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  1. UK and Duke can have there #1 rankings with all one and done players. What I like about this class if Garland and Langford commits is it is balanced. It probably has one or maybe two one and done players but others that will be around for 4 years to be the building blocks for the future. I have said many times I don't want a roster full of one and dones but don't mind one or two here and there.
  2. Last night you could tell that the Pacers were on the second night of a back to back. Also with the Thunder being at home with time off you could expect a game like last night. The Pacers played hard and was able to compete for a couple of quarters but did not have the legs at the end to win.
  3. I have to give Archie a lot of credit when it comes to recruiting. I know when his name was brought up when we had the opening at first I was not all that excited with him. I thought he might have trouble recruiting at this level but it appears I couldn't have been more wrong.
  4. Has he predicted where Garland will end up.
  5. Keefer also coached Eric Montross and he went elsewhere even with RMK was here.
  6. I lost respect for him the year he refused to play the 4. To me as a player you do what is asked of you and not question the coach.
  7. Can't tell when that list was updated. I think after HH it might be a little different.
  8. I am not expecting a great team but so far this team is a lot more enjoyable to watch. Also this team is easier to like because of the players on this years team. I just was never a big fan of PG and his attitude on the court. I hate seeing players whine to the officials on every call and a lot of times he would not get back on defense.
  9. I was just wondering with how excited you are for the season are you able to listen to the game where you live.
  10. With PG last year we were pretty much out of it until the last 6 games of the season.
  11. Actually we are 4 games into the season but point taken.
  12. Turner didn't play either so that evens it out. I think you are blinded by your loyality to PG to see what kind of player he is. Yes his stats were great but he did not have any intangibles that helps teams win games.
  13. Garland's dad also sounds like he loves Indiana and he played High School basketball in state as well.
  14. lets look at the Pacers this year compared to last year. PG Teague vs Collison- I would take Collison in this matchup 2G Ellis vs VO- VO a lot better SF George vs BArnovich(?) - PG by a land slide PF Young-same C Turner same Bench this years team has a better bench So looking at it his way I think this years team is not that much different than last year.
  15. I know I enjoy watching this team a lot better than the last few years. if some how we could get rid of Lance then I would totally love this team. There will be ups and downs with this team but it will be enjoyable to watch.. They move the ball and the players move instead of just getting the ball to PG and let him try to make a play.
  16. they did not introduce the players or mention their names so they did nothing wrong.
  17. I guess if you ask you shall receive.
  18. I don't know how to start a poll but my question will IU land both, neither or just one of the two(Garland, Langford.). Also just in the case we miss on both is there anyone else in 2018 class that we are recruiting. If we don't land either one do you save the scholarship for 2019 or maybe find a grad transfer.
  19. That is no lie, after this year both of my kids will be away in college.
  20. The reason you didn't notice Durham was that he did not participate in any of the activities including the scrimmage.
  21. Whatever and you have serious problems. I know who I am and where I post and have been told exactly who you are. I get it as being apparent and being upset about you son's football career. I just don't understand why you would go to a message board especially after bad games to see what people were saying about your son's performance.
  22. You have no clue about me because I only post on this site and the rivals site for IU sports and no place else. This site will be better after this season when you will be gone for good since you bring nothing but negativity to this board.
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