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  1. Minnesota MSU Purdue IU Nebraska NW OSU
  2. Illinois Nebraska Rutgers Penn St Purdue Michigan Maryland
  3. This is the first I’ve heard but have seen it speculated. Being grad transfer he isn’t restricted, correct? It would definitely be bad optics for Fresno St. but can’t be mad at Ramsey for wanting to maximize his playing time in his last year.
  4. So is Wisconsin underrated, OSU overrated or a bit of both?
  5. There is way more positive than negative for the game and the season. Other than Michigan and OSU we played competitive with everyone else. Good learning moments for the coaches and the players. We return a ton of talent so hopefully next year we can get over the hump in some of these better teams. Already looking forward to Wisconsin! question for everyone. Why did the officials start the clock out of a timeout before Justus missed the last kick?
  6. I’d prefer the Gator bowl or Music City bowl. I’d rather get a chance to play and beat an SEC team especially if we get UK
  7. Add another I to the bucket! There is a lot to work on but we don’t need style points. I’ve heard rumblings that there is interest in IU and UK in Nashville
  8. $$$ Yes when the playing field equals here soon $$$
  9. Coached multiple sports. Xs and Os May be different but you have to be organized. Sidenote is that I think on the whole Allen is a great job!
  10. I will. Same to you. My point being is if you are going to punt then get your punt team out or take a delay of game. Time outs are a commodity.
  11. Two time outs at the end to have an extra 3-4 minutes at the end of the game as opposed to running out of time. We called a timeout to fake a punt. Call another time out on 3rd down to give up a 20 yd gain. Not productive
  12. This one came down to coaching in the end. CTA doesn’t manage timeouts and clock well and it bit us here. The timeouts we used early weren’t effective or even necessary. Would it have made a difference? Who really knows? The team is improving and we have better talent on both sides of the ball that now give us a chance to compete in these types of games.
  13. Anyone else feel like we finally turned a corner by closing out Maryland? Our guys are playing with an edge and have confidence. Sure, things have broken our way with scheduling but past IU teams would invent ways to lose against teams we should beat. Nice to see an IU team taking care of business!
  14. Awesome win! Who would have imagined we would be in a spot that 6-6 is now a bit of a disappointment? Proud of our guys now let’s keep it rolling next week
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