathis and Baker have some more room. Late in the shotclock, the ball will be in Baker's hands looking to create - frequently off of a stepback jumper. 7. Defensively, we're primarily a man-to-man team that fights over screens rather than switching. We have mixed in a 2-3 zone a bit, which is what helped us beat OSU - partly because OSU has struggled against zone defenses, but partly because there was zero in our scouting report that would have made them prepare for a zone. Mathis is probably our best defender, while Omoruyi is also a strong interior defender - who frequently appears in driving lanes as a secondary defender to draw charges.
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    Here is my prediction for the game in painful detail. We lose the opening tip. Both teams have empty possessions the first three minutes of the game. Rutgers breaks the scoring drought prior to the under 16 timeout and we go to that break down 6-0. We look lost and disorganized After the timeout some guy for Rutgers who shoots about 22% from 3 pt range starts shooting like Steph Curry and by the under 12 break we are down 14-5. At this point Al finally comes in for McRoberts and gives us a quick four points to make it 14-9. Two more threes from Baby Steph, down 20-7. Both of those come after Smith loses him twice and can’t close out in time Juwan goes to the bench with his second foul. Moore comes in and gives us 2 points on a put back, a rebound, and one altered shot. He promptly goes back to the bench after losing his man on defense and is not heard from again. After somewhat getting it together we make a run and close the halftime deficit to four, 30-26. We get the ball to start the second and promptly turn it over. Baby Steph hitsba three starting a 7-0 run to start the half for Rutgers we are now down 11. We eventually fall behind by 15. We claw back but can never break the four point barrier. I stress eat too many M & Ms during the game In the game thread I like posts from an, “Archie needs time guy,” and an, “I’m starting to have some worries,” guy because I can identify with both. At least two posts in the game thread make me spit out my water. No one will actually make it through this entire post.
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    Good Troy visited us a lot more often than Good Devonte does.
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    Harlond shot up to 59 in the most recent Rivals150 rankings for 2019.
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    We started doing this a bit before Phinisee went down, but I would start playing Green and Phinisee alongside each other, with Phinisee on the ball. Then you have Langford on the wing opposite Green. That's a much more explosive offensive backcourt, and you elminiate some decision making responsibilities for Green, just let him play. I don't know if it would work or not, but it's worth trying.
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    I tried to flex for my 40 year old, 125 pound wife last night and she was not impressed!
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    I agree but with this team we look like the walking dead any form of excitement or emotion is welcomed from me. If we can get a guy to hit 2 3pt shots in a row I would applauded the whole team team doing cartwheels down the floor. Some any sign of life would be greay
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    I always liked this one
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    Oh that guy. We go way back. His mom and my mom went to different schools together.
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    Everyday I check recruiting hoping to see this thread moved to general basketball...
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    Vegas: IU -1.5 ESPN: #40 IU vs #111 Rutgers, 59% chance of IU victory with an expected margin of IU +2 KenPom: #44 IU vs #99 Rutgers, 56% chance of IU victory with an expected score of IU 66, Rutgers 64
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    I would like to see Rob, Green, Romeo, Morgan and Moore get on the floor at the same time for more that 3 minutes. That gives us 3 of our more capable outside shooters to space the floor for Romeo to get to the rim. Mist likely creates a mismatch for Morgan to go one on one or pass to a cutting Romeo, drop it to Moore or kick out to one of our better shooters. Moore give Morgan a break from having to get beat up on defense and provides a little more rim protection. On pure up-side, i think that would be our best lineup, but i know there are several holes and flaws that go along with it.....but at this point, we gota try sumthin cuz the same 'ole same 'ole aint workin.
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    There is a lot of potential in the 2021 class. You don't want to use all of your available schollies early. Blackmon will still be there at the beginning of his Sr. year if that's the route you decide to go. But, leaving your options open is the correct approach at this point.
