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  1. Bump Thought I would help!
  2. I believe he will be a forgotten player there. There are so many that have went there just like books to transfer or ride the bench. I hope he succeeds but he would have long been remembered here in his home state.
  3. I don't know about today, but the wind was really strong yesterday. Made for lots of clean up around my house.
  4. What are our insiders saying. coachss, Mile, what's the word. Are we going to be happy today or sad again.
  5. IU basketball needs some good news today! 🤞
  6. Why not put Race in and let him bag with the big boys some.
  7. We need to clean up the sloppy play.
  8. Guess I missed this one. What happened?
  9. So do you think the issues revolve around Romeo and Justin?
  10. Thanks Billingsley! Appreciate your continued input. Did you get any indication on what chemistry issues may be coming up? Because of the issues have you heard if the staff is addressing them head on!
  11. I think you can add "drive". This team seems to have long spurts with no energy level. Watching others rebound, late to the ball, lazy passes, slow ball movement, stagnant offense standing around and the list goes on. There are times when they are clicking and they look very good but the prolonged dead periods make it hard to win down the stretch. \ Edit: Sorry I now have read the entire post, lol. lack of effort at the top!!!!
  12. He looked like he was ready to break down at any minute.
  13. Great game! Fun to watch and it looked like the teams was actually wanting to be on the floor.
  14. No news or post in the last 18 hours. What is going on with this recruitment. I need some good news for IU basketball. The season is starting to tank and I just want something to be excited about. My guy in Bloomington has not given me anything for about 3 weeks now and its killing me.
  15. Not sure but I did not see anything that listed him as hurt. I seen Davis, Green and Hunter in sweats. I cant understand why he is not playing either. Give him some minutes in place of Fitzner. At least he will get some in game time for next year and may give you more D and points in the paint than Fitz is this year.
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