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  1. GRMIHoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

  2. GRMIHoosier

    Senior Night Game Thread

    Nice job Rojo!!!
  3. GRMIHoosier

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Last two fouls on ZM were horrible.
  4. GRMIHoosier

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Great play from Justin so far this half. Good move by CAM to start him.
  5. GRMIHoosier

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Good defensive half. Need to get the offense to catch up in the second.
  6. GRMIHoosier

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Not sure how that was not a foul on Bridges!!!
  7. GRMIHoosier

    Northwestern Game Thread

    The offense caught up with the defense this half!
  8. GRMIHoosier

    Northwestern Game Thread

    Juwon opens up everything for the other guys. Keep playing through him!!!
  9. GRMIHoosier

    Penn State Game Thread

    We need to keep running through JM!!!
  10. GRMIHoosier

    Wisconsin Post Game Thread

    I agree but I think that is on the players. That is why I would like to see the young guys get more time. Hopefully they will show some heart and learn for next year and be the ines to start the needed improvement.
  11. GRMIHoosier

    Wisconsin Post Game Thread

    Really frustrating but I see a better brand of basketball being taught. I wish he would start getting the young guys more experience. This year is not going to go well so build for the future.
  12. GRMIHoosier

    Wisconsin Game Thread

    Let's see Smith and Moore.
  13. Nice run led by the D!!!
  14. GRMIHoosier

    Some Encouraging Signs from Ark St Game

    I feel we will most likely finish in the 7-9 range in the B1G but like what CAM is instilling for the future. We will probably win some games we shouldn't and lose some we should win. Excited about the future because I feel we will be more consistent going forward.
  15. GRMIHoosier


    Welcome aboard Robert!!!! Thanks for the new site mods!!! Go Hoosiers