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  1. I have Peacock for their IndyCar coverage. Hopefully everything is on the free version of Peacock and not the premium. There is an IndyCar reporter I follow on twitter who refers to Peacock as "the cock" and he always makes jokes when some IndyCar event is about to start that is only on Peacock that incoprorate that name. I'm sure we will find a way to capitalize here on HSN as well.
  2. I'm shocked Bates wasn't on the break out player list.
  3. Same with me. I have said they make a night after a loss here look like a Sunday School picnic. That place is brutal. You can learn a lot of inside stuff early though.
  4. Cynicism? On Trackforum? Surely you jest.
  5. What about the kid who had the word in his iPad?
  6. I’m not doing the fantasy camp, but I bought tickets today for the FanFest which is like Hoosier Hysteria. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday night in August than getting an early glimpse of the team.
  7. I hurriedly read this and accidentally switched the order of the words twisted and basketball when I did. Much different reading that way.
  8. Beginning of the year teacher meetings at school.
  9. Dang it! Where is the sandpit? I need the sandpit.
  10. Little Keet has his first ever football practice tonight. Our little community didn’t have football until I was well out school. I always wished they would have had it when I was in school, but now I find myself being the nervous dad.
  11. Just started a The Terminal list so I skipped the posts on it. I’m only one episode in. The whole thing seemed familiar to me. I realized part way through that episode I had read the book. We just finished a series titled The Tourist on HBO Max. We really liked that.
  12. That team missed Hartman being out the whole season as well.
  13. You know what’s going to be a real pain? When BTN has on a Big 10 Elite on the careers of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. I get that Nebraska is in the B1G now but doing those episodes on the glory days under Osborn rubs me wrong. They weren’t in the B1G when those things happened. Now we have two more schools to have those on. Even more when we add Washington, Oregon, ND, the University of Phoenix Online, DeVry , or whoever else is in the pipeline.
  14. So when the B1G/B16 eventually gets to 20 teams, does everyone play every other team once in basketball except for their “protected rival” which they will play twice?
  15. They should be shooting, not eating.
  16. You mean Big Ten Eats isn’t enough for you?
  17. So now instead of B1G we need to use B16 correct?
  18. I can’t stay up late enough to watch those west coast games.
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