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  1. Romeo Langford

    No doubt. Hoping we get the chance to find out. Thinking it’s going to be IU (no inside info). Definitely don’t buy the Vanderbilt hype
  2. Romeo Langford

    Based on that article it seems like Kansas trumps Vandy in the only recruiting pitch they have going. If it’s winning and friends it’s KU. If it is becoming a hometown legend and playing in front of friends and family it is IU
  3. Romeo Langford

    They also played ranked Virginia
  4. QB recruiting

    Trent Green was just a touch before my time but just from my experience ARE was the most electrifying player I’ve ever seen. Maybe this doesn’t add to his all time greatness at the QB spot but when have you seen a quarterback return kicks, play receiver, and be the 1st string punter?
  5. QB recruiting

    For the sake of discussion who would be in your top 5 if not antwaan?
  6. QB recruiting

    They were saying on the radio that he was going to be a quarterback. I say why not let him try. The best quarterback that has played at IU, Antwaan Randle El, was undersized as well.
  7. PU vs IU

    Agree with almost your whole post! That being said do you have insight into the receivers because I think Simmie and Luke are both RS juniors and could return? I know Simmie may be NFL bound
  8. Win or go home

    Agree. What Richard brings to the table is arm strength and they never utilized it. Big receivers and the coaches want to throw speed and timing routes. Square peg meet round hole
  9. PU vs IU

    Supposed to be. Worked a miracle with our d last year. Iu needs to learn you need both sides of the ball to win consistently
  10. PU vs IU

    Don’t understand how we can come out so uninspired in a game that means so much for our season. Bill Lynch 2.0
  11. PU vs IU

    The td called back was the right call but they are definitely getting away with a lot
  12. Early Assessment

    Hopefully tonight is a result of the toughening up process after the ISU. Looked tired and disengaged
  13. And.....

    Rutgers beats Maryland. We may be fighting Illinois for the worst team in the Big Ten
  14. It gets a little maddening. We have a bit of success with the run or varying passes and we turn away from it and go back to the dink and dunk. Think we need the spread because we will not be able to get the linemen needed to block for a run heavy offense against the better big ten teams
  15. Wisconsin - Indiana post game thread.

    Depth, experience, talent, coaching, and big ten officiating