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  1. With green I just see a lot of bad shot selection and not playing in the team framework and was looking to get his to much. Also he was dribbling way to much and not moving the ball.
  2. I guess I just don't buy that argument about FT's because a lot of times it is the difference between a win or a loss. Just take the Pacers the other night where they lost by 4 to the Rockets while shooting under 60% from the line. You just look at things from the statistical point of views and not from the game viewpoint because free throws are one of the most important things in a game.
  3. From my perspective Good- RP is a good floor leader, Fitzner is a great role player for this year, Romeo is smooth Bad- Green seems to be the same player as last year and at the end of the game could not believe he had 15 points, Free throw shooting was horrible. I just don't understand how a college team be so bad at shooting free throws and there is no excuse for a team not to shoot at least 75%.
  4. Today is officially basketball season for me even if the NBA has been going on for a few weeks. Will watch IU and during commercials turn it on to watch MSU and KU. Since I work with Aaron Henrys dad I will root for MSU even though they are as bad as KU when it comes to problems with their program.
  5. So sorry for your loss and may God bless you and your family
  6. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology Lunardi's first bracketology of the year and he has us as a 7th seed. MSU 3 UM 4 PU 5 IU 7 NEB 8 MARYLAND 8 UW 9
  7. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/25188136/micah-potter-ohio-state-buckeyes-forward-transferring-opener-nears Micah Potter an OSU player is transferring one day before season starts.
  8. Most high school's first game is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  9. I am sorry because I must have missed the personal attacks because I was last on about 6 last night and by this morning It must have been cleaned up.
  10. I never once said anything about the insiders and I like the info they bring. Show me where I personally attack any poster on here because you won't find it. I was just making a joke about TJD being a lock even though he is going to the MSU game. A couple of other posters made it personal but not me but I think people should be able to express their opinions as long as it is civil and don't make it personal.
  11. I would rather see him at AH seeing how he fit in with his future teammates.
  12. I might not always agree with people on here but I also feel like they should have the right to express their opinion. I feel as long as it is civil and you don't personally attack some one then people should have the right to express their viewpoints without the fear of being banished.
  13. Who made you god on this board and no I don't like Peegs or rivals at all. I don't complain about them coming here and like the info but why do people have such thin skin around here. All I said if he was such a lock like people say why is TJD still going to other places. I never made it personal toward any person at all like you just did but people have the right to their opinion as well.
  14. One reason it is harder to schedule teams between 100-150 is that they don't want to just play on the road and want a return trip to their place. Most top programs don't want to play on the road against good teams in the non conference.
  15. I couldn't care less how effective it is but it is boring to watch. I am sorry if I enjoy watching player and ball movement how basketball is meant to be played.
  16. Pacers lost this game because of their free throw shooting and those 3 or 4 horrible calls especially the two fouls on VO against Harden. Houston looks awful and they are so boring to watch with their pick and roll offense and Harden dribbling out the shot clock. Also they rely on the 3 way to much and you saw that in game 7 of the conference finals.
  17. Even though my post yesterday was a joke and do really like getting info but why is it when these people get questioned people get so defensive. Some come on here acting like big shots guarantying these things and when some other posters want to question them everyone loses their minds. It is just like everyone has rights as long as you believe the same thing but if you don't then you are banished.
  18. I was joking and the reason I put LOL! why so touchy.
  19. I thought he was a lock so why is he still looking at these other schools LOL!
  20. Our OOC is just fine with games against teams like Duke-road UL-home Marquette-hone Butler-neutral Arkansas-road
  21. I know it changes but everyone acts like they just invented basketball a couple of years ago and any style of play that is different is some way is not the correct way to play. Everyone says that shooting 2's is not efficient yet a team that hit 19 3's found a way to lose.
  22. Got to watch some highlights on YouTube of some of the big ten teams exhibition games and I saw Minnesota's new court they have. It is a white looking color wood and it made the place look a lot different.
  23. Funny that Boston hit 19 3's and still lost. I like seeing good shooters but to me it is not basketball I really enjoy when an NBA team shots around 50 3's.
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