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  1. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    Two things that I think they should do that may help the officiating (from a guy with no basketball officiating experience) Officiating should be treated as a full time job. To my knowledge it isn’t. Also officials should be made available for comment after the game. I think a lot of fans wouldn’t feel such animosity if there were at least some explanation of what the refs are seeing
  2. FBI/NCAA news...

    Chuck Martin learned from Cal at Memphis I believe. That may be a bad sign
  3. Romeo Langford

    Ahh...He or Chuck Martin wouldn’t surprise me now that you mention it. Personally with crean I would be shocked Back to Romeo a comparison I had. He always says his favorite player is Lebron James. Vandy would be similar to James going to Miami and forming a big 3 IU is similar to Cleveland and trying to win a title with the hometown team Food for thought
  4. Romeo Langford

    If IU was involved...What a waste of money!!
  5. Ohio State Postgame Thread

    The luck of IU basketball, right? Haha
  6. Ohio State Postgame Thread

    This season should be on Fred Glass. Allowed the Crean era to go on too long.
  7. Purdue Postgame Thread

    With all the talk about officiating, Purdue will really be in for some trouble in the NCAA tournament from getting too used to Big Ten refs. Haas was camping out in the paint for sometimes as much as 8 seconds on offense without being called As for Archie, I think he is showing he will be successful. Given a little better talent and deeper bench he will dominate. Only beef with his in game strategy was getting Morgan on Haas at the end when McSwain was doing better on him. We will win these type of games next year!
  8. Maryland Post Game Thread

    The worst one I saw was where Morgan had his foot kicked out from under him and is called for a travel.
  9. Potential OC candidates

    Good insight. I used the term spread offense but think maybe west coast would be something more accurate? Simply, for IU I prefer a pass heavy offense because of our struggles on the line. I’ve seen too many IU teams try to establish a run game and get destroyed. Don’t necessarily care for the complete up tempo because 3 and outs also kill your D when you punt in 1 minute.
  10. Potential OC candidates

    Good thought and I agree about not being able to ice a game. For whatever reason we just are able to recruit receivers better than linemen. (Wilson not withstanding) Maybe it is getting a line coach to develop guys, but historically that is a weak position for us which is why I struggle with a power offense
  11. Potential OC candidates

    I was a freshman when he came from Hanover so I’m very familiar with him though not as in depth as you. He has never had trouble putting up points.
  12. I wanted to start a new thread based on the discussion in the Mack thread. It seems like the consensus is that DeBoard needs to go. The topic I have is two-fold. Who would you replace him with and what style would you like to see employed? Personally I think the spread is a better system for what we will be able to recruit. One name WAY off the radar that I think would be successful is Mike Leonard from Franklin College. Big leap from D3 but what he has done there has been amazing!
  13. Romeo Langford

    So you are quoting ROMEO and Juliet and IU has drastically slowed our pace it’s IU!😛
  14. Romeo Langford

    Sorry but that is how it is being presented. I love the stories as well but when it’s stated that Romeo isn’t going to IU and my son’s recruitment went poorly together, that is how it comes off to me.
  15. Romeo Langford

    Nothing but hurt feelings it sounds like with the Dad. I am sure that Archie is recruiting Romeo a heck of a lot more than his son so I doubt he has much insight unless his son and Romeo are close