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  1. I'd Beilein if I said I wasn't nervous right now.
  2. That sounds a lot like Doyel's source was Holtmann himself, wouldn't surprise me. He would have a closer relationship to Holtmann than people on the IU beat.
  3. Re Pitino: The NCAA still hasn't ruled on the UL infractions case arising from the Feds investigation into college hoops. Pitino was charged with failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance. Of course this investigation started when Pitino and Louisville were already on probation from the strippers for recruits sex scandal (a case in which the notorious control freak Pitino claimed he had no idea what was going on or where the money was coming from lol). Whatever anything thinks about the significance of the feds college hoops probe, there's just no way IU would hire a coach coming off
  4. Anyone talking to Brad Stevens definitely wants to be SUPER nice to his agent during contract negotiations. If I remember correctly Brad’s wife, Tracy, represented him in talks with the Celtics.
  5. Perhaps Dolson and the BOT have been working on something else . . . Dolson . . . https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2021/3/8/indiana-university-iu-head-football-coach-tom-allen-agree-to-restructured-deal-through-2027.aspx
  6. Pete Thamel of Yahoo on Archie (among other coaches on the hot seat). https://sports.yahoo.com/coaching-carousel-sean-miller-arizona-patrick-ewing-191946911.html
  7. I think Musselman is a terrific coach as well. I do remember some whispers about something coming up in a background check that UCLA did on him when they were considering him and others before Cronin was hired. As you said, people hinted that it was something personal and not a coaching/compliance issue.
  8. Former Carmel and IMG coach, seems like this could be huge for recruiting. Great hire if it happens.
  9. https://twitter.com/coreyevans_10/status/1196140880132001793 "Source: Memphis’ Penny Hardaway will complete an in-home visit this evening with top-40 forward Dawson Garcia" Looks like Archie isn't the only one flying to Minnesota today.
  10. On there not being any flights listed on the flight tracking websites, lots of planes have their tail numbers blocked from tracking. Virtually all celebrities who own their own planes have blocked tail numbers and a bunch of charter services are doing the same thing. It would make sense for a charter service that frequently works with schools like IU to do this. Keeps us nosy fans (and rival coaching staffs) from seeing where they're going. Not saying Miller definitely went up there yesterday, but just that its entirely possible that he did and it wouldn't show a flight from Bloomingt
  11. "Listen Live" on the right side of https://whcc105.com/ works for me
  12. I'm interested to see just how many minutes Brunk gets next season. I didn't see many Butler games last year, but its a bit curious to me that he only averaged 18.6 mins a game on a team that finished last in the Big East. Not sure we can realistically expect him to play more than that in the B1G unless there were some other issues we don't know about.
  13. I was coming on here to post the same exact thing. Been watching this since Miller got here. There were very few in-game interactions between Miller and Schilling. Miller leans on Ostrom first and then Bruiser during games. During timeouts Shilling was often on the outside of the huddles chatting with Clif Marshall and playing more of a cheerleader role to the players. I didn't necessarily view this as a negative because Ed's role was often perceived as the in-state recruiting ace and player development coach. It was just pretty odd, and had been going on for 2 years.
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