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  1. Not a fan of the design myself but to each their own.
  2. If it is rough early the expectations ratchet up to end the year. If they start off slow but make the Final 4, ok, he rounded the roster to where it should be. If I am hearing about the "hump" in February I am going to be pissed. This is a talented roster, any humps better be in the rear view by the time conference really kicks off.
  3. The question you have to ask yourself is that if we can "buy" a team then how much does Woodson really matter to that aspect of recruiting? You didn't want to go on record with anything more than "high" expectations because you are hedging your bets for all the same reasons people like me were all over Woodson last year. Namely, you are concerned that he is a net negative to the record. We did buy a team. We bought a really good team. So we should expect really good results from this staff. And if we don't see at least mid-20's in the win column we should move on. We don't need Woodson to be able to buy a team. We do need a coach that can win games with that investment though. Year 4 and he took a couple billionaires donations to buy a competitive team so no excuses from him or you guys this upcoming year.
  4. Yep, I think about the only way you can fairly award now is through the Big Ten tournament.
  5. Draw your line in the sand. How many wins is success? We know the majority of the schedule right now.
  6. The program is a little bigger than all those people you mentioned. Anytime someone rolls out a "true fan" argument I just believe that they've run out of support for their position and have instead brought out a sledgehammer to silence critics. Woodson deserved most of the criticism he got last year. He has gone out and built a team that he was supposedly not able to build for the past 3 years because of reasons. There are indicators there that we are currently sitting on a Top 10 to 15 team on paper right now. So Woodson has a grand opportunity to shut people up with his coaching prowess next year. Anything less than 23 win is an abject failure with this roster and even 23 should be a "meh" enough result to really question if you want to extend a 67 year old coach (which you almost have to do after this year if you plan to keep him around). Put up or shut up time for these guys. They've been running their mouths since the end of the year either in public or behind burner accounts on social media. After all that talk they better have results.
  7. I could see it for a kid planning his future. Like, if I know I am a good college player but probably never going to be in the NBA, I take the redshirt for an extra year of free college. He could have a graduate degree completed in 5 years if he went the accelerated route through the summer.
  8. I don't know how any of you could hope these dorks win tonight. Littlest of little bro syndrome.
  9. Nah, we are going to land players and people are going to spend from about May to November talking about how great all the dudes we have are and how deep we are and then we find out what the score really is starting in November. Without even seeing our roster, my guess is borderline tournament team. We will make the tournament and flame out in the first weekend and Mike Woodson will be praised for doing something with millions of dollars that Bob Knight did with Lynn Washington, Larry Richardson, and William Gladness as his big men....and yeah, yeah, unfair to compare Woodson to a hall of fame coach but that is kind of the point isn't it? 22-12 is your over/under. Gladly eat crow if I am wrong.
  10. Respectfully, this is the equivalent of them bringing up the all time record in 1992....
  11. Both of them are pretty good players but I don't think either would be worth dropping a million on.
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