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  1. IUALUM03

    General NBA Thread

    I agree with this. In the end, I think this has just turned into a convenient excuse for Kawhi to want out, when in actuality he wanted to go to LA regardless. I find his handling of this completely awful. Let's say that his doctor's were correct, he still needs to stand up in front of reporters like an adult, instead of filter stuff out through his people. Pop's track record makes it hard for me to believe that he would let the organization put their interests over the welfare of a player, if it could jeopardize his career like Leonard's people want everyone to believe. Also, his teammates were throwing shade at him and they of all people wouldn't do so, if they felt he didn't quit on them. He sat down and the Spur's had to pay him. I have no respect for him.
  2. IUALUM03

    General NBA Thread

    I think that this is a win/win for Toronto. If they somehow manage to keep Kawhi, the that is fantastic, if he leaves, then they open up cap space a year earlier for a team that had already peaked most likely with DeRozan. They other scenario is they end up trading Kawhi to some other team, most likely the Lakers, and pull in some of their young talent and maybe picks to team up with their already young core of players.
  3. IUALUM03

    Memorial Stadium through the years

    I would very much like the athletic department to make an investment in giving our soccer program a state of the art facility that is reflective of their success. I really believe that soccer is trending in the right direction and will become a third revenue sport for athletic programs and by investing early, it will put us at the top.
  4. IUALUM03

    Upcoming Final Four Sites

    Pretty sure Indy is guaranteed a final four during every four year cycle. That was apart of the agreement they made with Indy when they gave them the land for the NCAA headquarters for $1, I believe.
  5. IUALUM03

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Real problem for college coaches will be going after those guys who are borderline NBA possibilities coming out of high school and prioritizing them with the idea it could be all for nothing in the end, should they choose the NBA route.
  6. IUALUM03

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I am so happy the one and done era appears to be close to an end, so we can stop this debate of how to construct a championship team. It will just be get the best players that don't enter the draft out of high school. Those kids will likely have to stay and prove themselves in college for at least a couple of years because there will always be elite high school talent that will be coming out of high school and jumping to the NBA.
  7. IUALUM03

    General NBA Thread

    Looks like OKC and Carmello Anthony are heading to splitsville with a buyout of some type.
  8. IUALUM03

    General NBA Thread

    https://twitter.com/shamscharania/status/1013943700408455168?s=21 what?!?!?!?! For 1 year and 5.3 million! Wtf!
  9. IUALUM03

    New Baseball Coach is Jeff Mercer (from WSU)

  10. IUALUM03

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    If a conversation about Paul George happens and Hoopster isn't a part of it, did the conversation really happen?
  11. IUALUM03

    General NBA Thread

    Agree with this. My ultimate issue with Lebron and why I personally have not been able to embrace him is due to his constant need to tell people how great he his. I don't like people that are talented to be that self-aware. It is a small thing and probably petty, but it is just how I feel. Also, I am in the camp that the guy gets a ridiculous amount of calls, yet he acts on the court like he doesn't and the refs placate to that to some degree. Otherwise, he is good to the community, he speaks up about societal issues (something Jordan never did to not jeopardize his brand), and is an athletic freak both physically and mentally.
  12. IUALUM03

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    LOL. As much as I like Stephenson, Lance kind of screwed himself when he declined a five year deal to go elsewhere, then came back when it didn't work out for him. If he took that offer, he would still be under contract for another two seasons and would have made more, I believe, over the duration, then what he will currently pull in. PG just needs to shut up. I have never had a problem with him doing what is best for him, but I did take issue when he put us in a bad spot by publicly leaking his intentions and backing the organization that drafted him, invested time in developing him, and did put a winning team around him for a majority of his time as a player. Luckily, we pulled the right player into the right situation for him to thrive, but odds our it shouldn't have worked out in our favor the way it did because of PG's actions and overall petulance.
  13. IUALUM03

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Lance Stephenson team option declined making him a free agent. I know he has his negatives, but I love watching the guy play. Disappointed, but I trust Pritchard at this point.
  14. IUALUM03

    IU Baseball

    I get it, but you are right apples and oranges.