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  1. RMK teams until the late 80's did RMK open up the offense. The last half of 81 he let Isiah loose but he did not do that for everyone.
  2. Yes, this years team is not very good but I like watching teams work the ball for a good shot. I get tired of watching teams run the dribble drive and no off the balls screens.
  3. I really enjoyed watching the way UW played the last few years. They pretty much played the way RMK teams played for most of his time at IU.
  4. He can't sign until next November since he is a junior.
  5. If the next 10 years is like UW and MSU the last 10 years I will be happy.
  6. being competitive in the big ten every year and winning a few championships. Also making a couple of final fours in that time frame and hopefully another banner.
  7. A verbal commitment then wouldn't change a thing because other teams would still recruit him until signing day.
  8. I told you when he said IU fans wanted him to come to IU it was a cryptic message that he wasn't coming to IU.LOL!
  9. You are clueless if you think kids don't pick schools because of the coach. Why is UK getting all the top players now when they didn't under Tubby.
  10. Duke had went to the final four in 78 and lost in he championship to UK
  11. His point was to give the new coach time because patience pays off sometimes.
  12. Just look at this KU roster and wonder how Self got a roster this thin of talent. I know Preston is still suspended but they have no depth up front and very little bench at all.
  13. Yes we do have 5 banners but I think a lot of people mis remember a lot about our history. Even under RMK we were not a championship contender every year. It seemed like every 4 or 5 years we had those championship caliber teams. Take out 75 and 76 and 92 and 93 we never really have consistent championship caliber teams. It seem like we had a couple of good years then another very good year then the next year we had a championship team.
  14. Mainly I was joking because of how people overact to anything a recruit says. He could have said that appears that the fans want me at IU.
  15. I see he used the word wanted like in past tense. I hope that does not mean that was a slip up on what he is thinking.
  16. I don't like to lose but I am very happy to see the improvement from this team. If you were expecting this team to be able to win these kind of games early in the season then your expectations were out of whack.
  17. This teams lack of length on the perimeter hurts our 3 point defense. With us having to play a 3 guard lineup who all are under 6'3 is not long enough to contest those 3's. Hopefully next year we can have Romeo at the 2 at 6'5 and Hunter at the 3 at 6'7 which should help the perimeter defense.
  18. He was terrible against PU and can't believe he hit three 3's in the first half
  19. Watched Oklahoma for the first time last night and Trae Young is one of the best players in the country and is only a freshman. He is averaging 29 points a game which leads the country and 9 assist a game which is 3rd in the country. Hopefully Romeo looks at him and see a guy who stayed home and thrived. Young is from Norman OK and picked Oklahoma over Kansas and UK.
  20. Saw this kid in person tonight at Knightstown. Just to let you know this kid is no where near a D1 player. He is rail thin and probably around 175 pounds and has no strength. Out tallest players was 6'2 and 235 who has not played basketball since junior high and this kid could not dominate this game. He finished with 11 points with only one in the second half. He did have a nice touch on his shot and even hit a 16 foot jumper. He could block shots but when you are 9 to 10 inches taller than anyone else on the court you should block some shots.
  21. Depending what was involved might keep Romeo from wanting to follow Garland to Vanderbilt.
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