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  1. You really think that John Beileins Michigan players felt he was "racist"? Regardless, he put out some pretty damn good teams. Those weren't his players, they were just Hall of Famers that grew up around ACTUAL racism and weren't bitchy, whiny, entitled players. Ill take their word for it more than his former Cavaliers players.
  2. See below. Plenty big time names defended Beilein. He didn't "get sniffed" because there were no openings that warranted a "sniffing" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkyc.com/amp/article/sports/nba/cavaliers/shaquille-oneal-says-cavs-need-to-man-up-over-john-beilein-thugs-gaffe/95-454755a0-d94a-4be7-89fb-74c7b30f6f6d
  3. Because he's 67 years old and isn't going to go anywhere than a high major.
  4. Race Thompson should touch the ball in the paint every possession hes in the game
  5. Aminu was very impressed with IU Football's win over Michigan, so things have been trending toward IU
  6. I'm Tom Allen's biggest critic. But the job he's done so far has been spectacular, and the biggest reason why is the mindset of the players. In the past, games like today, we get a lead like we had, and our players come out in the second half with a mindset of "Dont blow it". We played "not to lose". This group has a swagger about them. A belief that they truly are the better team. And that's tough to do with a squad with many of the same players in the past that blew leads. This year, we play like we are the better team. We are playing with confidence. When we have a lead, we aren't puck
  7. I had a ref who saw him play A LOT tell me he will have a bigger impact in year 1 than Romeo.... I chuckled a bit, and he said he was dead serious. Not necessarily PPG, but he's going to fill the stat sheet.
  8. Insiders close to Trey are confirming that had the Penix 2 point conversion been more decisive and not gone to a booth review, Trey would be coming to IU.
  9. Anyone that says "the IU football win helped" regarding Kaufman's recruitment loses all credibility in my book.
  10. Exactly. And I know for a fact that a few mid majors did literally shy away. And if it's stopping mid majors, it'll sure as heck stop the high D1 folks.
  11. Definitely doesn't help. I just don't think he has the skill set for High D1. The drama that unfolded with the Forest Park exit definitely turns schools/recruiters off as well.
  12. Saw him play quite a bit. I don't think he's high D1 material
  13. Wrong Mike Miller. There is a beat writer by the same name
  14. To me, if you have Race, and you get both Mason Miller and Kaufman, I think we play a lot of small ball. If Archie feels guys like Duncomb and this kid can both handle defensive duties if we need to go big, we should have enough scoring on the floor, with Phinisee, possibly Lander, Hunter, maybe Wesley, Leal, Galloway, etc. Don't get me wrong, if Archie feels good about getting a good Big in '21, then playing time would be a selling point and we'd be a pretty attractive spot... I don't know that class, but if we are talking about getting another 6'8"-6'9" kid, can you really sell playing
  15. I guess you'd have to define "successful". When you look at the failures of big men during the Crean years, they are extensive. If this kid can come in, redshirt, and play 5-10 minutes a game his freshman year, play solid defense, rebound, and score a bucket or two, I'd call that successful. If he's someone you can put in the game when we need to "get tall" and not have to worry about being a liability, I'd call that successful. 6-8 points/game, 5 boards, and a block every now and then by his senior year would be a Win in my book. If Archie's plan is to have some scholarships open ye
  16. this. Justin just never seemed to have a good attitude during his time at IU. I'm not calling him a quitter, and I don't think he should be classified as a quitter. But he shouldn't receive the recognition and glory that so many former players have, ones that bought into IU and loved everything it provided. Recognition goes to those that bled for IU and ONLY IU.
  17. I'm not arguing or complaining that he is leaving. In fact, I agree with you. If he thinks he can better himself by moving on, then do it. But I think most of us fans that have watched him the last 3 years understand his game pretty good. He's not a 3. At all. Again, I agree with you in that, if he feels his best chance of making the league is to shoot the three and show an ability to take his defender to the basket, it wasn't happening here. But then again, some of us fans wish we could show Justin that the chances of that happening are slim at this point. And that his best chance
  18. I understand your analogy. I think the baffling thing for everyone is Justin thinking he's actually bettering himself by moving on. He led the teams in minutes played. Assuming his beef is with not playing the 3, everyone on the planet knows he isn't the 3 unless he miraculously improves his shot and dribbling this off-season. And he certainly hasn't in his first 3 years. I agree, if he thinks he can better himself, go for it. More power to him. But with your analogy, how many people move on to a different job, only to look back and realize maybe they were wrong and actually had it p
  19. Not sure, but every team is different. And every coach is different. Archie seems to favor experience a bit, so I see Durham and Phinisee starting, no doubt.... and Durham isn't playing the 3. Lander is going to get a good amount of minutes, starting or not. I just don't think he's the prodigy some have made him out to be. The BIG is a tough league. Im not sure if he can physically handle it unless he puts SERIOUS work in this summer.
  20. I don't see him starting. I think he logs plenty of minutes, but doesn't start. I don't think he'll be ready physically to handle the BIG by the start of the season. I'm very anxious to see if he puts in the work to bulk up a bit throughout the off-season. Its tough to put on weight while you're enduring a physically demanding schedule. It takes a ton of dedication.
  21. I could see a starting lineup (starting the season) of: Phinisee Durham Hunter/Franklin TJD Brunk
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