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  1. It's not what you know it's what you can prove. Cal and WWW are very good at what they do. I'd be stunned if they ever get caught.
  2. Didn't he once say he wouldn't let certain coaches valet his car because they were so didty? I wish he'd tell us who he was talking about.
  3. I wonder if Matta will be mentioned. It always amazed me though how he was able to scores of 5 star recruits to a school where spring football practice is more important than a FF game. I wouldn't be surprised if he was dirty too.
  4. If I was Crean I'd ask for a boatload of money. Louisville has no choice but to give it to him.
  5. I don't think Sean Miller survives. Hopefully Archie is squeaky clean. http://tucson.com/sports/arizonawildcats/basketball/arizona-wildcats-assistant-book-richardson-s-arrest-exposes-dirty-underbelly/article_4b96d520-1fd1-5901-9ce3-65ed8ef48499.html
  6. The NCAA has UK in their sites and are serious this time. Word is they just hired James Comey to lead the investigation.
  7. The nice thing is that we're in good with Brooks, Watford, Hurt, and JD. We only need 2 of them.
  8. At IU they'd be legit title contenders if Deron is back. Without him they'd be B1G favorites. They wouldn't even be conference favorites at Vandy.
  9. Even if Vandy got both they still aren't contending for a FF or even winning their conference with UK around. At IU they would be the B1G favorites and could compete for a banner especially if Deron develops into an elite big man. Vandy does concern me though. I'm starting to think these two may indeed be a package deal and Darius definitely appears to be the alpha of the two. I hope it's not like the Oden/Conley recruitment where the lesser recruit is calling the shots.
  10. Well Vandy has no legends. No one cares about sports at that place.
  11. The hiring of McCleod always baffled me. If Crean wanted a guy with little experience he should've brought in a former Hoosier like Fife, Coverdale, or Lewis. That said, I think Archie has put together a terrific staff especially Ed Schilling. I think Schilling will soon prove to be one of the most valuable assistant coaches in the country.
  12. Hopefully a lot better than Crean's in home visit with Kyrie Irving went.
  13. I wonder if we'd really want both Watford and Brooks. We'd have 4 scholarships tied up at one position along with Hunter and Smith. I don't see how you pass up 5 star talent though.
  14. Isn't Shilling handling the recruiting for Brooks as well? I thought he once coached his father.
  15. Agreed. We are in great shape with a lot of big time talent in 2019. Land Romeo and I think the floodgates open.
  16. You can't take an academic scholarship and play on the team.
  17. That's all very possible but I expect a transfer and possibly two. The odd man out to me is Durham especially if Garland commits. I've thought he would eventually transfer since the day he committed and my track record is pretty good on those predictions. The only Crean recruit that I thought would transfer that didn't was Priller.
  18. I just wonder what that would mean for the future of Smith and Moore. They are Crean's guys after all.
  19. Sounds good. We just need Btowninsider to confirm that it is in fact a "done deal".
  20. Would we take both Watford and Brooks? Or is it first to commit?
  21. I just wish we had more scholarships. Indiana has 3 top 50 players in its 2019 class.
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