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  1. Hi flying Maryland is about to lose to *checks notes* Temple.
  2. I guess if you're predisposed to throwing out straw man fallacies, this is a reasonable position.
  3. I've been listening to this podcast pretty regularly for a few months now as well. I think they do a great job at long-form interviews and manage to get really interesting guests. The Michael Lewis interview, though, was almost unlistenable due to sound quality issues, and their over-the-top self-deprecation schtick gets a little old. But I'll keep listening because I think they'll find their groove and get better if they keep at it. Definitely recommended listening.
  4. That couldn't have been more on the money. Too many mental mistakes.
  5. Is AL planning on live streaming his announcement somewhere? I live in Bloomington, so I could probably just listen for the cheers or deafening silence, but I'm stuck at work.
  6. You should apply for the job then, since you seem to be asleep.
  7. We get it. An education from PU does not allow for fully developed reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, or basic chat forum navigational acumen. It's not entirely your fault.
  8. My main concern for this IU team/coaching configuration is that CAM has struggled to implement "his system" his first two years without any kind of major rule changes. Now this. His teams have struggled to close out on good 3 point shooting teams for the first couple of years, and now they have another 1'+ to get there. Couple that with a roster that has struggled from beyond the arc and I don't see how this rule change is anything but a net negative for the way this team is built. I guess you could make the case that the lane opens up a bit more for driving, but I'm not a bball Xs/Os guy. I dunno.
  9. Um, why? Sorry, I just don't see how a 20 year old with (possibly) bad knees who shot 18% from the field last season addresses any needs that we have.
  10. IU grad still living/working in Bloomington (I lucked out). Hotels - There are are a bunch of new ones downtown that fit the bill for comfort/convenience. I kind of like the Spring Hill Suites downtown. It's newish, clean, comfortable, etc. Same with the Hyatt a few blocks down. Restaurants-I've been really into the Social Cantina lately. It's a casual/fresh taco/tequila bar that is family friendly (sounds weird, but true). Great food and drinks. Of course, I have to put a plug in for the Uptown Cafe, which has been there forever (I worked there for years), but have expanded their bar and seating. Should be easy to get a seat during the summer. Walk down the B-Line trail to Hopscotch Coffee for a good cuppa in the morning. Also, Scenic View restaurant out on Lake Monroe just off of 446 is a FANTASTIC place to spend a Sunday morning afternoon. Take advantage of the many new hiking trails that are maintained by the local nature conservancy, like Leonard Springs or Beanblossom Bottoms. Have fun!
  11. Maybe you missed the memo, but we weren't actively recruiting him, Eeyore.
  12. Not that I carry any weight around here, but isn't it time for this thread/former recruit to be plunged, ala @Billingsley99 ?
  13. While it has been raining in B'ton most of the day, it's not that gloomy. Warmish, and the redbuds and dogwoods are in full bloom. Campus still as gorgeous as ever. Source: I live here and drive through campus multiple times a day.
  14. Looks that way. Although not sure why Lander is the only '21 on the '20 roster? Reclass maybe? https://www.indianaelite.com/indiana-elite-2020/
  15. My main concern is Hunter's health. I REALLY want to see this kid play, but his availability is still a giant X factor/unknown variable. In the end, I just want the dude to get well.
  16. Pro tip if you want to make the dance: don't lose 12 of 13 at the most critical juncture of the season. It's not rocket science. Win just a few more of those games and we're in. I don't know what all the hubbub is about.
  17. As much as I'd like to see him stick around for another year to see what happens, at this point IUMBB might be best served by Romeo going in the lottery this year. The grinder that this kid has been put through this year and he still comes out making lottery money? Has to be attractive to future recruits that will likely not face nearly the pressures or crap season that Romeo endured this year. Just a thought.
  18. I have a weird feeling in my gut that IU comes out swinging tonight and avenges the early season loss at Mackey. Of course, that could be the leftover black bean tacos I had for lunch and I'm whistling past the graveyard. Still, my prediction: IU wins 72-65.
  19. Well, at least I got my 5 months worth of recyclables to the recycling center today. That's all I got.
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