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  1. On CBS pre game they were talking about whether they should take team from the major conferences who can't even finish .500 in conference over mid major teams who lose their conference tournament. My feeling teams like IU or Alabama and other teams from major conferences shouldn't be considered if they have below .500 record in conference. Seth Davis thought they should make that a criteria to get an at large bid and I totally agree wit that.
  2. That would put IU, LSU or Memphis as possibilites
  3. What mid range game because most of those misses are on drives to the basket and not 12-15 foot open shots.
  4. I also think they only scored 41 points against Syracuse zone as well.
  5. Yeah the Pacers should have drafted Alford over Reggie Miller LOL!
  6. Since the Pacers have the 5th best record in the league it doesn't appear that we are missing them to bad.
  7. On YouTube you can watch a lot of older games which I have done so I can remember what it looks like for IU to be good. there is a new site which is called thewayitwas64 and they have alot of older ball games on there.
  8. In 2003 I remember Alabama was #1 at one point of the season and ended up being a 9 seed in the tournament. The reason I remember this is because we were an 8 seed and beat Alabama in the first round that year.
  9. They started to lose before coach K left for the year
  10. That was also the year that coach K took the rest of the yea roff due to his back
  11. Well you guys got a win today and you could tell why you won and we lost last night. You guys were 25-27 from the line and we were 12-22.
  12. Well no one can sign until the spring signing period in April
  13. They showed plenty of collapses on your other site but some doesn't want to listen to logic. I actually don't understand why you even bother watching the game since it is obvious it makes you miserable. College basketball is for entertainment only and if you take it to seriously where all you do is go to different boards and complain constantly maybe you need a knew hobby.
  14. I have a question did TJD sin a LOL! because on another site I was looking at our prospects and the only one shown signed is Franklin. I had thought TJD actually signed in the fall but waited to announce it when he did.
  15. Another thing about UT I like is when they drive they don't always take it all the way to the basket but will pull up and take the 12-15 shot especially Schofeld.
  16. That was a great game to watch until the last two minutes of the game when they had like 5 reviews in 6 possessions. Both of those team will be enjoyable to watch in the tournament and will be a hard out for anyone.
  17. Watching UT and LSU and the thing I noticed is that those teams shot with confidence and don't hesitate shooting when open. The thing I think is the most important when talking about shooting is confidence and we just don't have that when shooting. It seems when we catch the ball we hesitate before shooting and the good shooters catch the ball ready to shoot.
  18. I was a at that game against Delta and that was my senior year. Gene Keady was that game and one of my friend who was a PU fan wanted me to go over with him to get Keady's autograph. I knew Keady was going to be there so I had on all of my IU gear and went over and set right behind him while my friend got his autograph. Also were you sure that game was at Delta because the game I am talking about was at Knightstown in 89
  19. To me next year might be better even if the talent level is not as high if we have couple of additions by subtractions if you know what I mean.
  20. Which school did you go to because my school Knightstown use to be in their conference as well until they went to class basketball. We still play them every year and was n their sectional until a couple of years ago.
  21. Do you have a lot of money LOL! that might answer your question
  22. Remember Simmons and Fultz were both #1 picks and neither of their teams had winning records so the NBA doesn't care about how their college season went.
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