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  1. How can I stop notifications from this topic
  2. As a child (5-8) my chore was to get coal from the coal pile for our coal stoves. I remember when they installed our indoor bathroom. Knights first year is when I graduated from IU. My dad wedding gift to me was an antenna with rotar so I could watch the Hoosiers on channel 4.
  3. I'm a retired teacher. Now work as a instructional assistant. Not working obviously. Hopefully the school corporation will somehow pay the hourly workers. Many hourly workers depend on it as their only income.
  4. Confirmed case Harrison County
  5. Ours does the same thing . Reducing hours, so no benefits. Email today said they are reviewing option about pay for non certified staff
  6. If a teacher has a contract or a IA has an letter stating reasonable intent to employ, they can NOT file for unemployment
  7. Thanks. Special education teachers are amazing and are overloaded with paper work. Thank for your commitment.
  8. Our school corporation will be deciding next week. We are on spring break until the 30th. Rumor is students will be held two extra weeks but staff will return. My quess is that will change. I'm a retired teacher/counselor but work as an instructional assistant. All assistants are on the clock so alot of people will be without pay. For many of them , this is their only income. I feel terrible for them. It won't be easy for me either.
  9. Gonzaga...and he is from Washington
  10. Just a question. Not sure. I mean maybe Archie thought I better do something now to gain support from the new ad
  11. Has anyone thought of the fact that Archie's rear end chewing and improved toughness came after our AD announced his retirement? Just coincidence???
  12. A pretty good IU coach used to say the formula for winning the Big Ten was to take care of the home court and win half of your road game....
  13. Do you guys think Archie has talked to Knight? I'm thinking probably or is at least trying to.
  14. I cant get big ten to go cause dish isn't listed as a provider. I miss channel 4 and my rotor.
  15. I am in my 46 year teaching. Last 4 years have seen the most change. When Indiana allowed students to go wherever they wanted, and the money followed them, parents and students inherited power. Administrators are worried students will transfer and the funding as well. Therefore, they are less likely to really use what limited consequences they have. Makes teachers almost powerless. Just my opinion.
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