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  1. BEKA

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    I have a weird feeling in my gut that IU comes out swinging tonight and avenges the early season loss at Mackey. Of course, that could be the leftover black bean tacos I had for lunch and I'm whistling past the graveyard. Still, my prediction: IU wins 72-65.
  2. BEKA

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Well, at least I got my 5 months worth of recyclables to the recycling center today. That's all I got.
  3. BEKA

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Actually, thanks for the reminder. Ye olde hooves are starting to ruin my socks.
  4. I've never felt confident about winning anything at The Barn. This year, even less confident. This game has all the makings for a blowout. Minny 82-65.
  5. BEKA

    Ohio St post game thread

    Honest question - what, exactly, is the offensive philosophy/strategy that this coaching staff is trying to employ? Aside from a few points scored on run-outs after a missed shot on the other end, the half-court offense is a joke. All I see is a three-man weave at the top of the key, with someone hoping that a seam opens up for a drive or dump-off to Juwan. But opposing teams know our outside shooting sucks, so they just clog the lane, which usually ends up with a turnover or someone driving into a double or triple team situation. It's really ugly to watch.
  6. BEKA

    Ohio St post game thread

    I haven't given up on the program, but I could care less if this team wins a single game from here on out. They're terrible and the coaching staff is obviously not doing anything to correct whatever is going on. That said, I still will watch every game because as a fan of watching train wrecks come to their logical conclusion, I have a vested interest.
  7. Not sure how anyone can be that confident with Hunter starting next year. I mean, I really hope he comes as advertised, but as of now, he's still an unknown commodity. If JS sticks with it and keeps working hard, I don't see him falling out as a starter next year. My only knock on him is his ability to finish around the rim consistently. If he possesses "freakish" athletic ability, there's no reason he should be missing so many bunnies and layups (that really should be dunks). Still, love his development and think he easily starts next year.
  8. BEKA

    Michigan State post game

    The thing that stood out to me the most in last night's game more so than any one individual's play was the guys actually seemed to play as a TEAM. Huddles were on point. Floor communication was good. And when someone made a bone-headed play and guys barked at each other, no one seemed to let it affect them for more than a few seconds. We have enough talent to beat anyone on any given night/day. We just have to stick together as a squad and play through the rough patches. A+ for effort last night.
  9. BEKA

    Michigan State post game

    DD has to get player of the game. His heart carried his winded/wounded body and he came up huge. Awesome!
  10. BEKA

    Romeo Langford

    Then maybe adjust your system? If your philosophy takes "years to learn", then why bother going after anyone but 3*s or below?
  11. BEKA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Breaking: 21 year-old "sophomore", Matt Haarms, still has stupid hair and will get owned in the NCAAT by some 6'9" center from a mid-major. Sadly, this is what I have to look forward to.
  12. BEKA

    Michigan at IU game thread

    This team is garbage. Archie is Edited: I get the frustration. But please, no name calling.or attack -blue
  13. BEKA

    Purdue Post Game Thread

    Underwhelmed is all I have to say.
  14. BEKA

    Purdue Game Thread

    This roster is dumb. Archie has done what was asked of him in terms of "locking down the state", but is this one-dimensional approach to recruiting limiting how he can build a roster? I'm not being a smart ass, just a genuine question.
  15. BEKA

    Purdue Game Thread

    Fair enough. I just have to be optimistic, otherwise my liver will give out soon!
  16. BEKA

    Purdue Game Thread

    Home cooking, another lackluster start, Romeo basically invisible, missed free throws (again). Still only down by 7 in Mackey. Crazy. This team is just a couple of adjustments away from being really good, and I hope those adjustments begin during the 2nd half.
  17. BEKA

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Meh. I've sat through too many garbage seasons to not at least recognize we're headed in the right direction. Take away all the freakish injuries this season and we're easily in the mix for a conference championship. I'm fairly confident we win a couple on the road and take care of things at home and finish top 4-5. tOSU is about to go 0-3 and their still (not for long) ranked 16th in the nation. It's just a tough league this year.
  18. BEKA

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    I'm not understanding the panic that some of the posters here are showing. I'm as disappointed as anyone about this loss, especially because we coughed up a huge early 1st half lead. That said, I think we all knew that the B1G was going to be a bloodbath this season, where winning on the road is going to be difficult for any team (re; tOSU at Rutgers and soon to be at Iowa). Maryland is a good team with a higher "NET" rating than us that beat us by 3 on their home court. Throw in all the injuries and RP just coming back into the rotation, and we're hanging in there pretty well.
  19. This thread is kind of disturbing. I'm assuming most of us on this board are adults who, for the most part, are way past our prime for competing in any sport. Complaining about not having a kid ready to play for "your team" because of an injury that could potentially be career altering is oddly self-serving and a bit creepy. Let the kids heal, whatever the protocol is, and enjoy the team we put on the floor, win or lose. Love the game. Love the team. Whatever hurdles are put in front of them.
  20. Archie is right. There is no sync on the offensive side of the ball yet. Defense is okay, but man, we need to develop an offensive identity. Justin Smith could be that third option, but he just can't find his groove. Baby steps, I know, but man is this team frustrating to watch.
  21. I can't watch this.
  22. BEKA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Any stats on deflections or CPS (claps per second)?
  23. BEKA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Probably the holiday break/coming out flat, but UM looked totally beatable on their home court today. I mean, I get that it takes teams some time to get back into a groove, and they ended up putting it together in the 2nd half, but Binghamton? I'm just praying that we don't come out like that against IL, which is still 4 days away. That's a long time off. Good for getting our injured guys healthy. Not so much with momentum and rhythm.
  24. Not trying to be contrite, but convincing 18-19 year olds to come to LA has got to be a helluva lot easier than selling them on Ames. UCLA kind of recruits itself. And if you hire a decent staff (i.e. like Ed Schilling, etc.) to handle the bulk of recruiting efforts, UCLA could be a dream job for someone like Hoiberg. Not saying that he's an obvious choice, but if I were sniffing around for a job and had a solid resume, there are worse places to end up.
  25. BEKA

    Eight Game B1G Gauntlet

    The thing that worries me is this team's tendency to start extremely slow, no matter who the opponent is. When B1G play starts, getting in an early hole, even against the likes of Illinois and Rutgers will be problematic. Gotta find a way to be ready to play from the tip.