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  1. hoopsta007

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    Is this prior to or as a result of the announcement? I would assume the latter
  2. hoopsta007

    Is 2019 Class Boom or Bust?

    Maybe we don’t hit on all the top guys, but Archie seems to have a plan a, b, and c. Even missing a top player will be filled up with high major talent. Fun times to be an Iu fan
  3. hoopsta007

    Where have they gone?

    Potentially add UCONN to the list due to all the above factors.
  4. hoopsta007


    In regards to the election, illegal immigrants even if not voting can skew the representation that states get in congress and the electoral college.
  5. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    IMO Michigan can win if hitting shots. Free throws could be pivotal. Wagner has what the NBA is valuing right now in size and shooting touch. 15 at the half with Nova shooting out of their mind even for them. Wouldn’t count Kansas out just yet...
  6. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    Yes actually it is! Michigan is the first team to make the finals playing no better than a 6 seed.
  7. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    Nope I love the excitement of March Madness. Just making an observation about Michigan’s luck. It’s historic.
  8. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    Sorry but the fact is based on seeding their path has been very easy. That is life in a single elimination tournament. The best teams don’t always win.
  9. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    True, luck of the draw
  10. hoopsta007

    Final Four thread?

    Ridiculous how easy a path Michigan gets to the finals. As far as seed numbers they played maybe the easiest in history.
  11. hoopsta007

    2018 coaching vacancies

    Not to steal the Crean to Georgia thunder, but after the Arizona display last night coupled with the fbi deal is Sean Miller gone?
  12. hoopsta007

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Good for CMD! Bad fit at IU but really a good guy.
  13. hoopsta007

    Romeo Langford

    Another reason he may be moving this back is because he is trying to wait to see roster moves of the teams he is considering
  14. hoopsta007

    Devonte Bandoo

    Anyone else notice that one of his favorite movies is Blue Chips? Back off, Archie!!!
  15. hoopsta007

    Romeo Langford

    He also knew Alford was going to be the coach and before that Crean wasn’t getting fired.