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  1. He should definitely know which schools are soliciting strippers and prostitutes!
  2. Bingo. You expect Duke and especially Zion to get calls but UCF had that game for the taking
  3. Ending to Maryland LSU was madness. LSU guy took 4 steps to hit that game winner
  4. How ridiculous is this garbage? They create this NET and quad system then let Arizona St and St. John’s in. TCU gets hosed
  5. Only way that happens is teams that we beat keep winning and our wins look better. Although VCU losing is a killer
  6. So someone with more legal background offer insight but could IU and others seek legal retribution and damages against schools found to be engaging in bribery?
  7. I agree that we have a shot. Other games are breaking our way so far (although I see now that Alabama has made a comeback)
  8. There are always teams that end up comfortably in that the ESPN/CBS ilk are shocked over
  9. Nah. A lot of the more respected brackets have us close but in.
  10. We should still be good but this is why I hate Conference tournaments. Let’s reward a bad team for winning a few games. And yes Vitale is awful. Gotta love a guy who takes a shot at IU and Texas and brings up how good St Mary’s is while mentioning they lost by 50 in the next breath
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