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  1. For fun: Return to Bloomington where he should of played? Sean May?
  2. And the right decision for the right reason.
  3. Diversity on the staff is extremely important and at this position a stong recruiter. Like the idea of a IU player from the past, but someone with strong midwest ties is important as well. It would be nice to start recruiting Chicago hard again. Chicago/Illinois ties has brought IU championships in the past.
  4. Anyone who thinks that an argument on a bench, which happens more than anyone thinks....would lead to him taking a job with one of his best friends (who helped him get the IU job) is looking to create a negative reason. If there was a camera on every huddle, wvery bench the entire game for every team.....this forum will have more to discuss! And, right now it is hypothetical that this change can happen. Maybe it is true, I don't know. But, I will tell you Cal is one of the reasons why Bruiser is at IU and Cal is one of his closest friends. It makes sense, not an argument on the bench. Bruiser could of left at anytime and with his background has opportunities across the country.
  5. As mentioned before, Bruiser talked about that and it was no big deal.
  6. Just to throw it out there....how much is truth, fabrication, over exaggerated, etc? He seemed to explain his part pretty well in the interview and he has served IU for a long time. It is always easier for a poster to arm chair when they are not in the room. Also, the board represents many stakeholders and one posters viewpoint is not all those stakeholders.
  7. Maybe DD is a Lou Pinella fan and that is where he gets the Lil from. Archie should go on his show and have at it. Not sure why he doesn't. I remember some time this summer DD had Roy Williams on, a proven cheater, and he just kissed up to him, callling him one of the greats. The guy cheata with academics, etc.....and you preach doing the right thing....and then had the segment he did.....
  8. Three quick comments: DD couldn't stand Crean, wouldn't even let his son walkon there. It changed, when Crean gave DD tickets and an interview on his show. DD is probably pissed that Archie gave an interview Jeff Goodman daughter and still won't go on hia show. Lastly, he is probably a little ticked by the recent podcast from Hoosierhysterics when they talkd to Pat Shoulders and they debunked DD.
  9. Hopefully time will tell and reverse your opinion on best offer:) I would disagree with that statement. However, they have been very good recently.
  10. May would of been a hoosier, if Coach Knight never got involved. -May was great friends with Coach Davis son -May recruited Bracey W. And Rod S. - Knight got involved......
  11. Are those apartments or dorms? New complex private or IU facilities?
  12. Agree, and that is the basketball I like. However; athletic talented kids, like to run and it is no longer 4 to score. Just the way it is. 2 passes and attack.
  13. From the interview, and interview only, sounds like he wants the keys to the offense and the ball in his hand.
  14. Big ten is for sure tough with how refs call it. There is also plenty of opportunity to be up tempo in the league. Today's game teams focus more on themselves and their style than not. Kentucky isn't going to slow it down because they are playing MSU. And, if IU made more transition shots, they would be considered fast paced. They play up-tempo just didn't necessarily have the tool set. This incoming class with Lander changes that.
  15. For sure! A major reason why Fred Glass was hired was because of his work in Indy and him being a lawyer. I can't wait to see IU win, sustainability with trying to do it the right way.
  16. To back both of your statements. I do not think IU enjoys catching errors or lack of judgment, but, they have a mission to try and do things the right way. IU has self reported itself many times since Sampson through present. It's doing the right thing. With that being said, there is always grey in recruiting and I'm sure they navigate that like most.
  17. I would argue that he has a good system for what JS want to showcase and use. Every high division 1 coach can develop players, all of them run the same drills, etc. Running a 5 out 41 in the SEC opens things up for Justin.
  18. I have never seen both play. If it means anything, IU has shown the ability and desire to play 3-4 forwards at a time. Now, if if have some stretch ones in there who are athletic they can be interchangeable. Interesting to think about - last year they played Smith, Brunk and Trayce and each did not display the ability to consistently stretch the floor and be a threat from the perimeter. Things change when you can.
  19. Knight had players, some of the best in the mid west and Indiana. Its a myth of getting more out of them. Now, he is the best basketball mind of all time, but a myth about lesser talent. Those teams had talent. And, he recruited balanced classses that fit his style.
  20. Which is crazy, but goes to show programs move forward and progress. Difference is Max embraced his role. graduated from Michigan, gave a solid 15 minutes.
  21. Al said something and Trayce retweeted. But, you could be on to something. Regardless of feelings you always wish the best of luck.
  22. Yes, he is the associate head coach and has a ton of responsibilities. He is known as a recruiter and that goes back to his days with Donovan. He is a dynamic recruiter and connects well with people.
  23. Smith case is similar to the kid at Purdue - similar; however differences. Smith loves IU, many kids from his high school go to IU. Crean sold him on being the GUY, the next VO with his athletic ability. Miller is a basketball guy who preaches IQ, Smith is not a natural basketball player, he is good and oozes with potential. He became a good player, role player. And, a director on D, which Archie likes. However, make no bones about it, if Hunter was healthy and in game shape and not basically a true frosh, he would of been playing a ton of those minutes. Race also has been injury prone. Smith has not, playing time is granted because of dependability. A huge asset. Now, Smith wants to be the guy and showcase his talents. This is known through the early disconnect, dad's comments on twitter, and through circles. Frosh: Morgan and Johnson the guy Soph: Morgan and Romeo Junior: Trayce and Green Senior: Trayce and you bring in the #1 scoring point guard in the 21 class early. That and Hunter has a full year of prep and can get his legs in good shape, and Race showing he has that edge. That and you bring in the winners and fundamentals and shooting of the other recruits. He wants to be the guy. Ball is in Lander, Trayce and Robs hands. Al plays his natural college position. Writing on the wall. Smith improved greatly, he found a motor that was criticized in high school. He won in the classroom and had gamea where he was the reason for the victory. Best of luck to him, he has a bright future, just a good healthy separation.
  24. Osterum runs the practices when Archie is recruiting amongst other things.
  25. Flint has been credited with a bunch of recruits and now we are seeing Roberts influence and connections. Everyone needs a contact and it seems Miller is heavily involved as well from recruit interviews, signees, parents, and other interviews. Miller is a tireless recruiter. Osterum is very, very good at that as well and well connected.
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