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  1. I'm going to make a crazy guess that the very important news is that he confirmed he's reclassifying.
  2. What I thought as well lol. It'll be interesting to see how they run the program and who they play. I know the MLS academies play all the big clubs in Europe in tournaments and such so maybe they'll do something like that when covid clears up.
  3. Real Salt Lake Academy is the academy for the Real Salt Lake MLS team and this will be first season with a basketball team. Very interesting he'd choose to play there when I'm sure he could've gone to Montverde, LaLu, or even Wasatch Academy in Utah. He's only a sophomore so I wouldn't be surprised if he moves again to another prep school like LaLu or even comes back to regular Indiana high school basketball.
  4. This will be a great pickup. He can come in halfway and provide minutes off the bench then have a starting role as a sophomore and hopefully be in the NBA.
  5. I can definitely see us getting him and I could even see us taking him in 2021. He already released down so it likely wouldnt be hard for him to move back up. He likely wont be a big minutes player his freshman year due to his scoring but he would be good as a second year guy or maybe even redshirt then pair with another guard in the 2022 class like Thornton, Trejuan Holloman or Leland Walker.
  6. Anyone know of anyone we are still actively recruiting for 2021 other than AM and MM? I'm not freaking out because there are still so many options with players still uncommitted, transfers, and reclasses but regardless I think we should at least know about some other names. I'm pretty sure we are talking to that big from Finland or whatever but not sure if he'll get an offer. Another 2021 name I remember is Nate Johnson from Ohio. He is currently ranked 266 on 247sports but I remember he was on the verge of breaking out over the summer. If he does well this school season and we miss on AM
  7. He committed to East Carolina a month or so ago.
  8. Blake changed his Instagram bio to say "#1 player in Indiana". Thought that was kind of funny.
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