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  1. Well, from that regard, the same holds for smaller gas chainsaws. Especially with softwood trees like pine. Chain needs to be quick and stay hot to keep the sap from gumming up.
  2. And this is what worries me. That's been my experience with any type of electric/battery lawn equipment.
  3. Going to betray my Midwestern roots here and say I like NY style better. Why? Portability. Pizza is often eaten while doing other things. A big slice of NY style can be eaten one handed while walking. Chicago style is good, but I tend to think about it more like lasagna VS pizza. Need to be sitting down, fork required and its going to be a big meal.
  4. Keeping an eye on this. Something I've been considering for a while too. I'm typically not much on electric lawn/outdoor equipment, but I don't have enough large limbs to justify the cost of an Echo/Stihl-level chainsaw.
  5. You left out a key word: "allegedly". Directly from the article: "There is no evidence that the offers or payments were made to Williamson, Langford or their families.
  6. A pitchfork looking emblem on a red helmet. Hmmmmmm...... Who could have designed this? Could it be.... SATAN?!?!?!?
  7. Improvement? Definitely. Meat left on the bone? IMO, yes.
  8. I'll freely admit, I cried like a baby when our dog died a little over two years ago. Another time is something else you'll be able to relate to, Mile. About 8 or so years ago, the traveling Vietnam Memorial stopped at a veterans cemetery about 5 miles from my house. My dad is also a Vietnam vet, but couldn't make the trip to see the wall, but out of respect, I went to see it. There were some tough, tough looking men there. Biker types. Guys that looked like they had spent decades out on a farm or a fishing boat. Guys I wouldn't mess with despite them having 40-50 years on me.....reduced to tears. In more than one case, unable to walk for about 5 minutes. To see that kind of emotion displayed, you can't help but feel a small fraction of it yourself.
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