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  1. I like what I saw out of Geronimo, he got fired up after causing the 5 second call and his hops on the offensive rebound was legit! Extremely raw but seems to be oozing with potential. It's still a minuscule sample size so I'm tempering expectations but I'm loving what I see so far.
  2. Living a life that only shows minimal ways to success due to your environment, regardless of your own actions, alters ones perception on what normal society considers right and wrong. I agree with the premise of your post, however we all have our own perception and it's hard to put yourself in a different reality like others may live and understand their perceptions... it's all messed up, wish I knew the answer to fix it.
  3. Hoping for 40 minutes of energy and dedication. Living here in Iowa and working with 75% Iowa grads, I talked a bit of smack today in the office. Hopefully I can show my face tomorrow, help me out Hoosiers!!
  4. Defense looking a bit slow on this drive. Need to get off blocks a bit better and generate a little pressure... Hold them to 3 here and then regroup.
  5. Really appreciate the help guys! I'll let him know about Janko's... and now I'm hungry and want a beer!
  6. Need some help, I've got a friend whose son pitches for Iowa and he's bringing the family into Bloomington when they play. Could someone recommend a steak house for them when they visit? I haven't been to Bloomington in too many years so I can't help him with this one. I appreciate the help!!
  7. 72-68 IU If D. Davis is back, gonna need him.
  8. So it would be hilarious if an instate 5 star went to somewhere besides IU so you can laugh at posters on a message board? Seems odd to me but you be you...
  9. I get you and it makes sense, I try to do that too but I'm just not mature enough!! I think both teams showed some limitations tonight but also showed that it will take a complete game by IU to beat either of these teams. B10 is tough this year, love it.
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