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  1. Agreed. He also did not know that Hunter was going to have a season ending issue to start his career and Romeo would have a smaller impact than most would have guessed.
  2. Don't you usually tell the coach you are committing to first and then the following calls are to let the other coaches down. At least that is my hope on this one.
  3. If I bought a bumper sticker will that be a violation? 🙄
  4. Well lets get him on campus and I will help. No need for staff to get involved.
  5. But can the staff be with him when he walks around or is there a restriction?
  6. Is the campus closed to the point where we can't have a recruit come for a visit? I thought this kid was leaning to IU early on even without a visit.
  7. Sorry, didn't see it there. Admins feel free to delete or move it to that topic.
  8. Reading Pat Chambers has resigned. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2020/10/21/penn-state-basketball-coach-pat-chambers-resigns-after-review/3720484001/
  9. I always knew you were an IU lean...
  10. Someone needs to tell CTC to back off. He had his chance LOL.
  11. Any inside info from our great posters???
  12. and even again. Hope this helps....
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