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  1. Wouldn’t be so bad if he could have redshirted his freshman season so he could observe from the older guys and ease in the transition
  2. I’d say the closest to the group of death is the Mexico, Argentina group but nothing like we have seen (or been in) before. Overall I like our odds to beat Iran, and draw with either England or the other three countries. 4 points if we have a decent goal differential will get us through
  3. It’s especially bad when Bardo is not towing the company line
  4. Used to. Hasn’t been happening lately.
  5. That very well could be but my guess would be it hasn’t been that way since the Knight years. Would that be a fair assumption? Hasn’t been that way for at least the last 20 years
  6. I’d take it to the absurd level that we need to email the IU administration to consider leaving the B1G. For whatever reason there are schools that are favored in Football and basketball and get a little extra “help”. We will be very hard pressed to ever recruit enough talent to overcome that. We need a spot where officials aren’t known personalities. It was obvious before the game when Big Time Bo was announced as calling our game we were screwed
  7. Looks like the conference schedule next season is about to be changed. We should have details today.
  8. But Deebo is hurt. Not watching just able to follow so I have no idea the extent
  9. Any word yet on who will be visiting?
  10. They do that in the lower divisions and it works really well. It won’t happen in the near future but would be ironic if it went that route with Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC. Seeing Texas Tech or Oklahoma St make the playoff while getting beat up by Alabama every year would be killer for their fans.
  11. It is really nice to have games on during the day. It’s also fun to have a chance to see teams play that usually don’t get a spotlight. Being a featured game on ESPN is a highlight for the players at small schools that the bowl games provide. At the end of the day can there really be too much football?
  12. Doesn’t move the needle for me. I’ll still watch but if we are going away from our region I would rather play a game in a good recruiting area
  13. I’ll echo these sentiments. Thanks for the info!
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