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  1. I think you answered your own question. If everyone is on him we have no shot at a top 10 player out west with no connections. On top of that we have a good amount of wings on roster and a few we are recruiting, Archie would probably rather roll with them than a one and done that may not even fit the system.
  2. Kaufman would've won it this year if he was allowed. As long as he doesn't get injured it's his for the taking.
  3. We now have the number 2 class in the Big Ten just barely behind Michigan.
  4. So is it fair to say we are done looking in the portal this year?
  5. Totally agree. We see less and less elite talent come to the big ten each year. I'm okay letting them play a little but it gets physical to the point that is hurts the conference too much.
  6. Maryland is about to get a commitment from Ike Cornish who is a SG ranked 78th in the nation. He's gotten crystal ball picks there the past couple weeks and just picked up the offer today. Should help our chances here with the overlap in position.
  7. Is there an offer here?
  8. I saw there was an article on Peegs about IU's transfer options. Surprised me because it seemed like we aren't really looking at any. Anybody hearing about any guys we are showing interest to?
  9. Maybe it has just been a while but I don't see how the Brooks family is that terrible. Yeah it sucks that Keion went to Kentucky but it isn't like he was disrespectful in how he did it like a say Darius Garland. The family was deciding between a school that he would enjoy, in state, friends, etc. or a school that they viewed would help him develop more and get to the NBA and I hate to break it to you but that is most recruits goal, especially 5 stars. Now whether or not that was the right decision we may never know but like others have said Archie clearly feels it is beneficial to recruit Darrion and I think he would be more hurt than us if they did indeed burn him like some are portraying.
  10. Wow that was very encouraging. Love that there was genuine excitement when he got the offer. Also like how he talk about finding a real passion for the game, hopefully that will keep growing and turn into an eagerness to improve.
  11. Would love this. I doubt he'll get immediate eligibility but he would be ideal at the 3. He was second in the voting for freshman player of the year in the ACC and honorable mention for All-ACC.
  12. I did mention Coby White in there. He was a highly talented kid from North Carolina and wasn't a expected to be a sure fire one and done by any means. I believe Roy developed into being a top 10 pick.
  13. Although they have a stud recruiting class coming in I'd be surprise any are one and done. Caleb Love could probably go anywhere and be a one and done if he wanted but looking at UNC's track record with PGs I see him sticking around at least a second year.
  14. Ok but all schools are dodgy with their classes. 😂
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