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  1. Who’s the guy that sits right next to coach Woodson every game but isn’t an assistant?
  2. Ya I know Kopp is a great ball handler and playmaker off the bounce
  3. Your kind of like the lamestream media.. if you ask any questions or have concerns over the decision the leaders make you get bashed. there’s plenty Woodson has done right but he isn’t untouchable and perfect
  4. I clearly remember you laying zero blame on Sheridan
  5. Just give it up it’s pointless… we know starting Miller and Stew together was a bad lineup which resulted in poor start after poor start because we only had one ball handler on the floor but trying to get Btown to say anything negative about a coach is next to impossible.. the dude even defended Sheridan when he was the OC and we know how bad that was.. look at Penix now lol
  6. The only one I recall was the jump ball and I thought we retained possession.. other than that don’t remember anything else in his unfortunately brief time.
  7. Fake news again…you either can’t read numbers or lying. He had 0 turnovers
  8. Tell me what Kopp does that Geronimo can’t do? Kopp can’t dribble and when he tries he turns us over like last night or air balls a layup..so don’t act like Geronimo “can’t dribble” is such an issue… when Kopp is making shots sure play him more but you start out 0-5 I’d try Geronimo. Especially with 2 other ball handlers on the floor.. Geronimo has shown good touch from mid range and outside already this year which is right where he left off from last year.. not to mention the impact he makes on the boards and on defense with his length
  9. Not even going there with you…Woodson could start 2 walk ons over TJD and X and you would back him haha you were same way with Archie and that really panned out… Woodson brought Indian back I love it but still think he favors Kopp to much at times especially when he starts out as poorly as he did
  10. Haha you guys and the Geronimo can’t play the 3…thought he has looked pretty good on perimeter so far this year… woodson even said him self this year in a PC that he doesn’t think of players by a “position” or number anymore
  11. Give me Geronimo.. Kopp had 2 turnovers and a layup that never touched the rim = turnover…Kopp got beat on back door and had a mis communication with TJD at the end which lead to Xavior 3 to cut it too 1… 28 minutes is to much for that lack of production and 5 minutes for Geronimo is to little.. would like to see Kopp at about 15-20 and Geronimo 10-15 at least… this cam fluctuate if Kopp hits a couple early and has it going but he started out 0-5 last night. Should gave Geronimo some more run.
  12. Miller Kopp 28 minutes… 0 rebounds, 1 assist, 2-8 from field, and 4 fouls… yikes!!
  13. Woodson really is saving IU basketball folks
  14. Was really hard on Kopp last year.. if he can make open 3’s around 40% and give us 17 min a game I’ll take it all year long
  15. Smith is going to be really really good. Always wished IU would of offered
  16. Ya I’m sure he had interest trying to make a name for himself before he won 2 national championships and made 50 million dollars.. now no chance. Literally.
  17. Urban can sit in a chair and talk football while making millions.. why on earth would he want to deal with trying to make a bad program competitive
  18. Haha to anyone thinking urban would even remotely consider the IU job.. this isn’t IU basketball… Gruden highly highly unlikely as well but at least there is a connection to IU.
  19. Does anyone know if the game will be replayed Sunday on the BIG network so I don’t have to pay for BTN+??
  20. .2 yards behind Scott when he had a better line and I think Henderson has like 3 receiving touchdowns
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