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  1. To me if they don't go back to one class what good would going to just 2 classes help
  2. I was born in 1970 and agree somewhat what you have said but look back at our history and you won't see the constant domination that what we have seen from Duke or UK of the last 20 years. Even with RMK we never were championship caliber team every year and we usually built in a 4 year period. We would have some good team for a couple of years then in years 3 and 4 we would be championship caliber teams. Besides 75 and 76 and maybe 91-93 we usually did not have back to back years where we were top 5 teams.
  3. You are not the only one that have said this but going back to the 50's Duke has appeared in the AP top 10 more than any program in the history of college basketball. Most think Duke was nothing before coach K but they were a very good program but never won a championship.
  4. Actually Duke was in the championship game a couple of years before coach K got there.
  5. I would rather be in our situation right now than go to the dark side and play the recruiting game. I would rather lose every game than have a coach like Cal coach at IU. Also it was just not phone calls that led to Sampson getting fired. It was also some of the low character kids he brought into the program that made me want him gone. I see no reason why we can't produce like UM or Villanova or even UW has with their type of recruiting. Even UNC does not go the one and done route but get mainly kids in 25-75 range who stick around.
  6. I hope we do get Brunk because he will bring a lot of energy and plays with some passion. I saw him twice in person while he was in high school and he worked hard on the glass and he really showed a lot of heart on the court. He also had some very good post moves and had some good up and under moves that you don't really see. I saw him a few times the last few years at Butler and liked how he played and did not know why they played Fowler over him.
  7. Yes he would count toward the 13 scholarshiips
  8. I was listening to JMV on 1070 in Indy and they said that Brunk was transferring from Butler to IU so I thought there would be a lot of talk about it on here. Has anyone heard that because they said it was RabJohns that reported it>
  9. I have said that this many times but those top elite coaches are not leaving their current jobs to come here. Any coach you are willing to pay 6 million to is not coming here because they already have top jobs. You also have coaches like Few and Marshall who are content where they are hat and can win big there.
  10. Archie is the 10th highest paid coach so that is pretty elite to me
  11. I would think that if Romeo was definitely gone then we would here a lot more about recruits for next year. I am not saying he is coming back but if we are not really hard after recruits especially guards make you think that a decision has already been made.
  12. It wouldn't be Lewis since he just played his freshman year at Alabama
  13. He sure was my #1 choice and would have loved to have him at IU but it didn't happen so we need to back Archie
  14. Same with me and I will be there in October for Hosier Hysteria
  15. I get upset and yell during the games but what I am talking about is how people act after games and even a few days after losses.
  16. Did I say they were the whole blame, no but I feel we are part of the problem. Also would we have packed the house if the tickets weren't 20 dollars and students get in free. It allowed a lot of people who never get to go to AH a chance to go so that was part of the reason for the good turnout.
  17. I know I always get ripped for this point of view but we as fans need to look in the mirror and take some responsibility for this program. We have made changes in coaches, AD's and other administration positions but the one constant is the fans. Maybe how we try to compare every coach to RMK and hold them to that standard is part of the problem. Maybe it is the vocal minority in this fan base who goes to social media to rip the players and coaches are part of the problem. maybe it is fans like me who hold on to the past and traditions are part of the problem with the program.
  18. I use to be like some of these guys where losing effected my life but I grew out of it when I was around 25 years old when I had more important things come up in my life. I still don't like losing and get upset during games but can move on because I realize it is not that big of a deal. I have come to a conclusion that some are not happy unless they are miserable and will always look at the negative things in life. I think some would say a season was a disappointment if we went undefeated all year but lost in the championship game on a last second half court shot
  19. I have a question for some on here you acts so depressed just because IU is not winning up to your standards. How does IU winning effect your life in any way that makes you guys so miserable when we don't win up to your standards. We all like winning and want to see us to do well but it seems like some just take this way to seriously. How is your life any different in the years that we won championships compared to seasons like this one. Sports are for entertainment and if it is not entertaining to you then why keep watching if it makes you so miserable.
  20. I guess I am an optimistic person and don't let what a basketball team does on the court make me depressed. it is only a game and if this is the worst thing to happen in our lives then we are very fortunate.
  21. Since IU has won 5 championships in 80 years so it is hard to expect them to win one every few years.
  22. The years that Sampson was the coach was the worst years for me being an IU fan
  23. Yes because I think RP will come back next year better and to be a great college team you need a great PG. Also I feel if Hunter comes back healthy that will be a huge difference next year and years to come. I also look at coaches Like Beilein, coach K and Izzo and se what their first couple of years looked like and see it took them a few years to get their programs going.
  24. I am pretty sure Archie is one of the top 10 highest paid coaches in the country so how is that cheap.
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