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  1. While I agree with many of the reasons already cited for offensive issues, I think the main cause is the amount of physicality allowed in today’s game. Shooters are not protected at all if they are within 7 feet of the basket and cutters can’t make cuts without being grabbed and chucked repeatedly. Once the game got this physical, offensive flow ceased to exist.
  2. Our game day plan is coming together.....thanks to all of you! Thank you for the help!
  3. Thank you both for the help! The info. will make the day even better.
  4. Been lurking for a long time and appreciate all of the info. and discussion. My family and I are coming down for the South Florida game in a couple of weeks. This is a little extra exciting because it is my three daughters' first game. I have a couple of questions with which I'm sure you all can help. Should I buy a parking pass and if so which of the lots is best/most convenient? Any recommendations for can't miss dining and things to see/do prior to the game? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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