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  1. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Neb. Post Game

    Justin Smith is making great strides this year, solid game tonight.
  2. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Neb. Post Game

    Rough game from the guards, hope they get this one out of their system quick. I think they recover for a good win against OSU.
  3. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Vic’s a superstar

    Thanks for posting this, great read! Go Vic, Pacers, and IU!
  4. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Rutgers post game thread

    Agreed with all of this, really hope Newkirk gets past this. And when Justin Smith figures out how to finish he will be an impact player.
  5. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Rutgers post game thread

    Not sure we could hit the rim
  6. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Rutgers post game thread

    It's been nice watching this team progress under Archie this season. Ups and downs, but the foundation is looking good! Except for free throws, almost time to go mandatory granny shots!
  7. Who-Dey Hoosier

    Purdue Postgame Thread

    I'll be honest, I'll take Archie over porkchop any day
  8. Who-Dey Hoosier

    RB from Virginia, Ronnie Walker

    Welcome Mr. Walker!! Way to go Coach and staff!