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  1. So you're saying....."He's Like The Wind"?
  2. You all perfectly illustrated the motivation behind the avatar.
  3. Who was Herbert's second choice after Sampson? (I'm afraid to know the answer).
  4. Even if he just continues at the rate he's going, he'll wind up one of the best of his generation. Develop a reasonably good outside shot, and he winds up as a mixture of Dirk and LeBron, both in game and stature/legacy.
  5. I'll take Rick Bayless over either one of them.
  6. It's not the mileage that you've put on the car, it's how many miles are on it in total. The injuries, specifically when it comes to pitching, are likely attributed to the way youth sports have evolved. In my day (as in yours, I'm assuming) sports were cyclical. Baseball in the late spring/summer, football in the late summer/fall, basketball in early fall/winter. Today, you see more and more kids dedicating themselves to one sport nearly year round. With something like pitching, it's a lot of repetitive motion, placing stress on specific parts of the body. Even if youth coaches are conscious of this and institute pitch counts/limits on breaking balls, it's still a lot more additional strain. Just a random number, but if a 24 year old reached the majors in 1990 and had thrown 25,000 pitches in his lifetime, today it's probably more like 75,000. And yes, sports medicine has made huge leaps and bounds, but the ligaments in the elbow and shoulder aren't something that can be strengthened to that same degree. You can strengthen the muscles around it, and by using good form, you can keep some of the strain off of them, but these aren't large muscles that can be built up.
  7. Getting outcoached by Brad Stevens isn't exactly something to be ashamed of. Not that it should be used as an excuse either, but there's a reason he is where he is.
  8. Haven't even clicked the link, and can already hear Van Halen.
  9. You are correct, sir! Won more than a couple of beers with that question before though.
  10. Gigantic chunk of some titanium alloy, I'm assuming.
  11. Wonder if that included managers? Williams, Gehrig, DiMaggio, McCarthy...I think Jimmie Foxx was with Boston then..... Man, that's a good one. My favorite trivia question is: October 3,1951,Polo Grounds, New York. Giants down 4-2. 2 runners on. Bobby Thompson at the plate. Most people know what happened next. The question is, who was on deck?
  12. My dad was a USAF hydraulic technician during the Vietnam. Spent many hours crawling around landing gears of F111s and F4IIs. And while this wasn't his primary assignment, he did hold both the clearance and the certifications needed, and on two occasions, worked on the SR71 Blackbird. Keep in mind, this was the late 60s and there weren't 5000 people on the planet that knew that plane existed, let alone been able to see the schematics and then the actual aircraft. One of, if not the greatest achievements in modern engineering. An aircraft that could fly more than 3 times the speed of sound, keep a crew of 2 alive and return to be reused, remarkable on its own. The fact it was designed in the 1950s largely by hand....unbelievable.
  13. Maybe just my own personal experience, but IU has a pretty strong east coast draw for a midwestern state school. I'd say roughly 15% of the people I had classes with were from east of Ohio.
  14. On the darkest day there's always light, and now I see it too; But I never liked the rain till I walked through it with you...
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