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  1. IUALUM03

    The Failing PAC 12 Network

    I am pretty sure the Pac-12 network is affiliated with Fox as well. All you have to do is look at the main networks college football schedule. It is Big 10 and Pac 12.
  2. IUALUM03

    What's up with our crowd?

    Yeah, Pitino lobbied hard for the IU job at that time and Calipari at the time we hired Crean.
  3. IUALUM03

    Decision Making

    I'd argue Purdue being able to succeed versus us fail has to do with continuity of culture. Archie is still trying to implement a culture and this cannot be underappreciated. It would be one thing if we had upperclassmen who could show us the way, but really we have only Morgan that can do that and I would argue he is a lead by example guy, not vocal. We don't have a culture the young guys can assimilate into. The other issue has already been mentioned and that it is outside shooting. We are not giving our two best players room to work with down low due to defenses being able to pack in the paint. Both Romeo and Juwan are both best around the paint, but they have no space to work with and can't pass out to an open shooter at the three to consistently knock it down and thus defense sag.
  4. IUALUM03

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Blackmon was Fort Wayne...
  5. https://www.thehoosiernetwork.com/2019/01/23/indiana-basketball-archie-miller-job/?fbclid=IwAR0vZ9mZnsdDbZLMTvrWYXQYApmkuginB-0O2Uc9Fp-_uqFDyrjiyklz6fU Some blunt force facts about our situation.
  6. IUALUM03

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    That came to mind as I was typing it, but every year there are those OAD that something happens to and they end up having to stay. If I am a OAD, I still look at college as a four year deal just in case something doesn't work out.
  7. IUALUM03

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    Does K coach until he dies? He is 71 at this point and there has not been any indications out there for a while that he plans on retiring that I have heard. You gotta think the if the over/under is 4 years, you take under with him walking away, but? I say this only because when does this start to catch up with his recruiting, where the question mark is there that can be exploited by opposing coaches.
  8. IUALUM03

    NBA Thread

    The MLB need to look at the NBA, but also refer back to how they marketed players in the '90s. Everyone knew who Ken Griffey, Jr., Frank Thomas, Roger Clemons, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Kirby Puckett, Nomar, Jeter, etc. were. The players had shoe deals and were all over product marketing. The real difference today that I see is you don't see MLB players marketing products like they used to. That has killed the brand recognition, but they have players that are of similar caliber now.
  9. IUALUM03

    NBA Thread

    He has already been put up on the block to pull in Jimmy Butler, but T-wolves weren't interested. If Rockets make any trades, EJ will be involved as a piece of a combo they offer. I saw on TV yesterday that Butler now wants to go to Philly, but don't see what they have the T-wolves would want. Fultz would probably be the piece, but I doubt any teams are really interested in him as a primary in a trade at this point. Just a topic for conversation, what if Butler would be open to Pacers. Would any fans be into it and who would you be willing to part with? Would it make Indy better or is Butler a cancer at this point after the way he has handled his trade demand?
  10. IUALUM03

    NBA Thread

    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/myles-turner-pacers-indiana-has-no-chill Nice little ego stroke for Indiana courtesy of Miles Turner. I couldn't be more happy he signed an extension.
  11. IUALUM03

    Best Job In The B1G

    I think the ranking is based on the fact where Purdue is positioned historically, they are competing against IU and ND for in-state. I think they are saying Purdue is at a disadvantage because of this. Not 100%, but just a guess as to why it was different.
  12. IUALUM03


    To answer your question. It won't. Many of the kids that play for basketball and football programs are persons of color, so it isn't illogical to think that this will strengthen their affinity for Nike. Relating to the general population, this will only help in the long haul and is a well-thought out business decision outside of them taking a social stance. A majority of the US population, especially the youth fall on the Nike side with this and other social issues. In addition, the youth are flocking to brands with some sort of societal viewpoint, such as Patagonia for example.
  13. IUALUM03


    I’m going to bow out of the topic now. I always hate those that sound like they are talking in circles and feel the need to make the same point over and over. I appreciate everyone’s engagement and respect those with opinions counter to mine. This is exactly the kind of dialogue the protest was hoping to initiate in my opinion. Have a good night and try to treat everyone with some kindness and speak up when you see someone being treated unfairly. The world needs more of that.
  14. IUALUM03


    Think about the level of intelligence it took and someone who could deal with working with the lowest margins of error to be elected as the first black president, now look at the level of accountability white counterparts are given. Cough cough, look at two people that bookend Obama and how those supporters of said bookends think obama is the antichrist and bush/trump great leaders. Obama’s has to be perfect, while bush could get arrested and trump can con common people out of their hard earned money, declare bankruptcy, and lie at every turn. If that isn’t white privileged and a full illustration of the inherent disadvantage persons of color desk with, I don’t know what is. (Full disclosure, I vote for both parties in elections, but it doesn’t take a reasonable person to see this.) Since this is a sports forum, let’s talk racial inequality in sports. Don’t you think it is odd that a sports landscape dominated by minorities it is difficult to still find POC in coaching positions, GM roles, and even ownership? It’s seeks to me ex players would make the best candidates for these roles.
  15. IUALUM03


    You are correct, it does protect both sides, but comparing what Kap and other players are doing is in no way comparable to westboro. Regarding the service man, you are correct, he doesn’t speak for all, but it shows that Kap didn’t go into the protest with the idea of disrespecting servicemen and his intent was related to social injustice being brought upon persons of color. Once again, those who serve in the military are not the only ones represented by the flag. I fully support our troops and the sacrifices they made, but the flag is a symbol for all Americans to reflect upon it what the choose. If some aren’t bring represented the sane way as others, then it is fully logical to use that symbol in a form of protest. Once again, I fully believe this protest to be appropriate because it has created a dialogue without negatively affecting you or anyone else in the population. What westboro is the complete opposite of how this protest is being presented and this is without hate or negative affect to those around.