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  1. Pretty sure I've said this kid's name at least once while intoxicated. "Hey...where y'wanna eat?" "DariQueen"
  2. You chop a line of the coke you nut, soon everything be up....
  3. Hope they keep focus this week. Rougher start than I would have liked, but definitely can't let what should be an easy win slip away.
  4. Cue the Star Wars references, but "there's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time". Going just by his stat line, we could have used him. Especially that 42% from 3 his senior year. But I agree....had headcase (whether him or parental) written all over him.
  5. Best wishes for a full recovery. Wasn’t always thrilled with his offense, but by all accounts was a good guy.
  6. Last of the respectable cheaters. “I reckon I tried everything on the old Apple, save for salt, pepper and chocolate sauce.”
  7. My second choice would be John Cena’s entrance music, followed by a full belly slide down the bar.
  8. 7’ kid with the last name of “Bol”….be a hell of a coincidence if it wasn’t.
  9. Another one of Manute's kids, I'm assuming?
  10. I'd use it as my own special effects. Anytime I entered a bar, I'd make sure I'd have something like the theme from "The Delta Force" playing.
  11. Serviceable top reserve/spot starter as an upperclassman? Fair enough. I think that's probably Brown's ceiling.
  12. Before this turns into a Bill Lynch massacre, I will say that I’m glad he found a measure of success at DePauw (53-27 in 7 seasons). By all accounts, a very good person and a decent coach, just out of his depth in D1.
  13. I’ll never forget “Bill Lynch has the personality of a saltine cracker”
  14. Let alone what exwives 1-8 called you.
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