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  1. I agree 100 percent! Just in recent interview he said he would like to visit Virginia. I’m guessing he probably would of been decided by now but the date to visit keeps getting pushed back. If your Kaufman why rush and make a decision? If I was him I’d probably consider signing in the fall at some point tho
  2. It was nice seeing that from Duncomb I was impressed!! Although Furst is probably more of a 4 than a 5 like Duncomb is. Duncomb was just to big and long for him. First did guard Kaufman some which is a type of matchup he will have in college guarding the 4’s on the other team. With all that being said, Kaufman looks a lot better!! Kaufman is a pro after 1-2 years. Furst looking more like a 3-4 year guy. one thing I did notice is Duncomb scored almost all of his point going to the right side. Why didn’t Furst adjust and force him left I have no idea.
  3. Ok I won’t post anymore about Covid my bad. Just extremely frustrating.
  4. I’m pretty sure at very first people were predicting millions to die with like a 1-3 percent death rate. I don’t even think 160,000 is legit. I have to much family working in health care. I’ve heard a lot that they get pushed to Mark deaths down as Covid even if it’s not.
  5. I would be ok with allowing 50% capacity at least if not 100%. But to not even play even without fans is absurd!!
  6. Not saying the virus isn’t real. Is there a big time political agenda with it? Yes. Is it overblown yes. More people have died from suicide than the virus. Scared of the virus? Stay home. Can we put precautions in place without shutting everything down? Yup. 18-22 year olds are fine but Like I said let the kids have the choice of playing even without fans. If they want to opt out still honor their scholarship.
  7. Also I’m not sure why we are playing AAU games then if it’s so awful. 99.4 percent survival rate and we are shutting down the country. The survival rate is even higher for everyone 25 and under. Has anything gone wrong with high school kids playing AAU right now? Don’t think so. Political agenda by one party to keep everything shut down. Can’t wait till November 3rd. I’m guessing a lot of it will go away after that.
  8. Plus the kids are 18-22 basically there are a lot of other higher risk things for them to be harmed by out there than Covid. For instance car crashes, drugs, suicide. Let the kids play if they wanna opt out fine still honor there scholarship but give them the choice.
  9. It’s maddening! If you can’t figure it out by now you are helpless. They won’t stop until they get what they want. No matter the cost. Wrecking kids dreams and futures.
  10. Feel bad for the players. Hold everything down until election is over. Political agenda.
  11. Kaufman is the real deal! Massive recruitment for IU is an understatement! I don’t see how you could say no to IU especially in these times of so much uncertainty. IU should be a no doubter. It just makes a lot of sense. Your close to home And family they can watch you play. Your with teammates you have known and competed against for basically all of your life and you would be playing along side the center you have played all AAU with and have really good chemistry with! I mean in times with so much uncertainty you can go to IU and be really comfortable representing your home state on the biggest stage. I get that you might want to take some more visits just to make sure it’s right but it’s looking more and more like that’s not gonna happen. And I’m pretty certain they can’t offer everything IU is.
  12. Smith for 90% of the game besides in wide open breakaways played like he had my vertical haha never in my life have I seen so many missed layups from a guy that could just about jump over the rim but played on the ground in traffic for most of the game? Weird.
  13. 1. Wisconsin - maybe not the most talented but the best and deepest TEAM in the BIG....Ceiling 1. Floor 4. 2. Iowa - A lot to like about this squad. Garza will be NCAA player of the year. Biggest question - Defense and anyone in the front court besides Garza?? Nunge at 6”11 and can stretch the floor will provide solid back up minutes and Iowa Offense will override the troubles on Defensive side... Ceiling 1. Floor 5. 3. Illinois - Best 1-2 punch In the League with Ayo & Cockburn.. Will need one or both of the freshmen guards to step up....Ceiling 1. Floor 5. 4. Michigan State - Very well coached obviously. Big year coming for Rocket Wats who takes over the lead guard role from Winston after showing lots of promise last year. Aaron Henry takes the next step into All Big ten..Will need another guard to emerge...Ceiling 1. Floor 5. 5. Indiana - Archie Millers best team to date Although I think Romeos team could rival this one if 3/4 of the team didn’t get hurt that year. Look for TJD to stretch the floor more and average a double double this year. The brunkyard dog and the continued emergence of Race Thompson anchors one of the leagues best frontcourts. Two upperclassmen guards lead the way in the back court with Al and Rob. Is this the year Rob finally stays healthy and makes a leap in production? If so look out! Ultra talented 5 star Lander looks to provide solid help behind them/along side them. Just how much will he provide is the big and intriguing question. Then you have the do it all Franklin who has a great frame and competitive edge. Lots to like about him entering his sophomore campaign. Maybe the biggest question of them all. With Justin Smith gone who will emerge from the wing? With a full summer under his belt does Jerome Hunter look like the top 50 player he was before the injury? If so IU could likely Slid into the top 4.. lots to like about the squad! But lots of question to be answered. Really high ceiling... Ceiling 1. Floor 6. 