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  1. Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige is the same way. It’s fascinating how two walls look different colors, yet when they meet at a corner, it’s the same.
  2. Going to throw the flag on this one, only because I come from the other side of the coin. I WISH I had been diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, but I wasn’t until the age of 30. But, my grades never suffered so why bother, right? ADHD is a very common condition to misunderstand. It’s not simply “fidgeting”. It’s taxing on your brain to have to tell yourself to constantly focus. There’s also the common co-morbidities of anxiety and depression, which are both tied to the ADHD brain’s lack of/rapid processing of dopamine. Fortunately, mine only came with depression, but it’s not uncommon for both to be present. Those co-morbidities can lead to a lack of socialization, inability to regulate emotions, isolation….any of these starting to sound like familiar traits associated with acts of violence? ADHD medication isn’t the evil that it’s made out to be. It doesn’t turn you into a crack fiend. You don’t get “addicted”. I take the most evil of the evil: instant release Adderall. I’ve taken the exact same dose every day for over 3200 consecutive days, no changes. Find an “addict” with that much consistency. And downing a couple of pills a day is all it takes to transform me from a depressed, overly sensitive space cadet into a normal human being. Sorry for the sermon, but that’s obviously a hot button topic for me. Is ADHD misdiagnosed in some kids? Sure. But don’t just assume that ADHD is some kind of made up or overblown problem. I can assure you, it is absolutely a real condition in which there are just as many people that don’t get diagnosed when they should be, as there are misdiagnoses. Edit: My wife was also diagnosed as an adult. We’ve known for awhile that our kids would likely have it. Our 10 year old was just diagnosed this year, and yes, we started him on medication, and it’s made a world of difference. We’re waiting before starting our 8 year old, but it’s only a matter of when.
  3. I grew up with an 812 area code. Currently live in Kentucky, and travelled extensively through the southeast, particularly Georgia and South Carolina. Nooooo comparison, even with Kentucky. Kentucky and southern Indiana, it’s not uncommon to see bumper stickers, etc with the CSA battle flag. Get in the Deep South outside of a major metropolitan area (Atlanta, etc) it’s uncommon if you can turn your head without seeing one.
  4. I don’t know what he’d do if ND came calling, but Fickell is said to be very content at UC, and doesn’t want to leave until his two older kids finish high school, where they are both baseball players at Moeller (Griffey’s alma mater, baseball machine). He’s a Columbus native, and since I don’t see OSU opening anytime soon, UC is the closest high major.
  5. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that, I’d be posting this from my Gulfstream.
  6. Still a lot of B10 players ahead of him, but does my heart good to see TJD ahead of Cockburn. And yes, the 12 year in me giggles every time I type that name.
  7. I know some of that was meant good naturedly, but that’s something I love about this staff that we haven’t had…practically ever. Both Woodson and Fife can look every player dead in the eye and say “I’ve already done practically everything you can do in that uniform….except one thing. Accomplish that, and we’ll all be happy.”
  8. Easily overlooked, but hell of a game from X tonight as well.
  9. Exactly how I like my pre-conference games: boring wins
  10. It’s almost like he’s genetically predisposed to play this game
  11. Thank God he isn't an Archie light. That would make me want several Miller Lites.
  12. Agree, and I hope he doesn't have to start burning that goodwill off.
  13. My hope for this game is a generous hand on the clock. This season needs to be drug behind the woodshed and put out of its misery.
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