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  1. I couldn't care less if the big ten wins in either tournament especially the NIT because I don't care about that tournament.
  2. How do you know UL got their first choice. Unless you were in their meetings you have no idea who they went after or who turned them down. Why not wait 3-4 years and come back to see who was the best hire. Archie was not on the top of my wish list but I will give him a few years until I judge him.
  3. Odd that a player who started on an elite 8 team would transfer.
  4. I watched the 3 point shooting contest and some of the dunk contest and saw the same thing. Garland and Grimes was in the dunk contest and was sitting with the other contestants so that could be some of the reason.
  5. I would say their assistant coach Travis Steele
  6. One thing I did not watch all of it and did not see any of the contest that Romeo won so I did not see nay of the players reaction to that.
  7. above is the list of all champions since the one and done era so there are more champions that the poster above mentioned. Since the one and done era only 3 champions had a one done player on their roster. Actually I think it started in 2006 so I went back one to many years.
  8. 2017 North Carolina (33-7) Roy Williams 71-65 Gonzaga Phoenix, Ariz. 2016 Villanova (35-5) Jay Wright 77-74 North Carolina Houston, Texas 2015 Duke (35-4) Mike Krzyzewski 68-63 Wisconsin Indianapolis, Ind. 2014 Connecticut (32-8) Kevin Ollie 60-54 Kentucky Arlington, Texas 2013 Louisville (35-5)* Rick Pitino 82-76 Michigan Atlanta, Ga. 2012 Kentucky (38-2) John Calipari 67-59 Kansas New Orleans, La. 2011 Connecticut (32-9) Jim Calhoun 53-41 Butler Houston, Texas 2010 Duke (35-5) Mike Krzyzewski 61-59 Butler Indianapolis, Ind. 2009 North Carolina (34-4) Roy Williams 89-72 Michigan State Detroit, Mich. 2008 Kansas (37-3) Bill Self 75-68 (OT) Memphis San Antonio, Texas 2007 Florida (35-5) Billy Donovan 84-75 Ohio State Atlanta, Ga. 2006 Florida (33-6) Billy Donovan 73-57 UCLA Indianapolis, Ind. 2005 North Carolina (33-4) Roy Williams 75-70 Illinois St. Louis, Mo.
  9. I was not going off any tweets but just a gut feeling but hopefully it was just gas.
  10. Watched a little of the Jam fest last night and noticed that Romeo was not hanging around Garland or the Kansas players. It appears that he was sitting alone some of the time or around Little who is going to UNC.
  11. I really don't have a good feeling right now with Romeo coming to IU either but I have no inside info. I just think all IU has to offer him right now is being from Indiana and being a home state hero To me Romeo doesn't seem like the type of kid you wants to have the whole limelight on him and does not want the pressure of being the savior of IU basketball. Going to Vandy he will be part of a great recruiting class and at KU he will just be a long line of great players going to KU. I know their are ebs and flows on this recruiting cycle but for some reason I just don't have a great feeling the last few days.
  12. UNC won last year and I can pretty much tell you who was in the final four and who the champion was since 1976
  13. Rooting for Loyola but think Villanova will win it over UM.
  14. That is fine but I guess we have different perspective on what we want out of our college programs.
  15. If they want to go to the NBA then let them but if you go to college I think they should have to stay 3 years. get the people out of the college game that does not want to be part of it and leave it for actual student athletes. I will still enjoy the game even if the one and done players are not playing and just look at the final four because there are no one and done players in it.
  16. Just watch some of these shows and going over seas is not as glamerous as it sounds. Some leagues don't always meet payroll and some of the places the fans are just brutal. I watched 60 minutes last night and they talked about Annis from the Bucks and his bother who played at Dayton this year. they talked about the league they played at in Greece and how terrible of conditions they play in and to me it would not be worth it to send you child over there. Also I would much rather watch my son play in college basketball in front of huge crowds every night and play in the NCAA tournament.
  17. As a parent I would not want to send my 18 old son over seas by himself and have him live on his own. there is more than just on the court things when determining if a player is ready for the pros. Most 18 year old boys are not mature enough to handle living on their own without any supervision and taking care of every day living.
  18. I work in the office for a trucking company and you don't have to go to college to get a job driving trucks but you do have to pass certain written and driving test to gain employment. See every company have requirements to gain employment and the NBA should be no different.
  19. If you let the kids go pro who does not want to go to college I am fine with it but I think if you go to school you should be there for at least 3 years. Why should the NBA not have the right to implement a system for who can play in their league. All companies has certain requirements you have to meet before being considered for employment. the owners are paying millions of dollars on players salaries and they should be able to say who can or can't come into their league.
  20. Having a debate on another site about one and done players and I said that it is great that there are no one and done players in the final four. I want us to build like Villanova and even UNC where a lot of their players were ranked between 25/80 in their class. Some want us to build it like UK or Duke and don't care if we have to turn the roster over every year. I just want more out of my college program than just being a minor league for the NBA and want kids interested in going. to school as well.
  21. To me if he is so worried about getting to the NBA as fast as possible then KU probably will win out. Also if his main focus is getting tot he NBA fast then if he doesn't come here I will not lose sleep over it because I want players focused on making their college team the best it can be. On the other board there has been a discussion on how you want IU to build their roster. Do you want it to be built like Villinova and even UNC with mainly players ranked 25-80 or go to the Duke or UK model. I don't mid a one and done here or there but I don't want a roster full of one and done players. A lot of people want to win at all cost and don't care about anything else but I want more out of my college program than just winning.
  22. I could see Carsen at least testing the waters and may think he is ready for the NBA. If Carsen leaves then PU will be in big trouble next year.
  23. I got two final four teams right but had them losing in the semi finals so I have no more points left. Right now I am 5th and that is not to bad BUT when the team I had winning it all lost in the first round and the team losing in the championship game lost in the 2nd round IT IS NOT GOOD
  24. To me Kansas has been our biggest threat and not Vandy
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