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  1. Bates has that swagger and shows flashes of skill. It would be awesome if IU have guys like him, the new kids coming in, JG and X running th fast break.
  2. Too me, defense is not there yet. I use yet, because kid can grow. He gots lost and feet tangled with dribble drives, back door cuts, Princeton type of cuts, etc. Might need a chance, might need to improve. Got to think coaches would of tried him at the 3 the past few years if he can guard it at the present time.
  3. It was mentioned in post game interviews he is preparing JG to take his spot. Him and Trayce and JG I think have mentioned it. Race is a kid who reclassified to come here early, and he was as tough as nails, while growing his game. It will be fun to see him stay, and also follow his career.
  4. For sure, my only guess-work is that Kopp was being asked to do things beyond his role. He has never been a ball in hands type of player who creates. He is a very good basketball player who leads a team. Put together 2 more on the perimeter that can create, he has a role that is better for him, catch and shoot.
  5. Kopp has a place on this team. He brought an edge along with X this year that was needed. When he first transferred, the talk from him and Woodson was one year. Things have changed, maybe. Not sure, just guessing. However, he brings a toughness and a threat from the outside. Like any player, the offseason is important, and if we have tripple threat guards/wings added, he can have terrific value.
  6. Heard back from some of my sources, who I did not reach out to after the breaking the news. Kind of keep my info to my own observations and what I read and hear into it is appropriate to learn more. Going to not go into too much detail. I'll keep it to this: Fife would share what Rabby posted with anyone that would listen himself. This included people helping him in Bloomington. The players also had feedback and it is a time where civil discourse is more important than ever no matter what your beleifs are......... This apparently was not a secret. To me, in Chicago, reading message boards as an IU basketball fanatic, I didn’t want to beleive anything was wrong and IU basketball was back to a perfect story. You can see by the Walsh hire - this isn’t about Mike Woodson, it is about players, recruiting, and moving the program forward in an environment where all should feel a sense of belonging. Hopefully all learn from this.
  7. I know the Covid year has created a different scenario. Kind of sad that kids won't finish careers at their schools. Rob is a Hoosier, should always be thought of as a Hoosier. Played 4 years here and used all eligibility. Hopefully that is not forgoten with wearing a uniform somewhere else.
  8. Hopefully both come back. Got to think a full offseason with this staff will do wonders. The NBA develops players, that is what they do. Mike Woodson develops players and most development comes in the offseason. Now, it will be interesting to see the plan in place for growth. Both of these players showed growth this season. Would love to see how pieces fall in place.
  9. Whats amazing, if that shot didn't fall and this was IU, everyone would be yelling no offense, need movement
  10. Had a chance to listen to HH live space during my commute. Johnny Jagger was on - I suggest listening. Also mentioned Seltzer to follow Miller for a coaching position. There were stuff that happened and Dane did not do himself any good to stay. Got to trust Woodson as he knows what he needs. Like the Adams rumor on another board. Also, would love to see a call in to Scott May's son who is an assistant with a program on the east coast there is definitely a connection there.
  11. Its interesting we have had former hoosiers that have left, usually on their own terms. The fact they took Fife off recruiting tells alot. Recent hoosiers that left IU as assistants: Calbert and Jim Thomas, Mike Roberts.....anyone else? Left because of IU decision: Fife, Dakitch
  12. Max Christie was recruited by Tom Izzo, seen Izzo at games. Fife was involved, but Izzo went all in for him.
  13. This I could say I have heard him on the radio say he wanted the head coaching gig and went for it. He also said he hopes to get it in the future. After reading a bunch and not believing the rumors when first started......they all connect. Its the recruiting, politics, NIL etc. I texted some AAU connections in Chicago, have not heard back. But, it all aligns now. I didn't want to beleive it because Fife was a figure on our last championship team.
  14. Okay, so I was 100% wrong on this one. I guess, I'm more disappointed in Dane that he would "leak" information. I'm sure he will get a good job, but thatis not a trustworthy thing to do in this profession. Interesting with some of the rumors Dolson hired Fife before Woody had a chance to. I willnow beleive in some of the rumors, even if they don't make sense to me.ha!
  15. JG said on HH podcast the coaches are real tight and always talking and giving feedback to Coach. There IS probably going to be turnover which happens to most staffs and Coach probably has more of an idea for a needs. It would be natural no matter what the situation is/was.
  16. In the HH interview, JG mentioned his at home trainer has influence on the decision. Whats funny is the trainer he has since a kid, left as raw a basketball player as we have seen. JG grew under this staff and hopefully stays. It is funny who has an influence and who doesn't.
  17. Leal is a winner, no doubt about it. Plays his heart out. He struggled on defense and any dribble drive. I think, if he improves in this area he will grow into a spot. It was evident for me live at Northwestern. When in the game, he has to be more than a guy who moves the ball, which he does well. He has to be instant offense and as his shot struggled (even in pre-game) his time on the court reduced. He has a role and like you said, will probably increase slightly.
  18. It will be interesting to see who the staff has relationships with already from the 22 class who are asking out of their letter of intent. And, there should leaks soon to see who the staff is reaching out to. When can official visits happen? Is it a red light right now?
  19. Add in, he is a true point guard. Watching the tournament, you need an alpha point guard. This kid is it.
  20. Watching this year and listening to coach on the shows, etc. They want at least 4 players who can bring up the ball. They pushed Thompson to grow his skills in that area. This team didn't have the personal. For example, you put Galo in and then the defense camps the launch pad. JHS is a gamechanger! He can do it all. He does need to improve his outside shot....regardless he is a threat. The kid might be as close to the complete package as we have seen in a long time. Hopefully what you are saying, we will see more next year as the pieces to the puzzle fall in place.
  21. I don't doubt he is involved. He has been traveling with the team.
  22. In a press conference both players and Coach mentioned the movement was added because X and TJD had a talk that they could now do it. There was movent early on, but the staff felt they were not good at the pick and roll, etc. X and TJD convinced them, they were now ready for it.
  23. Don't you think the names you just mentioned are going to recruit? I get the director does most of the work from the office; however that is where the connection is made. This is what Georgia football did. Hopefully we get to a point that we can recruit who we want like Scheyer is doing right now. Not there yet; however there is enough people whonhave coaches back that are going to make connections. Fife and Hunter are elite recruiters. Hunters press conference with Archie, he said, make no bones about it, I was brought here to recruit. I agree, and also like the player development side. Looking back to even Davis, a big loss was loosing McDonald as an assistant who was the development guy. Anyhow, it will be interesting.
  24. Makes sense, but would be awesome. I'm sure "money" could slide over. And maybe them switching roles? Going to be fun to see what happens.
  25. My thought is always put the best staff possible together. Leverage the Recruiting Director positon and at least one assistant to make it his/her main objective. Then again, Knight and Davis both hired high school coaches to get recruits.
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