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  1. Well maybe we could hire Crean as an offensive coordinator.
  2. My son. And I checked on the local fox network wdrb in louisville. Hope it's bad info
  3. I apologize if this not the correct forum for this question. But I was told that dish will be dropping fox sports Wednesday night. So I am guessing that means big ten network will not be available for the game Thursday. I watch all the games on the fox sports app. I guess it will not work either. Any suggestions ???
  4. 70. Yes I remember him. Listened to IU ON the radio the year before Knight. My wedding gift from my father was an antenna with a rotor so I could get channel 4. This was 1970. On my wedding night we spent the night locally, ate white castle, and watched IU vs Ky. Told her that game only happened once a year and we had years for the " other stuff". Was never forgiven for that. Lol. My first game in person was the 1981. NCAA mid east finals at Assembly Hall. Remember Boston College and us but not the other 2 teams.
  5. Since the tournament is still in progress, can Woodson be working with players?
  6. How about Qudus Wahab from Georgetown? 6 11 center. I actually like his game.
  7. Maybe we can hire Beilien as associate head coach.
  8. Can't be worse than what we've had lately. Let's give it a chance
  9. How about we hire Woodson because he WANTS to be here. Hire Chaney as an associate head coach. Keep Hunter for recruiting. Hire Jordan Hulls as an assistant. Then we have 3 generations of IU coaches on the bench.
  10. Why notj just name Kenya hunter as interim coach until we get someone, even if it takes a year. Couldn't be any worse than this year.
  11. I like this choice. Not sure it would happen. Arkansas has tradition and.passionate fans. We COULD pay him more.
  12. Maybe we should hire Mata as an associate head coach so he can tutor Archie for a few more years.
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