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    Archie has a family and is recruiting other people, I think the Watfords have enough respect for IU that they would not waste Miller's time having him come talk to Trendon if Indiana was still not a possibility. They would just let him know over the phone if we were out of it.
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    Ibrahima Diallo just committed to Ohio State. He’s a 3* 7’0 tall center class of 2019 kid. I think that can eliminate Brunk from OSU.
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    Tiger could become a real life redemption story with this win. He's not the young sensation anymore. He's now the grizzled veteran. He's not the poster boy idol; life has landed a couple stiff ones right to the chin. We know he isn't perfect, but who the hell is? He didn't need to keep playing. He had nothing to prove in golf and lord knows he's set financially. And yet here he is, on the threshold of climbing to the pinnacle of his game one more time. Despite everything, that same fire still burned. That desire to compete and win, for no other reason. There's a certain realistic beauty in that.
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    It is happening according to Rabby.
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    Feel free to move but I know that a lot of our members do not make it over to the Animal House which is a shame but I needed to share some things. Over the past 10 years HSN has allowed me to share our journey with Ayden and his health struggles and I wanted to share something amazing because so many of you have supported us in ways that you can't imagine. I found HSN when I needed it most and our founders and others have allowed me to post about Ayden and was a source of therapy that I needed so desperately, and at a time that I did not know where to turn. This place is a place that I do love and have many friends on here even without ever meeting. Way too many to begin naming for fear of forgetting some. Enough of all of that but I have come here many times asking for Prayers and every time you all have delivered. Thank you and GOD BLess Today I want to take a minute to share something amazing with you. Tonight at 7pm I will have the honor and privilege of watching Ayden live on stage at his elementary school as he will be playing Michael Banks in the school play version of Mary Poppins. May not sound like a big deal but when considering that we did not think he would be here it is a blessing that is beyond my wildest dreams. To go from him not living to see 3 to this, only GOD's grace. Once Ayden was 3 or 4 then they said he would never be able to go to school, would probably have learning disabilities, would struggle walking and the list goes on and on. Tonight we will get to see him on stage doing something that he is so great at. He has been rehearsing since Nov and has practice ever night from 3-7:30 and it has taken somewhat of a physical toll on him. I thank GOD for keeping him relatively healthy for this. Tonight I will be as proud a father as one can be. I have witnessed some many amazing things from my older 2 children both athletically and academically but I have never been more proud of what Ayden has been able to accomplish. We do not know what the future has in store for any of us but right now I am the happiest Dad in the world. I wanted to thank you all for everything that you have done and like I said HSN helped get me out of some pretty dark places. This is more than a message board to a certain degree it is family and I appreciate that so much. Here is a pic that I took of Ayden last night in costume just before his last rehearsal. Thank you all so much
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    I follow Marquette yearly, as I have family who are alumns. I routinely call them “Mar-quit” because they always end up laying down. I wouldn’t bet on them to make a deep run.
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    The idea of Harris and Franklin playing defense together has me really intrigued. Maybe not year one. But those two w RP? Yes please.
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    Congrats to Tiger. Not sure he can get to 18 but it's cool to watch him try. Little known that in addition to winning 18 majors, Nicklaus finished 2nd 19 times. That's amazing.
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    I've never been a Tiger fan on and off the course. But, there's just something compelling about him being back after all this time. I don't know if I'm ready to say I want him to win, but it would be an incredible story, and it would be great for golf.
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    What I really like is not having to wait until this afternoon for leaders to tee off. Can't wait to see what unfolds.
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    I’ve always thought Trendon would be a better fit for this team than Brooks. Hunter and Brooks game overlap too much...I’ve always felt Watford and Hunters game would compliment each other and Trendon could play a stretch 4 and that would allow Trendon to slide to the the 3 when Hunter sits and Smith and Race play the 4. I know it won’t happen but dang a guy can dream. Having Rob, Jerome, Trendon and Trayce as building blocks over the next couple years would allow us to be a tournament team and build a foundation to bring in and let guys grow until juniors and seniors before they would then in return be asked to carry the load for this team. Long shot but hey...so was his brothers shot!
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    Archie has always loved this kid. If Archie can get this kid on board, it would be an amazing coup. He’s got the in your face toughness we need badly.
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    I agree, it is a fun watch. I am not all the way through yet. Cam Jones looks great. They want to play him at different spots, but if Ball is the Husky, then Jones at stinger (weak side LB) can be a huge plus. Not only is he athletic, strong and fast, he wants to just pound people. He’s physical. Some other LBers look good, e.g., James Miller, McFadden, Aaron Casey. Ramsey. When he throws with any kind of distance, he loses accuracy. He doesn’t have the arm strength to drive the ball downfield with power and accuracy. I appreciate all his pluses and think he could be an ideal backup. As a starter he puts a lid on the upside of the offense. On the offensive line, Caleb Jones is making progress at RT. They’ve cross trained him at LT but he’s a classic RT. He got beat by the corner around the edge so he needs to keep working. The other guy on the line who jumped out was freshman Matthew Bedford. I can see why lots of schools were on him. I thought redshirt Miles Marshall showed good wiggle to be a slot guy but he’s a work in progress. We’ve got a deep corps of receivers. I couldn’t say enough good things about Westbrook. He didn’t play but was interviewed. He said his goal is to be part of a turnaround that sets up IU for twenty years. Smart answer and the type of attitude that’s awesome! It speaks well for his character focusing on team success. The running backs are also insanely deep. Scott and Ronnie Walker didn’t play. Kristian Pechac looks steady out there. Sampson James is coming and Ivory Winters May be underrated. I would be very intrigued if they tried Cole Gest as a slot. I haven’t seen him in a long while but I’m hoping Whop comes back with a vengeance this year. He’s one of my favorite players. There is a lot to like with the program.
