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  1. Ok so I am not the only one who did not know who KJ was. Good... When we landed Stewart I thought the talk was we would have him for two years. Did last year count even though he didn't play? From the current players why do we feel like RP and RT would be leaving unless they have a sure spot in the pros. Why not say as a 5th year player and get a masters?
  2. Based on the open spots for next year we are currently full with one over. Someone is leaving (TJD??). We are in on several 2022 recruits with several offers on the table. Based on that where do we see the spots coming from. I know some of the Seniors will be 5th year based on Covid and may want to move on but what does everyone else see as a possibility? I don't see Stewart, Johnson, Kopp or Durr leaving after just transferring (could be wrong). Do we have any others that may be able to just to the NBA?
  3. I really like the balance of the roster now. I am not going to predict who starts since we have not seen any of these guys in CMW offence or defensive sets. Just because they were good or not in CAMs system may not translate the same now in the flow of a game under CMW. For me it doesn't matter, if the team plays to win and the guys who practice well, will get the playing time. What I don't want to see is lazy play now. There is no reason not to put someone on the bench and put in the guy willing to work hard. Also, don't want to see the staff pulling guys that have momentum on the floor.
  4. This was great. I love him more now than I thought I would. I think he 100% understands what needs to happen. PS - I hope he is the direction of the future with the program.
  5. So we have replacements lined up or we will start working on lining up?
  6. Horrible news. That is 3 big losses for Hoosier nation in less than a year.
  7. Is there a direct link to the Grid without going to the thread topic page 1?
  8. Same here. I went to bed knowing we were playing and it didn't even bother me. Woke up and check to see the OT loss and said oh well. Not sure what the issue is with IUBB but man it has been a long dry spell.
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