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  1. TargaFlorio

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    A little OT, but does anyone know more about Franklin's teammate at Cathedral, Justin Hensley? Looks like he may be a senior shooting guard. Man that kid can stroke it. Just watched the stream of Cathedral against Zionsville and he was really impressive, drained a bunch of 3s. Not seeing anything about him online as a potential college prospect. I've seen him play exactly one half of a high school game lol, but was just curious if others have seen him play more and if he may have a chance to play somewhere in college.
  2. TargaFlorio

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    Dustin Dopirak just did a nice profile piece on Jackson-Davis for The Athletic. Touches on all the relevant recruiting stuff, including this quote from Ray Jackson, I thought Dustin did a real nice job describing the family situation with both Ray and Dale in the picture. Here's the link for any Athletic subscribers. https://theathletic.com/663811/2018/11/27/with-recruiting-tabled-until-spring-5-star-trayce-jackson-davis-focuses-on-basketball/
  3. TargaFlorio

    IU - Southern Indiana Game Thread

    I'm listening on 93.1 WIBC
  4. TargaFlorio

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Even if a couple guys leave unexpectedly, it isn't a terrible thing to have an open scholarship in the spring. With coaching changes in the spring come player decommits and/or potential transfers. Also, some players really come on in their senior seasons and become promising spring recruits. With Crean constantly oversigning, we never had a ton of flexibility in the spring.
  5. TargaFlorio

    Live Period Tracker

    I play around on some of the flight tracking websites (my Dad has his pilot's license) and I've noticed a couple planes that IU seems to use for recruiting purposes. During the Peach Jam there was one plane that left Bloomington and was flying back and forth between different events (multiple times a day). Another flight matched when Archie was reported to be out in southern California at an event. It looks like they are now using a private charter service based out of Indianapolis.
  6. TargaFlorio

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    They've been doing multiple in-home visits in different states on the same day. Flew straight from the Watford visit in Alabama to the Brooks visit in Ft. Wayne last weekend.
  7. TargaFlorio

    2018 coaching vacancies

    I agree with you on Pitt being a good fit for Crean. He just strikes me as more of a Midwest guy than an SEC guy. Had some pretty good success recruiting in neighboring Ohio over the years. Also, for whatever reason Pitt reminds me of Marquette. Guess its just the blue collar thing with Pitt and Milwaukee.
  8. TargaFlorio

    Romeo Langford

    This may be old news, but I pulled up the trusty Flight Aware and it shows a big 737 landing in Bloomington around lunchtime originating from Newark. I'm sure that was them. Flight Aware isn't only for coaching search threads lol.
  9. One of Crean's big selling points to recruits during his time here was that they could come to IU and get a degree in 3 years. Can't really be angry at guys who come here, play hard, get a degree and then follow their dreams professionally (it would sting a little bit if Juwan took a grad transfer). Lots of people were dropping the "get your passport ready" jokes to Troy Williams when he left. He's gotten more NBA minutes than almost anyone expected. Losing Juwan would really hurt us next year, but I wouldn't begrudge him a bit.
  10. TargaFlorio

    Markese Stepp Decommits

    IU picked up a couple crystal ball predictions on Stepp last night, including one from Steve Wiltfong. I don't follow the football predictions that closely, so I don't know how often they change them.