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  1. +1 For those that "can't stand the dribbling for 20 seconds", you'd be pulling your hair out watching the same for 35-40 seconds with a 45 second clock..
  2. And he could have continued to meet with players, attend local events but stay away from official functions. Agree, his health was the key factor, but something in his head finally said "It's time".
  3. On one hand, I've always supported the idea that you don't make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak. That said, I'm not going to complain if they hire the next John L Smith again either.
  4. RMK was invited to many, many team/player functions on campus over the years, and declined to attend. Something changed.
  5. He doesn't have to. But he is the closest thing RMK has to a successor. Where else to build your own legacy than in the place your mentor became an icon?
  6. Sure, I have a realtor's license. That'd get me hired at Memphis.
  7. A wound finally healed today. There's always going to be a scar, but nothing you can't look past. The General came home.
  8. Not an IU guy, but a Knight guy. And after today, once again, the line between the two is very, very thin.
  9. Still can't tell if it was pilot error or mechanical problems. May never know.
  10. If that's the way you see it, that's fine. The problem is you're dealing with two different systems of eligibility. The NCAA/NIT draws from the same pool of eligible teams. They'll never define it this way, but the NIT is a consolation tournament. The teams that weren't good enough to make it in the NCAAs go to the NIT. Classes are divided by nothing but size, not strength. It's not as if teams are divided into quadrants based on record, then each treated equally.
  11. Just means you're both old. *puts on cup*
  12. There's a few thousand Cincinnati Elder alumni that wouldn't argue with you one bit.
  13. 90% Fresno, 5% Cincinnati, 5% Field
  14. And now, 4x as many students have memories like that.
  15. Agreed. And I'd venture to say that the coaching staff has the same outlook. If he's interested, they'd be willing to listen. No guarantees, but no locked doors either.
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