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    Because he plays with an edge. He's a tough on the ball defender. He's not soft. He's confident. He plays to win, not to not lose. I'm not saying he's perfect, but his only real deficiency is decision making. My defense of Green's decision making is that he is actually playing aggressive, instead of passive... Like a lot of our players. So, some of his stupid plays/decisions are a bit of a breath of fresh air (for me) on a team that prefers to weave around the 3-point line, set soft screens and throw up prayers with the clock winding down.
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    A friend of mine was a spot/relief pitcher for a small Christian college. One afternoon, they were getting pummeled and he was sent in for mop-up duty. He's my size, so he didn't have a real strong arm. Rarely threw a fastball because decent hitters would tee off on him if he did. Anyway, big kid comes up, and he's throwing his typical junk trying to fool the guy. Guy rocks back and blasts one out of the park. Looks at my buddy and says "Get that sh*t out of here." We both enjoyed a good laugh as he was telling me about it. He was such a straight arrow and that made him telling the story that much more hilarious. I fully approve of smack like that and flexing when you have a reason, but when you're getting thumped, you aren't backing it up and should shut up and hustle until you're in the game. Emotion is fine, but there's a big difference between emotion and smack. Save the smack for winning time...JMO.
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    I interpret this a little differently, at least in Juwan's case. Here's an undersized guy who is doing his best inside against players often multiple inches taller, and usually tens of pounds heavier. He is trying to out muscle to hold his position offensively, and to move his guy off his spot defensively. It has to be taking a toll on him both mentally and physically. So, when Juwan beats his guy either with quickness, nifty footwork, or a power move, I see his flexing as a way to say to his opponents, "you might be bigger than me, but I ain't backing down....there's more fight in this dog!" May be wrong on this, but if I am Juwan, I am doing what I can to get in my opponent's head, and let him know that at least one guy is not going down without a fight.
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    Thank you! I really enjoy this board a lot and the posts/people are ALOT more level headed and insightful here.
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    Looking a bit more at the game, I'd think that Mathis would draw Langford as his defensive assignment - so it will be interesting to see the two freshmen go toe to toe. Langford was the #6 prospect last year (per Rivals), and Mathis was #108. The two did face off in the Adidas Uprising in 2017, when Mathis' Team BBC team beat Langford's 22 Vision team 66-58. Mathis' line was 15 pts / 4 rb / 1 ast / 3 stl / 6 tov, while Langford's line was 11 pts / 3 rb / 1 ast / 3 stl / 5 tov. https://www.prepcircuit.com/game/show/17635200?subseason=394589&referrer=3318494 Will be interesting to see how this matchup plays out. Mathis plays fairly aggressive man defense, which sometimes gets him into foul trouble - he also sometimes gambles for steals around the midline, which can lead to a run out but more often leads to us playing 4 on 5 until he can get back in position. I see that Langford's struggled a bit from behind the arc - but sometimes playing Rutgers is a cure for that, as we have seen more than a couple players go off for big nights behind the arc. Baker's also a decent defender, but not as good as Mathis. If Langford finds himself guarded by McConnell, Kiss, or Harper, he'll have a decent shot of driving past and either getting a bucket or a foul. We'll probably mix it up on Morgan, throwing different looks at him. Omoruyi will probably draw that assignment primarily, but Juco Shaq Carter will also be called on to cover him - and probably Harper at times, too. I don't know how much doubling we'll do from the center spot with Doorson or Johnson - we sometimes double in the post, but usually let the defender guard one on one. I don't know if we'll drop to a zone or not to try to deny Morgan - we may, given Indiana's recent shooting from behind the arc. We have a lot of length in a 2-3 zone, with no player shorter than 6-4. If Morgan is getting too many easy looks inside, we might throw it out here and there - but I doubt for more than a possession or two at a time.
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    Welcome! You won't find a better IU hoops board. Have a few posters who are as dialed in as they come. Saved months of worrying with TJD and Romeo recruitments....and by all account KB Jr as well.
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    Sprinkles are for winners!
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    Out of state tuition talks unfortunately
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    Similar story. I so badly wanted to be 6 foot tall so my freshmen year coach listed me at 6 1. I got my first dunk in a game and he said let's put it back down to 5 10 looks more impressive when a 5 10 kid dunks.
