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  1. hoopsta007

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    Other players seem to have a green light. Al, DG, and Rob get plenty of looks. Won’t bad mouth Justin for what his dad is saying but a divided team won’t make it very far.
  2. hoopsta007

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    This is partly the result of having such unbalanced divisions in the B1G. Had that been Penn St or Michigan that OSU beat Saturday they would’ve had a better shot of jumping Oklahoma.
  3. hoopsta007

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Let’s just stop calling it a national championship and start calling it a power five championship. UCF may not truly be 1 of the top 4 but it is ridiculous for a team to go 2 years without losing a game and have no chance at a title
  4. hoopsta007

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I hate to be “that guy” but those officials should never work another game.
  5. hoopsta007

    CFP possibilities

    Love all the chaos because I think it is a flawed system. Despite the talking heads, don’t see how OSU has much of a shot. Would be interesting to see what happens if 2 out of Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame lose. But then again...Rooting for Alabama because the thought of two $EC teams in the playoff 🤮
  6. hoopsta007

    IUFB Post Mortem

    Short term fire DeBord and give Mike Hart a shot as OC
  7. hoopsta007

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    Can someone explain why the clock kept running when brookings went out of bounds? Also happened when Moore went out on 3rd down and cost us our last timeout
  8. hoopsta007

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    Embarassing. Even for IU
  9. hoopsta007

    Arkansas post game

    Lack of depth with injuries. Full strength we win this one
  10. hoopsta007

    Michigan Game Thread

    Typical IU fashion too...Do just enough to make us think there’s a chance
  11. hoopsta007

    Michigan Game Thread

    Bill Lynch has the most predictable play calling. Nothing with Allen
  12. hoopsta007

    Michigan Game Thread

    Bill Lynch says hello!
  13. hoopsta007

    Gavitt Tipoff Games

    Looks like the Illini are going down. Sadly the annoucers feel like this is a big win for g’town
  14. hoopsta007

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    The problem for most around here isn’t instant gratification. As IU fans we have seen this cycle before. The team is regressing. We have directly lost games because of coaching. Time isn’t some magical solution. You have to have the right guy being given the time. That being said he shouldn’t be fired yet (there you go DJ 😁)
  15. hoopsta007

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    No he won’t be fired. Too soon and Fred is responsible for this mess as well. It’s either change coach and AD or no change at all