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  1. PG stat-wise is Batman, but that team was/is RW's. I have said it before and I will say it again, but PG want's people believe that he is an alpha dog more than he is. When he was with the Pacer's at their peak ECF runs in 2013-14, it was David West who was the leader of that team, not PG, and it is no different now in OKC.
  2. Real problem is that PG is more of a follower than alpha dog, so if Russ takes a backseat, I don’t see George capable of stepping up. He is a great player who needs someone else to be the vocal leader of a team. He likes to say he is, but the way he follow along with Russ’ antics leads me to believe it is the blind leading the blind. They are both immature and lack professional character. It was all there for the world to see during and after the Portland series. They need to grow up and this is coming from someone who likes their games in the purest form.
  3. He is also older. He is 20 years old, hence why I thought is was garbage he was freshmen of the year over Romeo beyond just the stats.
  4. The good news is any fanbase of a school worth a crap has their resident idiots that do this, so they should all cancel each other out.
  5. With all due respect, how are you going to hold recruiting or prioritizing another player against a school, yet be open to considering schools that recruited you minimally or didn't recruit you at all? To me, not even being on a school's radar until after you played a year is far more of a slap to the face.
  6. I thought he had potential to be that great upperclassmen for us. I was puzzled after he showed really great flashes during the Michigan St. game in East Lansing that he didn't get more time after that. This one is disappointing, but he needs to understand he should not be expecting instant playing time as a freshman either. This is also what happens when you are bringing classes above 3-4 players as well, so hopefully Archie can get us some balance.
  7. I saw the potential of the future in the game at MSU. When Morgan went out, we had our young players who had not seen the floor that much flex some muscle. It frustrated me to no end that Archie went back to the old rotation after that game, instead of choosing to build off of it with getting the younger guys more time, especially given we were in massive losing streak.
  8. Thanks all for the correction. Just bad recollection on my part. With that being said, I will never forget that Ingrim went to Duke.
  9. I am thoroughly surprised that Laker's are not giving him a look for their gig. That is the LA job I could see Calipari jumping ship for. Has a former player on the team in Ingrim and relationship with Bron. Not to mention, Cal's one big strength is dealing with outside noise and ego management, which fits nicely in LA's current needs.
  10. This is what I liked the most and think it could be this past year's freshmen class should everyone (other than Romeo) stay intact: One can trace Auburn's deep and talented roster back to its 2015 recruiting class -- which, not so coincidentally, was Bruce Pearl's first full recruiting class in charge. Pearl was hired in the spring of 2014 to replace Tony Barbee, but he still had several months remaining on his three-year NCAA show-cause penalty when he joined the Tigers.
  11. To me, this guy is a culture shifter as much, if not more, than anything else. We are lacking culture and a strong identity as a team and program.
  12. Trendon needs to take a hard look at Jordan tucker before committing to Duke. I think he has the potential to be a great player, but he needs to worry about being buried behind the next 5 star every year he stays.
  13. Painter had the advantage of being able to recruit his first class while waiting in the wings for Keady to finish his final year with it already know he was going to be the coach. This is a huge advantage over coming into a program cold in the Spring to try to piece together a class for the upcoming year and for the following year.
  14. I was at the game last night and can say the lack of attendance at the game was far more embarrassing than those leaving early. I was in section D and the entire other side was maybe 45% full. I have been to a lot of games and that was far and away the emptiest I have ever seen. To those leaving, I completely empathize. For one, it wasn't a game that was being well-played that went into double OT, but two the 9pm start left my crew getting home to Indy last night at almost 1:30am.
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