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  1. I hope this don’t mean we’re not getting Trey.
  2. Miller is the recruit I want the most out of the 2021 class. I believe he will be a star.
  3. This is it 100% I don’t like how the college game has gone. I really miss the good old days of college basketball. It has always been my favorite sport to watch. Starting to loose interest in it just not the same game.
  4. I am hoping for 11-9 because we have a lot of players that’s playing there way into shape. We will have games we’re we are hitting from outside and everyone will think we’re better. Like MSU last year always ups and downs in a season. The BIG is better than most of us thought. I think ILLINOIS will be the surprise team this year. Cockburn is improving ( lucky for me right) I think he will be one of the top five picks in the NBA.
  5. This was a ugly win no doubt. But the effort was there and I thought it was a great team win. A lot of different players made big plays on both ends of court. Team has long way to go but I can see hope for a lot of improvements.
  6. Al is going to be much improved. This team going to do better than there preseason perditions.
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