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  1. Baylor https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33743138/miro-little-commits-baylor-joining-international-pipeline
  2. Nice to have a little lead, would like to see TJD show some dominance in this one.
  3. Nice to see some different offensive weapons emerge.
  4. Copp is looking good early.
  5. Stop the 3s by Race unless we’re up by 20.
  6. Maybe Woody, giving Rob minutes to shake off some rust after he missed the past playing time?
  7. I don’t think IU was emotionally into the game until it was getting tight. We can’t do that with Wisky!
  8. Agreed seems to have always been the plan, or why would Fife come here?
  9. Btw everyone, I’ve been lurking on the board for years, but finally broke down and bought a TV package so I could watch the games here in Texas and then add comments. Great Board!!
  10. It’s seems when Bates and Leal came in, it turned the game around.
  11. Ok 6-7 220lbs, agree a tweener
  12. Man Kopp does not play like a big.
  13. But Lander needs some court time, for the game to slow down for him.
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