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    I'm part of the way through the 2nd quarter, and I've been really impressed with our defense. Some of the guys we've talked about the last year or two are looking really good. James Head has had a couple nice pressures. Cam Jones had one too, and has been active on defense. Ball has made a couple good plays in coverage, one of them during the 7 on 7. Reese Taylor has look reeeeally good. Making good reads, he's been good in coverage, and he's been really quick to the ball. Some of his reads might be due to familiarity with the offense, but he's still looked really impressive. I also liked on the turnover we got, we had a lot of guys looking to do something with it. Too many turnovers we got last year, we were just happy to get the TO and didn't do enough with it. On the fumble, we had some guys take of looking to block somebody and looking to go with it. If we could do that regularly, that will be a huge boost to our defense. Seeing Ramsey again, and seeing Penix throw, I really hope Ramsey is the backup. He's solid, but not spectacular. About 25% on deep balls on a good day isn't going to cut it. I feel confident in Ramsey being safe, and a solidifying figure coming into a game as a backup, but he just isn't a guy who will beat other teams. Wish Tuttle would have been healthy today.
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    Tiger Woods' Interview In Butler Cabin
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    No relation, just a very common surname in West Africa.
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    I started following Tiger when he was two. I actually saw this when it was first broadcast. Tiger Woods At 2 Years Old
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    Hard to believe it was 1983 and I was getting interviewed by her.....36 years ago.
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    The guy that gets overlooked in that era was Gary Player. Excellent golfer, and still a great ambassador for the game. Not to mention, he is in amazing shape now, at his age.
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    He didn't reach the heights of others but I always and will love Lee Trevino! Ben Hogan is a smutch, just kidding!
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    Great to see all the young guys who were inspired to become golfers because of Tiger get to experience Tiger-mania. Whether he wins another major or not, just knowing that Tiger is a presence will make golf more interesting going forward
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    IU returns several guys....from a bad team. I wouldn’t be scared to compete for playing time at all. Smith could be beat out...time at the two as well because it isn’t like Durham is a top half of the league guard...minutes can be had there too. We are replacing our starting center so obviously that appealed to Trayce...who could play four or five. Lots of bench minutes too...outside Green not much scoring from the bench.
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    It all really came down to #12. 4 of the last 5 guys put it in the water with only Tiger hitting the green. That's when things turned in his favor.
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    Hopefully Koepka can make his putt to add some excitement.
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    Not to brag, but I’m the one who suggested he make that his avatar when he posted it in a post game thread last season.
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    Kids are smart and can see whats going on at the schools they are looking at.
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    My understanding is that the sectionals will be announced in late April or early May. The meeting to decide is the last week of April, so it depends on how quickly they can get an announcement put together,
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    Toronto moves to 2-14 in game 1's.
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    Indiana has the Experience to reach 6 ( or more ) wins in 2019 ! As a Hoosiers fan since 1948 I have suffered some tough almost break even seasons ! I feel very hopeful this wil be Tom Allen's breakthrough season ! Go Hoosiers !
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    Smart move for them. And, considering they were a questionable call away from beating the would-be champs and getting in the title game, well deserved.
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    Winker is a hitter. I'm sure even Babe Ruth had a bad two week stretch at some point in his career.
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    Thanks for all the updates!
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    We shall see, I have no idea what they have coming in.
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    Remember 7 months ago Anthony and TJD were sending things back and forth on Instagram about playing together. There's some relationship there.
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    https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2019/04/little-500-cutters-beat-bkb-in-sprint/ Go Hoosiers!
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    IU wins 5-1 over E'ville in the 2nd game of the series. GBR! 1st game of DH boxscore: https://iuhoosiers.com/boxscore.aspx?id=14529 Go Hoosiers!
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    Given that Tiger couldn't walk or even live without pain in 2017 I'd say Tiger all day long. Not to diminish Jack's feat in 86 at all....but the scrutiny of today's world with every step/shot monitored by social media makes it far more difficult to win. Plus in 80's you had maybe 5-6 other guys who could win each week on the tour. Now it seems like literally 30 people can win. One thing I'll add. As a kid I watched and remember only getting 2 hours on Saturday and 2 to 2 1/2 hours on Sunday. Now I can follow every single shot of Tiger from the moment he steps on the course with my phone. Absolutely love technology sometimes.
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    Don't you mean "spent too much time on Brooks and now need to ketchup"?
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    Ok. We all thought Romeo was going to go under most circumstances. Did we spend to much time on Brooks? It feels like we are playing catch up with a lot of guards. IMO. maybe we aren't.
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    Is everybody in agreement? Ayden gets the game ball.
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    In the grand scheme of things, these are the kind of moments most precious to us parents and grandparents!
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    20190411_203733.mp4 videomp4_0.3g2
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    Agreed with the above. Much better fit for Steve. Already a pretty decent program, he should be able to keep it rolling.
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    https://www.thehoosiernetwork.com/2019/04/11/our-culture-is-growing-indiana-toughs-out-win-against-arch-rival-purdue/ Go Hoosiers!
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