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  1. Green with a 3 followed by a Rob lay up and they both come out at the next stop. No reason for all the subs.
  2. Great half. Let’s do that for another 20 minutes!!!
  3. 6 fouls on PU with 12:30 left in the half and we quit going inside. One foul the rest of the half.
  4. Juwan has the ball, a guy runs into his back, and Juwan gets a foul?????
  5. Good half. Let’s put two halves together.
  6. I think we will have one close to that when RP is a junior.
  7. We really need to Cassius in on this opportunity.
  8. The and one that DD earned but did not get for sure.
  9. If we had played with heart like that since January, we would have several mire wins. Still not pretty but the effort was there.
  10. Too many turnover but I like the energy so far.
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