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  1. OT IU Baseball

    Will be at the game. I know the money sports get a lot of the attention, but our secondary and Olympic sports are really coming on strong. From swimming to baseball to track to women's softball, they all seem to be trending upwards. Kudo's to Fred Glass. He really is doing a tremendous job in picking coaches to building up the facilities for all sports.
  2. It's not consensual if he is not disclosing dangers of having sex with him. This is just as bad, as this person will now have to live the rest of their lives with it in the same way they would physical or psychological trauma from a sexual assault.
  3. Romeo Langford

    They existed originally to showcase talent pre-internet when there were physical publications listing talent throughout the country. They exist now because of shoe companies. Speaking of which, is being a Parade all-American a big deal any longer or did that go away when physical newspapers started going away? I just remember that being a big deal and now rarely hear it mentioned.
  4. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Since there isn't any activity on this thread, I thought I would get it going again. Pacers have clinched for the playoffs. Looking more and more like it may be P's/Sixers in the first round. Every prognosticator seems to be enamored with Embid and Simmons and not showing a lot of love towards the Pacers. What is everyone thinking. I really think our talent level is equal, if not better overall depth-wise than the Sixers and we match put perfectly with their roster.
  5. 2002 Duke Game

    I was at IU and breezed through an Econ test because the teach refused to postpone it for the game and ended up failing the test. I ran home and we were down double digits, then was the only of my friends that watched through as they came back. Immediately after we won, I ran to Kirkwood to go nuts...I miss IU. Quick Addition: When we won, I immediately got up and started running around ultimately running through the screen door on a deck and with force making fly down three stories at Terra Trace.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Could have been left off because he is going to play in some of the other exhibition games. I could swear there is a limit (maybe 2 or 3?) that they are allowed to play. If you do McDonald's, then Indiana All-Stars, that leaves him maybe one more he is eligible to play in?
  7. Romeo Langford

    To those asking why hasn't he committed already, I ask what incentive does he have to commit to anywhere before he absolutely has to? He has already seen one of his schools completely blown up in the blink of an eye (Louisville), so why not wait until the very end to make sure nothing else changes/comes to light negatively with his remaining schools? He will have a spot regardless of when he decides because of his talent level, so if it were me, I wait until the very last day to make a decision, especially when you factor in the FBI investigation and having no idea who might be affected and not.
  8. Kent Benson appears !

    Mellencamp was ALWAYS outwardly political on stage and in his songs, especially offering his voice towards the forgotten one's, whether that be farmers or minorities. This isn't something that just happened, but the difference is that everyone so black and white in their political beliefs, we now shut ideas or people out that don't share the same views. It is really a shame.
  9. With all due respect, they have to make money too. Reporters aren't free and are deserving of making a living. If you ask me, one of the great downfalls of society is local news presence has been washed out. If you look at the Gymnastics scandal (broken by the IndyStar) as a quick example, it is very apparent that now more than ever, we need strong news organizations both national and local (big and small towns). With that, it means paying for your news. It is an important contribution. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Estate PS: I would prefer this post not to turn into something about fake news. Twenty-four hour news, whatever your preference, filled with talking heads spewing opinions, not facts, is not news, it is the op-ed section of the newspaper.
  10. FBI/NCAA news...

    Couple of thoughts. First, the NBA controls the 1 and done rule, not NCAA, so for the high school players to go straight to pro, the NBA would need to change their rules. Second, even if you eliminate the NBA level players, then you will get a bidding war on the next tier (the players rated 25 and beyond). As long as their are people paying to see college sports, the pressure will be there to go after the highest level recruits possible, whatever they are. I have always been in the middle on paying players. On one hand, I see players driving billions of dollars that maybe shouldn't be paid, but should be able to earn a buck off their names whether that be in signing autographs or getting a piece of jersey sales, but I also realize relaxing these rules create a slippery slope. On the other hand, they are getting a free education, access to top notch trainers, coaches, facilities to perfect their chosen profession, so why should they get more. Research drives just as much money as athletics (actually much more) and many schools use med students an other types to essentially do research that the person gets none of, but goes directly to the school. Look no further than the students/research facility that created Mosaic at UoI and essentially led to the internet as we know it today. The school reaped the benefit of that invention/advancement, not the people that actually created it because it was done in University facilities. Why should athletes get paid, but these students and researchers not?
  11. FBI/NCAA news...

    Given the potential volume and programs involved, this may actually end up not benefiting IU for staying clean. I could really see the NCAA relaxing their rules and making major changes related to schools paying players after this. If so many programs are doing it, they really can't knock out half of their members because those member institutions will kick the NCAA to curb given the clout of many of them, especially if they get penalized for transgressions of the students that they had nothing to do with or knowledge of. I don't see college sports (NCAA) being anything close to what is currently after this all said and done because the NCAA will have to finally give in.
  12. I found interesting his comments on the grades. Most of the time, narrative that followed Crean was the 13 F's and so on, but what he said was pretty logical. Despite Sampson's faults, I really believe that team did fall apart off the court due to a lot of the chaos around his departure and had less to do with Sampson. Also, while it bit him in the ass on many occasions, I always felt Sampson targeted gets who might be a little more high risk for trouble, only because he felt he could pull them in and turn them towards a direction leading to a better life, which is why I always hated the term "thugs" that gets thrown around regarding his players or even other coaches like Bob Huggins. I am sure if you dig deeply, the players that took advantage of that opportunity far outweigh the Bassets, Mackeys, etc.
  13. Was scrolling through thee old facebook and saw this under the Hoosier Nation Fan Page group and thought this could stir some conversation...
  14. Romeo Langford

    If you want to go that route, feel free, but you could probably take the picture of the hat to lids and they could make you one. Just to throw that out there.
  15. Then there is this...talk about putting one's own self-interests above the city you work in. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/report-hornets-had-agreement-to-move-to-louisville-but-rick-pitino-blocked-the-plan/ http://www.kentucky.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mark-story/article189857649.html