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  1. Upper left is a big infinity pool. House is at least a mile off of the road, with nothing but pine trees in at least 2 miles all other directions. Decent pad.
  2. I don't see TJD making the jump this year. Not impossible, but I don't see it. That said, I don't see him staying beyond next year though.
  3. Either that or he has videos of the administration in compromising positions with farm animals.
  4. That got me thinking, and I had to look it up....K is 72 by comparison. Maybe Roy needs to visit K's hair stylist.
  5. Are you telling me you're not expecting an Iowa/Indiana B10 championship game next year?
  6. Purdue vs the Soviet Union is one circumstance where it's good to be a Red.
  7. I'd agree with that. There are certainly some teams that are better, but no team that really strikes fear into an opponent.
  8. I love this statement. A) For all the criticism that JSmith draws, he appears to be a great teammate and an excellent student. And he isn't devoid of basketball talent either. He has all the pieces, if he could just get them in the right order. B) That's a mature statement coming from a freshman. He didn't have to give his teammate a lift there....but he did. Being as highly recruited as he was and with his dad being a fairly well regarded NBA player, Trayce could easily have been a head case. But he's been the complete opposite. Hell, he even responded WELL to being benched during the Rutgers game (I thought you couldn't do that with kids today....😉).
  9. Amen. Hate that it happened, but glad to see UE went about things the right way. They didn't pull the trigger immediately, but took the time to gather facts and then made the proper call.
  10. I wondered why CBS cameras were at my office that one day.....
  11. Like targeting Bracey when DWill was right in front of him?
  12. What is "What UK and crabs have in common?"
  13. Well, I'd try it, but they apparently wanted to be sadistic and put the only location that's somewhat close to me in the fracking airport (CVG). I'll keep it in mind next time I'm on the north side of Cincinnati though.
  14. I don't care to say it: I don't have the first damn clue about how this game will turn out. This season in general and this team specifically have been absolute insanity.
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