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  1. Good half. Let’s put two halves together.
  2. I think we will have one close to that when RP is a junior.
  3. We really need to Cassius in on this opportunity.
  4. The and one that DD earned but did not get for sure.
  5. If we had played with heart like that since January, we would have several mire wins. Still not pretty but the effort was there.
  6. Too many turnover but I like the energy so far.
  7. Nothing different than they did to Al on his last drive with no call.
  8. Great gutty win. Outside shooting and rebounding was the difference. I was at the game and the crowd never really got into the game since we limited their runs quickly al night. Get well quick JM!!!! go Hoosiers.
  9. On my way to the game. Hoping for a miracle but not as excited to be going as I usually am.
  10. Where was this effort and desire in the middle of the game?
  11. Need to bring one of our scorers back after the TO.
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