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  1. I agree the idea that we are overloaded on wings is a little overblown. Nowadays most teams play with 4 wings. It seems Archie's style with the way he is recruiting seems to be one true ball handler, one true big, and the rest filled with wings like Goode.
  2. I think JG can come in and be the perfect backup for JS, hopefully with the ability to stretch the floor. I also think TG will get good minutes as we are low on guards. He's also a gamer and a winner who will come in and play hard. Although AL is the highest rated recruit I feel playing time will be hardest to come by for him. Nothing wrong with that, it's not really a good thing if freshman come in and get immediate playing time, especially with the "get old stay old" structure. AL's playing time his freshman year will be solely dependent on his shooting.
  3. If I had to guess I'd say Geronimo will have the biggest impact as a freshman of the 3.
  4. Count me in for being in favor of offering Luke. Even if Wesley is the preferred option, Goode is an in-state top 100 players that appears to have a desire to play at IU. It would be very surprising to me if the staff doesn't end up offering sooner or later.
  5. Roy Williams will be in attendance tonight along with Tom Izzo, Matt Painter, and Brad Underwood.
  6. Wins over Ohio State and Florida State didn't do nothing, they got us 50 votes. If we pick up two conference away games there will be teams ahead of us that lose allowing us to take their spot.
  7. Dare I bring this thread back? We recieved 50 votes which would equate to 29th. https://apnews.com/APTop25CollegeBasketballPoll I think wins at Rutgers and Nebraska will definitely do it.
  8. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt we have much of a chance with Towns.
  9. The problem right now is not talent. The talent isn't great but we have more than enough to be able to at least make the tournament. Look at Butler at #6, we are significantly more talented than them. The problem isn't Archie or a bad offense or lack of shooters (although I will admit we do need to fix this concern). The problem is energy. As I have mentioned and others have mentioned in this thread this team lacks motivation causing players to be disinterested and not play hard. Northwestern was winning because they were playing with a chip on their shoulder coming into Assembly Hall as the worst team in the Big Ten wanting to win. Then we went on that run to get back into the game and the crowd and team got fired up and sure enough we win. It's not rocket science. If this team would play with the energy they showed in those last 7 minutes or the energy from the first half of the Notre Dame game we could be a top 15 team and I don't even think that is an exaggeration because of this down year in college basketball. This year anybody can beat anybody if they want it bad enough.
  10. Getting Khristian for the 2020 class would be absolutely huge.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Washington-State-Cougars-basketball-among-top-choices-for-coveted-JC-point-guard-Rueadale-Williams-141640483/
  12. https://247sports.com/player/rueadale-williams-46094014/ This name popped up on our targets for 2020 on 247sports. JuCo point guard originally from Canada shooting 37% from 3 and 82%from the FT line. No offer yet from us.
  13. I am looking forward to these recruits because they play with lots of emotion.
  14. Early on it seems Georgetown is the team to beat.
  15. I think it is the coaches and medical staffs decisions. Look at our players out on the bench, they clearly would rather be playing.
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