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  1. He’s now down there with Marchand, which is about as big an insult as I can give.
  2. One of my neighbors had a 5:30 class, which of course, cut into drankin’ time if it was a 7PM tip off. So to expedite consumption by volume, he has the brilliant idea to make a liquor bong. It was literally a 1/10th scale beer bong. Held about three shots at once. You can already see where this is headed. We had about a 10 minute walk to AH, so by the time we get there, 9 shots worth of Jim Beam are hitting him. Me and a buddy literally had to drag him down the full length of the AH stairs. Thank god we weren’t in the balcony. After that, the liquor bong was retired, because it could be lethal.
  3. Interesting. You don’t hear Little Kings mentioned much outside of Cincinnati.
  4. Actually, mine was very reliable. They’re just tiny and built with 1980s GM crash technology…lol.
  5. Only if he caught two grand slam balls in one inning.
  6. You're the alma mater of Drew F&$^&ing Brees.
  7. As if there were any doubts....he gets it.
  8. Ain't enough bourbon in Kentucky to make the Reds tolerable, let alone enjoyable to watch.
  9. I can assure you that having class was not a deterrent to showing up to AH drunk. At least in my day it wasn't.
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