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  1. Arizona crystal balls are coming in. Does IU still get a visit?
  2. They are totally different players. Flory is more of a paint area type but is quick enough to play out on the floor just doesn’t have any range. Booker seems to be the better fit in todays game. I doubt either would be guarding each other in college. Ultimately Booker drew him out of the paint all day. That’s the nightmare guarding Booker.
  3. Who is runningunnin.454? Looks like he has some standing.
  4. Supposedly talked down to them about NIL and went on a political tangent. Totally turned them off.
  5. I think that’s the key. Queen can play with his back to the basket and finish. His shooting is almost icing. Booker is different. He plays more like a wing. You could go 5 out with those two on the court.
  6. Yes. The dumba$$ that screwed things up was shown the door. Booker scheduling this visit with everyone on campus’s bodes well. The whole staff will be there.
  7. With NIL and a no nonsense/straight up coaching staff IU is sitting nicely. When was the last time IU had 3 legitimate top 5 kids looking. Booker and his parents will be on campus with the full coaching staff. Setting up nicely.
  8. He’s visiting again this week. Not sure he commits. He is very interested.
  9. I’m betting most parents see it already. Booker is definitely listening. His visit is no coincidence with the Queen news from what I’m seeing.
  10. I’m not sure woody uses negative recruiting. I think he’s taken the “this is what you need to work on” type approach. Negative recruiting does happen though.
  11. Anyone hearing Queen might reclassify? He’s supposedly interested in IU.
  12. Monroe county will most definitely get the felony plead down or dropped. The other is a fine. He will get offered unsupervised probation and lose his license probably. He’s already had one pre trial conference. He will have a few more. All they are doing now is making sure he won’t screw up in the meantime.
  13. I raced in the exact spot X was caught at. Except I had an 86 Buick grand national. Used to pick on the college kids and their mustang 5.0s. Foolish and fun.
  14. Won’t argue that. His comments showed that the officer probably got a talking to. Probably no video evidence of what happened. In the spot this occurred it’s easy to lose sight of either car which changes how it’s prosecuted and defended.
  15. https://twitter.com/JonRothstein/status/1532125024278159365?s=20&t=1maOiRrpSlhOcwzfZO1JCQ
  16. This. They keep setting dates making sure you show up and walk the line. Then they will plead everything down. Swain actually walked back and clarified comments.
  17. I might have some of it wrong. I do know the threshold is so low that it might not even show up and in the past the you sit 3 games for any failed test. I know the criteria has changed. It might be 25% of games after 3 failed. I do know the urine screen trigger has been raised to 150 nano. I think most tests trigger at 50. So basically they raised it to allow recreational numbers.
  18. Those are the old rules. The ncaa changed the thc level rule in February. It’s no longer as big offense. IU even changed their rules to mirror the ncaa. No more 3 game suspensions. They are even considering leaving all of it up to the schools. I believe it’s no punishment for first offense. Second offense is 25% of games. Third is half the games. They rushed the change and are still talking about it. This of course if the school even drug tests and reports it. I do know Fife made a bigger deal out of the NW incident. He accused players of doing drugs so they tested them when they got back on campus and only one failed. It pissed Woody off because he took Fifes side. This is second hand info so take it with a grain of salt. Cav reported it.
  19. Didn’t help that Mitch wrote that article against NIL. Dohhhh!
  20. And according to them Zeller wasn’t a five star and the NC offer was just token. Good grief they are terrible spin doctors.
  21. Food is getting better. Pizza is still crap. Everyone told me to go to turonies. That crap is in violation. Only about 3 decent pizza places. The rest is saltine crackers with ketchup and plastic cheese cut into squares.
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