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  1. I just got back to the game because my daughter started throwing up right before the half started. Judging from what I’ve read here, I might be next.
  2. Are we talking about football or marriage?
  3. WKU offense has found some rhythm. This up tempo seems to have thrown us for a loop so far.
  4. Oh man. I don’t like the way he grabbed his leg.
  5. I think it’s you. I think you are bad luck. Go cheer for the Rams for the next few minutes if you would.
  6. How bad was he limping? I have to listen to the radio broadcast because the Louisville tv market is getting the Bengals 🤮 game.
  7. I’ll take them however we can get them. Go Colts. I sure wish we had that three we left on the table in the first half.
  8. The Colts aren’t good for my blood pressure.
  9. Mid season form only three games into the season. Impressive.
  10. Stoyanovich (sp?) was pretty darn good too.
  11. We really need to come out in the 2nd with a long drive and a TD.
  12. To hear the announcers that’s the way we drew it up.
  13. Does that mean Texas starts 0-1 in the SEC if they lose?
  14. Trust me, Pal, we do that every day already. Enjoy the game. Yell for those of who can’t be there.
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