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    I still think that Green can be a VERY valuable player for us IF he understands that he doesnt need to be and isnt going to be THE guy on this team. But what he can be, and i think be very good at it is be the guy that gets THE guy the ball for an easy-ish bucket. If he isnt the best oerimeter defender we have, hes a close second and i realize that he gets too flashy with it simetimes, but hes the best passer on the team. Not to mention he is one of our better shooters. But all of that goes out the window when he has to think about what he is thinking about what CAM wants him to do. You can see it when he plays. How many wiiiiiiiide open 3's has he (and about everyone else) passed up to try and get the ball into the lane. Im by no means think he is the 2nd comming if steph or even seth curry and some of the things he does on (and off) the court make me want to bang my head against a wall, but i dont think he deserves quite the amount of backlash he has gotten.
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    Ok, well at least i wasnt totally wrong. 🤷‍♂️
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    Help is on the way (I just couldn't resist).
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    That would give me a combination of cold chills, anger and laughter. I'm not sure I could feel more conflicted about such a statement. I know what those "in the know" have said about Brown and regardless of how he develops, I'm going to enjoy following this Hoosier baller. I'd love to see him develop to the point where Archie felt he was a must-have and offered. That would be a special story. Regardless of where he ends up, I'll be following his story until it's all told.
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    It is worth a try but up to this point Archie has been about as flexible as a 105 year old hooker
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    After attending the game Fri, I am officially putting the current funk the IUBB team is in on the Players! I and my wife were actually bored sitting there watching the first 10 min. CAM can do the X's and O's. The staff can teach an offense and a defense. This team has the cerebral and most of the athletic parts of the game to be able to perform at much higher capacity than what I witnessed. For those agreeing with DD and desiring to have CAM chew on some players, it happened several times Fri. The team never responded. At the shoot around, all I saw was guys taking shots, no one seemed to have much of any emotion. At the introduction, same thing. No real emotion. No one on the team pointed out missed assignments. Players were slow to get back on D especially after a missed shots. Many missed block outs. Not meaning to single out Justin, but he was more concerned with getting his shoe back on rather than being locked in to playing D and then commits a Foul to compound the problem. Romeo complaining about calls and not getting back on D. Morgan never once taking it upon himself to be the coach on the floor. After all, he is a senior and it is shame he doesn't take this personally because this it reflects on how his career really turned out. McRoberts literally appeared to be afraid of the ball and shooting. Acting like it was a game of hot potato. The current roster has chosen to play this way. They can choose to play the way they did against Marquette. But make no mistake, the choice is theirs and the problem is theirs to fix this year. I still back CAM and he gets 3yrs before I begin to question him. Whoever he recruits and hires will be fine with me. As for this year, effort, emotion, and coming to games prepared to play is on the players. If they are not embarrassed about the situation they have created by now then nothing is going to help them.
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    my favorite missed dunk of all time
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    Meanwhile, Debord was named OC of the San Diego franchise in the new AAF. Guess he wasn’t ready to retire
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    I’m convinced that something has happened internally that has caused a fracture in the IU locker room. This team looks like it has flat out shut down. They look like they are going through the motions. This is something I’ve seen with high school teams multiple times so I know what that looks like. I know the rumor was that Green failed a drug test but is that all that has happened or was that a cover story for something else or is there other stuff going on? I’m also inclined to think that this is more than just Crean players mad about the way CAM coaches. If there isn’t more to what is going on then it is time to say that CAM is in over his head and that Fred made a mistake and needs to cut bait. I’m not to that point yet though because I do know building a program takes time. So if someone that does have insight into the inner workings of the program could shed some light on this that would be great.
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    I know hell is getting ready to freeze over n all....but we arent shooting 80% from the freethrow line.
