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  1. When asked the question "Tenderloin or short rib?", the correct answer is "Yes".
  2. Always liked Warren Zevon. Dude had his issues, but was an underrated artist.
  3. Actually, watching Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder play tennis would be pretty damn hilarious. That game on the other hand, was just ugly.
  4. I looked up the actual language for the selection process: "If the Big Ten Champion is selected to play in a national semifinal, then the Rose Bowl will select a Big Ten replacement team for the 2020 Rose Bowl." That's it. It doesn't specify whether it's the team with the next best record, the loser of the title game, etc. Just that they get (first) pick of the rest of the eligible B10 teams. So, the only way to guarantee a Pasadena trip is to win it all. For that to happen, OSU has to lose out. And the odds of Rutgers beating OSU are only slightly worse than the odds of me shtupping Gisele on the hood of Tom Brady's Ferrari in about an hour and a half from now.
  5. You don't realize the value of a good punter until you don't have one. Glad he's back.
  6. That's how I felt when that Hassenpfeffer kid from Minnesota beat us in the B10 tournament.
  7. Yep, we missed on Beejay Anya and had to settle for Peter Jurkin. And yes, that line will never get old.
  8. The rankings don't make sense. Dakich doesn't make sense. Is this like one of them there math problems where I subtract two negatives and wind up with a positive, right?
  9. To quote the comedian Lewis Black: "Only two types of people live in Utah: Mormons and people in the witness protection program"
  10. It'll be Tweeter or Instabook or Facesnap or whatever it is the kids use today.
  11. And you just described Rico's vision of heaven.
  12. It's Jersey. "Fat Tony" Spumoni and Joey "Droppadeuce" Gambino will make a contribution to somebody's campaign in exchange for budget cuts in say.....law enforcement or financial oversight agencies. The budget cuts can be funneled back to Rutgers. Badda-bing.
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