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  1. A young Arkansas squad playing a press against this IU team? Go for it. I think we have the length, speed, scoring, and bball IQ to beat that strategy. IU wins 81-69.
  2. BEKA

    Jerome Hunter

    Cleveland Clinic. That's not messing around.
  3. BEKA

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    I'm really excited about Armaan. More than any recent in-state recruit (in my memory), this kid is genuinely excited and stoked to be a Hoosier, AND, he is actively trying to recruit our other in-state targets via social media. Give me a kid who has bought in from day one and let CAM develop him as a player and the spirit of this hallowed institution is in good shape. Gloriana frangipana, E’er to her be true.
  4. BEKA

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Wouldn't be so sure that a L at Cameron Indoor would knock us back out of the rankings given this scenario. If we win 2 this week and play Duke respectably AT Duke, I think this team stays around the 22-25 range, maybe even higher. Of course, polls this early in the season are hard to read and I could be completely wrong, so there's that.
  5. BEKA

    Chicago State Pregame Thread

    Dang, that's embarrassing. C'mon,.
  6. BEKA

    Chicago State Pregame Thread

    Well, fellow HSN enthusiasts, I, for one am preparing for this game by grilling a gourmet burger and making some hand cut fries to munch on as we head into the season. Inspired by Election Day, I am putting aside any internecine squabbles that have erupted in other threads and calling for unity. Yea, though it is only Chicago State that we face this eve, I implore you all to come together, for the time for college bball season is nigh! Also, IU is going to have a kick a** season and I can't wait to read this board in 18-19 for the excellent information and smart bball analysis that many members bring. Godspeed, Hoosiers!
  7. BEKA

    Romeo Langford

    Maybe time to shut down this Romeo thread. I mean, fat Chevy Chase is kinda funny, but relevant how?
  8. Cue the Debbie Downer "wah wah" sound effect.
  9. BEKA

    Alex Hemenway

    That might make sense if IU actually offered this kid, but they haven't.
  10. BEKA

    Alex Hemenway

    A. Franklin Tweeted about this earlier and I was kind of scratching my head. Maybe they're just pals and he's happy that he's making a decision?
  11. BEKA

    Alex Hemenway

    This kid hasn't even been offered by IU as far as I know. Not sure what the hubbub is.
  12. 100% this. I think he carefully analyzed the landscape and decided that he could make $$$ without worrying about walking the tightrope that is college athletics. Good on you, Brad!
  13. If anything negative comes of this, I will have to seriously reevaluate whether one of my passions (college bball, particularly IU bball) is really worth expending time and energy on. I'm kind of already at that point due to an aversion to how the game has been monetized over the past couple of decades. Shoe companies. One and done factories. Recruiting ranking services. Cable sports channels vying for market share. Conference realignments. All of it is just a little much. I get that the times change and all that, and I really do love how some aspects of the game have evolved, but I feel a tad icky contributing to the "machine" sometimes. I guess there's always bird watching.
  14. BEKA

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I guess I get going on an official to UCLA just for the free trip, but Iowa and WF? Realistically, it's probably down to IU and MSU, with PU way on the outside looking in. With the MSU athletics dept./university administration being the garbage fire that it is, I'm steering WAY clear of that mess if I'm any kind of recruit. So really, there is only one clear cut choice, and I think we know who that is. #Frangipani
  15. BEKA

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    Seriously. I guess we get spoiled in IN with our gyms and love of the game. Those courts looked like some local YMCA type action.
  16. BEKA

    Matthew Hurt

    I see your point, but "best available" is extremely subjective, especially when evaluating 17-18 yr old kids. Also, letting the chips fall where they may isn't a viable long term recruiting strategy. Of course, you're going to want to go after talent, but so many other variables come into play during recruiting cycles-roster management, position needs, class balance, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'd take Hurt in a hot second, but I get the feeling that this staff is being more surgical in their recruiting game, and I welcome that wholeheartedly.
  17. Kinda bummed about losing out on this one since I think it could have triggered other commitments. Oh well, next up. Good luck to the kid - he seems like a quality person and handled his recruitment with a lot of class and poise. Go. Get. Newman!
  18. This is neither really here nor there, but these Tipton Edit 'shop job are atrocious. I mean, I could care less about tOSU getting dissed in any "top x" recruitment announcement on social media, but darn if they didn't get the garbage end of the stick on this one. Kinda funny actually.
  19. TJD seems interested in this announcement. 😀 https://twitter.com/TrayceJackson/status/1016081489488961538
  20. Digging through some old vinyl to sell off some things and ran across this. I could have sworn I had the 1976 LP too, but I could be misremembering. At any rate, this is a cool thing to put on the old turntable from time to time to listen to a 1981 "Fisch". Just thought I'd share during a slow-ish summer.
  21. It does. I'm 50, so just a bit too young to truly appreciate the 76 championship, but I remember 81 clearly. Coming back from a spring break trip to Pennsylvania to visit relatives, the Reagan assassination attempt, and IU/NC on the radio. Oh, and some dude named Isaiah.
  22. BEKA

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    Grew up in Chesterton - home of Matt Nover, who was a few years younger than me. I used to religiously read the local paper for "cager" box scores (My family subscribed to the Post-Tribune and a couple of other local papers back in the day). Not since the Harden brothers in the late 70s-early 80s has there been this much buzz around a prospect out of Valpo. Happy to see Archie making inroads to this part of the state. *Side note: I spent many a day in Gary as my father worked for USS and would take the family into the plant to pick up his paycheck every other week. And I attended IUN for a bit. And cruised Broadway a few times.
  23. BEKA

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    I want this kid for a few reasons. *He's a rising star shooting from long range at a good clip. I won't be surprised if his ranking skyrockets during his senior year. *Inroads into NWI, where IU hasn't traditionally recruited all that well. Locking down the state has to include the NW corner where a ton of talent exists. *I grew up the next town over and dated a few Valpo girls back in the day. Luckily I owe none of them alimony, but if we reconnect, we'll have something to talk about.
  24. BEKA

    Trio of IU signees vs KY

    Scouring the interwebs for a live stream. Nada. However, it looks like the Indiana All Star account is live tweeting. At least that's something. https://twitter.com/indallstars?lang=en
  25. BEKA

    A day with De'Ron Davis

    I'd love to see how swanky the locker room space is once renovated. Plus, I loved the "townie" view of Bloomington. Being a resident, it's always cool to see where these guys go for mundane things like haircuts and the like.