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  1. Thank Mile. I wish I could make the full season but its hard to make all the games during the week with work.
  2. When do the Mini Season ticket packs usually come out? I was thinking they were already out this time last year.
  3. So was there a cancer on the team or is that just people guessing?
  4. I think he meant in addition to Garcia.
  5. Thanks Coach. Are you saying one more in addition to Garcia?
  6. How serious do you think we were since Lander is in our back yard for 21
  7. I was thinking Demazi or Race being the likely transfer possibilities. I hope they both stay as I think we need some stability in the team. I also think a wild card may be Hunter and if he is able to play moving forward.
  8. Are you saying Trace as is in one and done or transfer out?
  9. I can see that side as well, I just feel like that college basketball today is a guard oriented game. I think that either way we need a PG and a Big in the next two classes.
  10. OK, assuming we only take one more for next year. I know a lot of folks are saying Garcia but when I look at the roster I feel like we need a true back up PG and not a big. What I am missing here or is there someone who can play the point that I don't know about? RP and maybe Al.....
  11. Thanks for posting Reacher. Very good reads on Penix.
  12. Nooooooo, lets stick with the block IU please.
  13. Any updates? We are close to the end of August and was hoping to already have this kid locked up.
  14. I have lived with one for 30 years now. She is a teacher here in Indiana. Not sure how she does it some day...
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