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  1. That is what I remember as well. At least one Iowa player was following Hunter as he was walking away saying something. Then Hunter turns around and confronted him. Anyone have the video to post?
  2. I was wander the same thing. It looked like the Iowa player started to follow him saying something and then he turned around and pointed at him. Not sure what was said but I think if a T is called it should have been on both players.
  3. Real question- what offense do we run. I see lots of passing on the perimeter and then a last second shot a lot.
  4. Wasn't sure he if he was hinting at something or saying he would use the over sign spot for sure. Either way someone else would have to leave.
  5. I only see one opening for next year. Who am I missing?
  6. Thanks Mile!! You always seem to have the news.
  7. Thanks IUFLA, I was looking at the schedule and was seeing when we play them. Usually this comes back to bit us as they (person suspended) have their 1st game back and go off on who ever they are playing.
  8. Do you know how many games or is it just one game?
  9. I just seen that Michigan suspended their PG. Anyone have any info on this?
  10. Great start to 21! Let's keeping it going...
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