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  1. My wife T’d me up last night for yelling at the tv and waking the kids up. My bad, haven’t yelled positive things at IU tv in forever
  2. I’m out. We’re really close. Played 85% without TJD
  3. 😭😭😭 I am gonna overreact after the game
  4. I promised myself to NOT overreact, regardless of the outcome tonight. I hope I can stick to that!
  5. Biggest bonus has been our recruiting...highly unlikely to no chance JHS comes here, probably not Kaleb Banks neither Edit: Also kept TJD, Race, and others
  6. I don't feel that way at all...just tired of losing to them. We need our A game Thursday.
  7. I would pay $500 out of my own pocket to win on Thursday. Could open the flood gates for a tremendous end to the regular season.
  8. Triple double tonight. Day 1 starter next year. Hope he sticks around, he’s pretty damn good 👍🏻
  9. Have have have to win this game
  10. Gotta believe we will actually defend in the 2nd half. They won’t
  11. Davisson and Bohannon bout to move in together and run some mens rec leagues
  12. He’s from my county. Was unreal as a junior high player. “Transferred” to Fishers this summer. Will be a 6’7 or 6’8 guard. NBA potential, obviously.
  13. Casual Woody looking for his first W 👀
  14. I personally think this kid will be the next surprise IU pro. Numbers!
  15. This kid has so much potential. Like wow! But he has 0 interest in the 2 games I’ve seen live. There’s a reason he and other starters didn’t play in 4th quarter of the hall of fame classic…
  16. I’m much more excited for banks myself. Think he’s the next sleeper player, capable of being solid right away
  17. Watched him this morning in hall of fame classic. Meh, a sample size of course but little to no motor when not directly involved. Didn’t run the floor well either. Just my opinion obviously
  18. Sorry for the multi in a row posts but I like the sound of Gunn and Banks coming in together. Man, that could be a duo in 2-3 years
  19. Yep. That would be correct. Lots of extra curriculars on and off the floor apparently
  20. For LN to be successful this season, CJ is gonna have to carry the load big time. Won’t be shocked if he averages 25-28 ppg this season.
  21. Weird game last night. Lot of stories and rumblings about one of the officials being a dad of a player who was cut at LN. LN coach ejected, etc. great to see CJ have himself a night
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