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  1. Can't see LA above Bloomington on there because they don't support their teams even when they are winning.
  2. Yes because he will not be getting a job at the blue bloods anymore
  3. Have you not watched a lot of basketball lately because that could describe a lot of teams in today's basketball.
  4. Really even though IU will not be playing I will watch every game of the NCAA tournament. I still take the Thursday and Friday off of work and sit in front of the tv all weekend. this is the best time of the year for me because of my love for college basketball.
  5. Did I say he needs to make a decision at all
  6. Might sound like he does not want to disappoint his parents but he may want to play with Garland at Vandy so that could be what is taking so long for a decision. Also maybe he just wants to wait until the season is over so he can make the right decision.
  7. It is funny how the tone of this recruitment changes every few days. Some days the talk is positive towards IU and some days it goes negative like it has the last day or so. I am just ready for this recruitment to come to a close so we can move on one way or the other. I am hoping that the fact that Archie is going to the game Saturday as a good sign as well if Romeo makes one more visit to IU.
  8. How many of those kind of guys do you see today. Also while Haas is good he only can play about 23 minutes a game because of his size so what good is that size if you can't play most of the game. I would rather have my big guys who are around 6'10 240lbs who can run the floor and who can block shots.
  9. Jones was at Romeo's game in November then he transferred in December.
  10. The agents probably have paid for their travel plus paying for all of the players training. Plus the agents probably have given them a loan to buy cars and for their rent as well.
  11. Just another stupid decision by CBS. Two years ago it tried unveiling a region then discussing that region before going to the next region and that failed.
  12. I would agree that someone might be leaving and getting a juco could help balance the classes out.
  13. I thought he is 6'6 and it sounds like he was told he was going to play the 2 or 3.
  14. Guys who will be over 6'7 next year Forrester Moore Morgan Thompson Davis Smith That is 6 guys who will play in the post so I don't see much of a need this year for another big.
  15. Maybe he knows a player or two are transferring or someone might not be coming
  16. It has to do with more of the ball screen defense and Davis had trouble getting back to his man.
  17. Against PU, MSU and OSU or any team that has a lot of size. Having Morgan play the post on defense wears him out and I though the last few games he looked he was gassed. Next year we need to have a big to guard the post so we don't have Morgan doing it.
  18. If you disagree with any of them then it gets pretty bad especially through the Crean years.
  19. Being a negative person you would probably be happier over on the rivals board because the majority over their are negative. Be careful though because they are not as nice as the people over here are.
  20. Hopefully Phinissee Romeo Smith or Hunter to close to call right now. Morgan Davis
  21. Sounds like you have some serious anger issues.
  22. I am the last person to ask this because my son does all the tech stuff
  23. It has been over 20 years so don't you think it is time to get over it and move on.
  24. Saturday I watched the NA game on my big screen through my son's XBOX
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