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  1. What ever happened to the thread that listed all IU players in the pros? I always liked keeping up with who is where and what contracts they signed.
  2. In his IU pics the old floor is in the background. In the UNC pics there are shoes in the background. I think the FBI needs to look into this.... 😁
  3. I thought it was already stated that he would not be doing Law School while he was playing because of time and commitment needed.
  4. Agreed. I thought we would have some more into by now. When was his announcement date set for. I thought is was this week.
  5. Does this open the door for him to come back to a basketball game next year?
  6. Bump Thought I would help!
  7. I believe he will be a forgotten player there. There are so many that have went there just like books to transfer or ride the bench. I hope he succeeds but he would have long been remembered here in his home state.
  8. I don't know about today, but the wind was really strong yesterday. Made for lots of clean up around my house.
  9. What are our insiders saying. coachss, Mile, what's the word. Are we going to be happy today or sad again.
  10. IU basketball needs some good news today! 🤞
  11. Why not put Race in and let him bag with the big boys some.
  12. We need to clean up the sloppy play.
  13. Guess I missed this one. What happened?
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