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  1. Did we offer or did the University of Indiana offer? 🙄
  2. Does it ever get like this though?
  3. At this point can you really have 12 schools you are serious about. I think at most you would have 2 or 3 that are real contenders, the rest is just for show and attention.
  4. I hope so. Need some good news soon.
  5. According to 247 he has an offer.
  6. Miller has an offer based on the recruiting sites.
  7. Has there been any inside info on when he will announce? I was told to expect something before September but they would not say who.
  8. When do we expect him to be on campus working with the team?
  9. Main thing I want is an assistant that can mesh well with the team and coaches. Understands the direction of the head coach and can help educate the team on that direction. Can bring recruiting to the table and follow the rules. It looks like his resume is there.
  10. I did not see it reported that Griffin was offered or said no.
  11. What is this social media thing you speak of 😁
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