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  1. Why do lefty bigs need to work on their right hand and you rarely hear a righty needs to work on his left hand????
  2. To play like that and be up 5 at half is somewhat encouraging. Let’s come out hot at the start of the second half and pull away!!!
  3. I hope the B1G really would like to see an IU vs PU crowd in Indy for the finals and MSU ruins their hope.
  4. At the game and this place was just waiting to explode. Great game Hoosiers!!!!!!!!!
  5. TJD got fouled four times before they call a jump ball.
  6. That is how I thought it was too.
  7. Why do XJ not play the last 10 minutes? He was playing well.
  8. Second unit plus Race extending the lead!!!
  9. Win the rest of the half please.
  10. Defensive intensity has sparked this run.
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