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  1. And I'm from the opposite side of both rivalries. Long time (but no longer long-suffering #playgloria) Blues fan. Hawks rivalry needs no explanation, and I grew to loathe Detroit after being eliminated from the playoffs by the them in something like 5 out of 7 years in the late 90s/early 00s. Irony, my dad was a native south-sider and grew up a Hawks fan, favorite player being Bobby Hull. My team winds up being the Blues, naturally my favorite player being Brett Hull.
  2. Man, Keion did a number on you.
  3. Purdue, Kentucky, NY Yankees, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Another interesting twist I've seen is using white balsamic vinegar instead of the apple cider.
  5. Alabama white sauce is both good and ridiculously easy to make. Mayo, apple cider vinegar, black pepper. That's it. Delicious even just on sandwiches.
  6. That's me as well. I have WC about every 6 months to remind myself why I only have WC every 6 months.
  7. For me, sliders don't need a sauce. The steamed bun plus cheese is enough. And despite my Chicago heritage, I enthusiastically encourage the breaking of Chicago hot dog commandment #1 (Thou shalt not use ketchup). Slather it on.
  8. London, KY, also does. About halfway between Lexington and Knoxville on I75. Up until about 4-5 years ago, Richmond, KY, did also. Krystal closed though Edit: Southern KY/Northern TN is the demarcation line. Those are the only areas you will find both. Biggest difference is the mustard,which I'm not a fan of. Although Krystal's buns don't seem to be as soggy as White Castles. So they got that goin' for'em.....which is nice.
  9. Aaand commence drooling in 3...2...1..
  10. Hell, even Knight was neutral towards IU when he was with ESPN. Yes, he refused to say anything about IU, but on the flip side.....he also refused to say anything negative about IU. The #1 objective of DD's job is to attract attention/ratings. How do you do that with the masses? Be controversial. Quick way to only attract a low IQ audience though.
  11. That's basically how Yogi started with Brooklyn.
  12. Zlinedavid


    Now that's a "Hold my beer...." type of statement.
  13. Based on pure potential, I'd say that's accurate. Whether he can fulfill that potential has been and still is the question with DeRon.
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