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  1. Apparently he's taking an official visit in February.
  2. Yeah I was thinking he'd be first off the bench but could start depending on how CMW wants to run.
  3. I think XJ is a lock too, he's gonna be a beast.
  4. Since we'll get our first look tomorrow, I wanted to hear what everyone thinks the starting lineup will be. Here's mine Johnson/Lander Phinisee/Bates Stewart/Kopp Race/Geronimo TJD/Durr
  5. I think people are forgetting that these rankings still have a long way to go as more players get evaluated. I could easily see Kaleb jumping up around the top 75 if he keeps performing well at these camps and such.
  6. We just made a top 7 for Shawn Phillips.
  7. Right now we are playing like a tournament team.
  8. Pretty good feeling this kid is going to end up in the ACC. Just picked up an offer from North Carolina.
  9. He made the edit so he definitely knew. Was probably just trying to create some suspense for the kid since it was fairly obvious where he was going.
  10. The 4 are IU, Louisville, Alabama, and Georgetown.
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