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    Designated rookie extensions prevent Boston from getting involved until July. Kyrie does not become a free agent until July 1. That doesn't mean they can't work out in agreement before July 1, but nothing can happen officially with Boston until July 1.BTW., AD and Kyrie are friends and have a strong relationship, and trading from the multiple players Boston will have available to have AD joining Kyrie is much more preferable and would keep Kyrie in Boston. Here's a summary on Boston from espn.com -- this article also summarizes what the other teams can do (http://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/25873573/what-top-anthony-davis-trade-contenders-actually-offer) Celtics on the clock but not until July 1 A quirk in the collective bargaining agreement has the Celtics in a holding pattern until July 1. However, despite Boston not being eligible to acquire Davis at the trade deadline while Irving remains on the roster under his current contract, both sides can begin to negotiate the framework on a potential Davis deal now. Starting the process and not waiting until the offseason gives New Orleans a baseline when comparing trade offers from other teams leading up the deadline. If New Orleans knows that an appealing trade package from Boston is within reach five months from now, then New Orleans should wait this out. Off the table: Kyrie Irving (free agent), Marcus Morris (free agent), Terry Rozier (restricted free agent), Daniel Theis (restricted free agent), Brad Wanamaker (restricted free agent), Jabari Bird (personal reasons) Draft assets Own all future first-round picks (2019-2025). Own Sacramento's 2019 first (Nos. 2-30) Own Memphis' 2019 first (top-eight protected). Will roll over to 2020 (top-six protected) and 2021 (unprotected). This is the crown jewel of the Celtics' draft assets based on the certain futures of Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. Own the Clippers' 2019 first (lottery protected). Will roll over to 2020 (lottery protected). If not conveyed, Boston will receive the Clippers' second-round pick in 2022. Own all future second-round picks except 2019, which will convey to Memphis if it falls Nos. 56-60. Cash to be sent out and received: $5.6 million Tradable contracts (2019-20 season) 1. Gordon Hayward: $32.7 million; under contract through 2020-21 15 percent trade bonus: valued at $4.9 million in July 2. *Al Horford: $30.1 million; under contract through 2019-20 15 percent trade bonus: valued at $4.5 million in July 3. Marcus Smart: $12.5 million; under contract through 2021-22 4. Jayson Tatum: $7.8 million; restricted free agent in 2021 5. Jaylen Brown: $6.5 million; restricted free agent in 2020. Brown is extension eligible starting in July. 6. *Aron Baynes: $5.4 million; under contract through 2019-20 7. Guerschon Yabusele: $3.1 million; restricted free agent in 2021 8. Robert Williams: $1.9 million: restricted free agent in 2022 9. Semi Ojeleye: $1.6 million: restricted free agent in 2021 Contract becomes guaranteed if not waived by July 1 *Horford and Baynes have player options and cannot be traded until they opt-into their contract for 2019-20. Complicating factors Making the money work with Rozier and Morris (free agents), and/or if Horford and Baynes opt out of their contracts. The Celtics would have only seven players to trade, including the $32.7 million contract of Gordon Hayward.
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    That’s fair. Anyway. I’m glad I found this board I used to have rely on the rivals board....
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    I blame the Laughing at Purdue thread. Illinois had a laughing at IU thread when Crean first took over and look what has happened to their program since then.
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    That’s probably best for everyone. There is another player who ought to go too for everyone’s best interest. Then there are a couple who need to think hard about what they want to do in terms of commitment, conditioning etc Are they here to hang out, socialize, and be cool, or are they here to maximize their ability and get ready to compete in the world of working etc Archie should be scouring the senior transfer market for a couple who can stretch the floor. That would also balance out the classes. You can’t come back with this same rag tag crew. There are some guys on the roster who simply do not make plays that resemble positive, winning basketball. The fear here is we misjudged Archie and he’s not tuned into modern basketball. We will know very quickly whether he prioritizes long range shooters. The fear is he only recruits a certain type of player with the philosophy that they can shoot somewhat as opposed to having dead eye shooters who open up the floor for athletes. There’s a huge difference and we are seeing the problem now. We will know a lot over the next couple of summers. If Archie’s stubborn about it then he’s going to lose the fan base and it will be over because we’ve seen that rodeo that when you lose the fan base there’s no turning back.
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