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  1. Is it Wednesday yet? I'm so ready for this game.
  2. Exactly. I was talking to a co worker about this very thing walking into school today. He seems to wait until he his wide open with no one within 10 ft of him to shoot. He knocked down some contested shots near the end of the game yesterday. Every time he did I would think, "You should do that more often, Parker." He shouldn't force bad ones, but he definitely needs to be more aggressive.
  3. I felt like late in the game when it was basically over, Stewart became more aggressive looking for his shot. He even hit a three with a guy guarding him instead of waiting to be wide open. I think I’d like to see him be a bit more aggressive like that earlier in games.
  4. That was really disappointing. Our defense was atrocious. On to Penn St.
  5. I’m not sure how you feel. Could you be clearer?
  6. Imagine how his numbers would look if he hit some layups, finished through contact, and didn’t shoot turnaround air balls.
  7. I really like TJD, but I swear if he isn’t dunking the ball, I’m to the point where I doubt it’s going in when he shoots.
  8. You get one of those word of the day calendars for Christmas?
  9. A little part of my soul dies every time Race shoots a three.
  10. Pretty sure Mrs. Keet has Covid. I warned her Little Keet and weren’t keeping the volume down even though she is resting. Give us something to yell about, Hoosiers.
  11. Didn’t mean from you. I agree though, he wasn’t the issue. You never would have known he was hurt the way he played.
  12. I almost made that same joke in my post asking the question.
  13. I have the game on, but the volume down. Did they say what the injury was?
  14. Yes. Miro Little and Gabe Cupps. Cupps has committed, Little has us in his final three.
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