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  1. Given Woodys two unit approach, if JHS starts, I think IU still has a question mark as another PG. TG could fill it for a bit and JHS if he’s in, but this is where Rob was perfect last year. And agree - shooting will still be the reason IU loses games.
  2. Agree on the starters being X, JHS, TB, RT and TJD. This second unit brings experience and depth too. Only overall holes I see are perimeter shooting (hoping guys improve from last year) and a backup PG. Would Leal play any PG? He did his freshman year.
  3. I’m on board with portal restrictions too. Like you can’t just leave just because without at least sitting a year. But If your coach gets fired, should you need to sit out? Also, I feel for Dawson Garcia and there should probably be medical waivers, but he’s on his third school in 3 years.
  4. I posted this on another site and I may be in the minority here, but I actually think NIL is good for college basketball on-court product. I used to always complaint that we’d never see another Patrick Ewing or someone play 3-4 years in college. But now, the NIL is actually keeping pretty good guys in college. Prior to this, kids were considering G league or Europe or hoping to be a free agent if they didn’t get drafted. Now, more kids will be playing in the NCAA and should make the teams stronger. This should help college b-ball as the talent pool is bigger and retained. Off the court, it’s free agency … but was it before too? my only current complaint is the portal. And it’s complicated to try and fix it. A lot of scenarios. But they could start with some general parameters.
  5. I hear you - no oversign right now, but two kids are being actively recruited that would create one.
  6. Agree. And the extra COVID year didn’t help that. This upcoming year, specifically given IUs situation, is unique. They very well could make a F4 run with some roster tinkering. These two new kids could certainly contribute too … so it’s a bit of an easier sell - than say L$U who had 13 open scholarships!
  7. I think Creaning is more about oversigning with little clue how to manage a roster and fabricate a story that your player cheated on a summer school test …. (I think that’s how story goes)
  8. Most schools have about 17-18 kids anyway correct? With 13 scholarships. Instead of Creaning someone, this NIL could be used to attract the two kids visiting this week and get them on the roster. As someone mentioned earlier, the COVID season has caused a crunch at a lot of schools and 14 scholarships would’ve been a good resolution for a year or two … but that would be asking the NCAA to do something right.
  9. The NCAA couldn’t enforce any cheating rules consistently to save their lives, so NIL basically was a gateway for them not to have an enforcement department - and pay kids.
  10. I don’t think so. At least not when I was there.
  11. Would player B sacrifice $50k to play on a potential final 4 team? A kid like Dennis. Opportunity to play for Woodson (NBA connections) and a very good IU team may just take the NIL money as his scholarship just for his last run in college hoops. Like they say, you have the rest of your life to make money - not many better situations than IU right now - assuming you’re still playing for free one way or another.
  12. Let’s say one or both of these visitors commit this week. Instead of paying for their scholarship and forcing kids out, could they be considered walk-ons … while IU works an NIL deal for them? I don’t know any of the rules on NIL, but is that a potential loophole? Sorry if already brought up!
  13. I wouldn’t want either he or Kopp to leave. I could see Kopp getting Creaned and Leal, IF he actually wanted to play, leaving on his own merit. He’s going to consistently get recruited over. We all love these kids - but Coach Woodson wants a banner and if it means improving his roster, he’ll do it when/where he can. It’s the nature of this.
  14. I know absolutely nothing, but curious if Kopp would be Creaned? Also - highly doubtful, but would Leal consider a place like Ball State where he’d actually play?
  15. Not to mention, some of the other boards are just super toxic. It’s slower times right now … off-season … we’re just chatting it up a bit
  16. One thing I’ll always wonder about Archie is, would things be different had he not had big men be the focus of his offense? He had success at Dayton with not many big men. At IU, he had Morgan which he inherited. He had a broken Romeo for a year and then TJD. I feel, had TJD not been from Indiana, he wouldn’t have recruited him that much. College b-ball is so guard focused obviously and he had success with guard heavy teams. now, you can equally argue that if you can’t win with an all American big man, you probably shouldn’t be coaching IU. But I’ll always wonder, if he had more guard focused teams, opposed to the big man he ultimately had on his roster (which is his doing anyway), if he would’ve had more success. He made his own bed, but seems he may have changed his ways a bit at IU.
  17. I’m with you. Also crazy to think, if McKinley Wright were able to come to IU, could’ve changed the course on everything. There’s still debate that Archie didn’t want him at IU … but as you alluded, I’m convinced he was handcuffed with that.
  18. That’s 100% what killed Archie. He still knows the game and can coach - but I get the sense he thought IU would recruit itself along with his reputation at the time. When it started going south, he hired Kenya. He got Lander, TJD, and Romeo. Romeo sort of fell into their lap with the Adidas stuff. TJD, I’m not positive, probably would’ve come to IU no matter what. All 5 stars - from Indiana. His recruiting out of the state turned out to be weak (less JG and Race). But by the time he left, it was no longer an attractive product nationally (particularly on offense). Hopefully the tides are turning.
  19. At least for next season, I’d rather IU face a freshman PG than what a healthy Curbelo would’ve been. (I think)
  20. I was on the Muss bus too. My only concern was he would go back to NBA. This is woodys last stop. Right the ship. Then call the new HC in Muncie (unless Stevens decides it’s time!! Ha).
  21. Wonder if Louisville would take him? Also, I recall reading previously that it was KLs family that pushed to get on campus early and not Archie. Who knows.
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