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  1. I use the same bracket in any contest and don't believe in doing more than one. I picked Arizona to win in my one and only bracket.
  2. I wouldn't say he is a Butler fan and he did IUPUI basketball for years so he has no real affilitation with Butler at all.
  3. You mean like the walk on that started for us most of the season(McRoberts)
  4. What else is funny another Indy sports guy Kent Sterling who is from New Albany has said he heard it is IU for a long time so who knows who is right or wrong.
  5. I thought I posted this same thing but somehow it did not take but I heard that show as well. He e is the program director at 1070 as well as a long time high school and college announcer. he is from southern Indiana and probably has connections down south. he will be announcing the Seymour semi state this week but who really knows what is fact or fiction.
  6. I think one criteria should be a conference record over .500
  7. I am hoping all of that is correct but I just not going to get my hopes up and then he decides for KU or Vandy. To me I can live with the pick being KU but if it is Vandy I just can't see how he would pick them over us. I am just ready for this to get over and IU and the fans can move on one way or the other.
  8. I wouldn't put to much stock in where he is announcing because plenty of players went elsewhere and announced at their school or community.
  9. This is his 3rd year in college with one at Miss.. St and the year he sat out at KU plus this year so some of these guys need to do some research before hitting send.
  10. Watching the reactions of these smaller teams winning their conference tournament is what makes this month special. When Penn won the Ivy league and their celebration on the court was something to watch.
  11. I guess it is time for the ebs and flows to start again on this recruitment. with this tweet it will freak our fan base out thinking we are not getting Romeo and in a couple of days something positive will be mentioned to get our hopes up again. I am starting to think people out there are just putting things out there to play with our fan base because they no how we over react to every nugget out there.
  12. Nope, just saying when D1 kept getting bigger and more conferences that meant more automatic bids which meant less at large bids. Most of those at large bids went to the power conferences and they did not like losing out on tournament bids so they added play in games to get more at large bids.
  13. I guess I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I thought you meant that if you put the best game second you would get the best crowd. I was just showing that was not always the case.
  14. I took it as that you need to put the best game second in order to get the best crowd which was not the case in my situation.
  15. I said keep it at 64 teams and I would let more of the mid majors in with a 30-5 record in over a team from a big conference that can't even win at least half of their conference games.
  16. Those games are not until June. Also on the other board there is a stupid troll who says he knows someone from Evansville that Romeo is going to Vandy but he has been shot down many times.
  17. In 2006 when my school which is a 2A school went to the semi state at Southport we played the first game. The place was packed and after our game was a 4A matchup between Terre Haute South(Armon Bassett) against Lawerence North(Conley and Oden) and the place was half empty.
  18. No thank you because there are tom nay teams right now and should be taken back to 64 teams. The only reason they changed to 65 and then 68 was that they moved to having 32 conference which meant 32 automatic bids. The big conference teams that was on the bubble complained and the NCAA caved in and expanded the field. Like I said before every team is already in the tournament and that is because of the conference tournament. If they want to get in then win the conference tournament then there would be no worries about getting selected. I get tired of hearing from these bubble teams who are mediocre already and don't deserve to get in any ways.
  19. I felt dirty when I picked Purdue to go to the elite 8 abut I did pick them to lose to Villanova. My final four teams are Arizona, Michigan, Villanova and MSU and Arizona winning it all.
  20. Would be great and here is what I would do Year 1- Lucas Oil Stadium Year 2- Yum Center Year 3- AH Year 4 Rupp Arena
  21. No thank you because the tournament already has enough teams. It is up to the conference who they want to send and they pick to have tournament champions to represent their conference in the tournament. When someone says they need to expand the tournament my reply is that everyone are already in the tournament because of the conference tournaments.
  22. Not me I still love the tournament and will be in front of my tv Thursday at noon.
  23. There is also a commercial with Mark Cuban as well representing IU
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