6. Rutgers - their 2 dynamic guards are back plus the arrival of top 50 big man.. it’s hard to play at Rutgers!!... Ceiling 3. Floor 8. 7. Michigan - Livers is back with Wagner. Solid core group but huge losses with Teske and Simpson. I’m not sold on Howard as a coach....Ceiling 4. Floor 8. 8. Purdue - Interesting team. What can expect from Newman? I really liked him coming out of high school. Ivey will be a really good player but just a freshmen this year. Williams will be a force down low but can he play more extended minutes? Hunter JR will provide steady minutes at the guard spot. PU really needs Wheeler to turn the corner. More of a rebuilding year but could be really good next year...Ceiling 5. Floor 10. 9. Ohio State - A lot of unknowns here. Lots of roster turnover. Will be Holtmanns least talented team since he arrived at OSU... Ceiling 7. Floor 10. 10. Maryland - No more Sticks Smith and no more Bruno. Could place them ahead of OSU but I like Holtmann a lot more than Mark. He seems to need ultra talent at Maryland to be able to compete. Usually underperforms with the talented at Maryland....Ceiling 7. Floor 11. 11. Penn State - With Stevens and Watkins gone back to more of a reality for PSU. Sad that the couldn’t experience the tourney last year!...Ceiling 9. Floor 13. 12. Minnesota - Carr is about all they got. Pitino not a good coach... Ceiling 10. Floor 13. 13. Northwestern - After what looked like a program that Collins has turned around things have went backwards. They could be better than Minnesota and slid into the 12 spot...Ceiling 11. Floor 13. 14. Nebraska - Needs lots of work... Ceiling 13. Floor 14.
  14. Mid major at best. Maybe Indiana state?
  15. You can use PER all you want which some of those stats have there use but I let my eyes do a lot of the determining. I thought Yogi was just fine as a defender. Part of being a scout is determining how someone will translate at the next level. Which I can see a concern for him trying to guard much more advanced guards in NBA. That quote was from one individual. People have different opinions and are wrong on players a lot. He’s done well enough as a backup to earn multiple contracts. Good convo though I don’t mind being challenged. Let’s get back to Avery Brown.
  16. I never saw Abell as a 1 more of a 2. Yogi was very solid as a freshmen he didn’t just start over a promise. He averaged 4 assist a game as a fresh. The team needed a true PG. it allowed Hulls to play more of his natural position as a 2 guard. his sophomore year the team was in a transition year and yogi really had to step up into more of a scoring role. Sheehey well he was good off the bench in that role but he was never going to be the man on a winning team. And he can say what he wants but Yogi shot 40 percent from deep that year on almost 7 attempts per game and averaged 4 assists. Was Yogi a great defender or known for his defense well no I don’t believe that but he was never a liability and at times he really stepped up and lead on the defensive end. And At the end of the day the man was a career 40 percent shooter from deep, Indiana’s All TIME assist leader, racked up 1,986 points in his career, and 2 time outright BIG Ten champ. not bad for a short guard, taking 2 years to adjust, and being a liability on defense. Oh and he is doing just fine in the NBA.
  17. Yogi did not struggle on D as an upperclassman. I was at the Iowa game his senior year when they switched him on to Peter Jok in the second half and he shut him down. Iowa was ranked 3rd In the nation at the time. He did not take 2 years to adjust. He was the starting point guard for the BIG champs and number 1 seed in the tourney as a Freshmen. Yes if 2 players are equal you take the one with more height. Not many are equal to leland Walker. Yes length is nice but that does not mean you take someone that is not as good because they are a couple inches taller. Sounds like something Crean would do. I don’t believe Archie thinks that way. Rob Is barely 6 foot and is the best on ball defender on the team. Archie didn’t back off from him because of his height.
  18. Ha was Yogi to small? Oh that’s right he is Indiana’s all time assist leader now. If you can play you can play. Archie being a good small guard himself I doubt he would think like this. Leland Walker is going to be really good for whoever gets him.
  19. Neither were recruited by Archie. I’ve really liked the kids Archie has targeted and gone after. All seem to be good students and kids so I trust his opinion until proven otherwise.
  20. I usually have no inside info but I heard from a pretty close source to the situation yesterday that he is down to IU and Louisville with Virginia as the dark horse if he gets a chance to visit. Nothing earth shattering there but thought I’d share.
  21. Yea he good. Geesh we on ally of talented guards for 2022! How many scholarships we going to have available
  22. And then Lawhorn in 2023 right!? That would be an insane string of guards at IU.
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