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  1. 3Ballin

    Trendon Watford

    I also like to imagine im 6'4", skinny and rich but only 2 of those are possible but the powerball just doesnt cooperate and......
  2. 3Ballin

    "Drastic changes"

    Dude.....have you seen his wife!?!?! There would be a LOT of hesitation. 😏 lol🤣
  3. Other than any team that ever plays us it seems like....how often do you see a player running thru a never ending line of picks like Reggie Miller used to do. Or better yet, teach kids how to set a pick, both guys, not just the screener. Harden, Westbrook and Curry are where and who they are for a reason; those players don't come around that often, stop trying to shoehorn the Newkirks of the world into their mold. And another thing!!! I dont know what jack wagon saw the Harlem Globetroters impressive winning streak and thought the 25 second weave and a chuck and duck was a good offense, but the man is a wizard!!! Black magic is the only way in the world he could have pulled off that sales job.
  4. 3Ballin

    Can Race Have an Impact?

    Unfortunatly, im affraid the only impact Race will make this year caused him to miss 80%+ this season.
  5. Davis, Romeo (on d), Al, McBob and Juwan (on d) i agree were not soft. Last night was the most fight i had seen out of this team in a long time, but still a lot of fluff on the floor. But i ask this, was last night the norm or the exception???
  6. To quote one of my favorite movies......."these guys are softer then the Charmin Extra Soft they wipe their butts with!"
  7. 3Ballin

    Sean McNeil (JuCo)

    Ahhhhhh.....Jay Edwards n James Blackmon....those were the good 'ole days 😌😁
  8. 3Ballin

    Sean McNeil (JuCo)

    I would KILL to have a Ziesloft on this team!!! But a Roth wouldnt upset me either. Look at what (insert unathletic white kid) does to us every game. By no means think we need a team full, but one or two sharp shooters would be nice!!! 🎯🎯🎯
  9. 3Ballin

    Purdue post game

    To be fair, McBob has been pretty banged up most of the year.
  10. 3Ballin

    Purdue Game Thread

    Are you calling him a large patch of sand next to a body of water??? 🏖🏖🏖
  11. 3Ballin

    Purdue Game Thread

    Ya, well, i needed to make my point without getting yelled at by the mods. Lol
  12. 3Ballin

    Purdue Game Thread

    Sun of a flocking beach that was an ugly flocking half of basketball. At least we played like we had a set rather than a bunch of sad little beaches.
  13. 3Ballin

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Those guys have been to just as many classes this semester as anyone from UNC or Kentucky. Wait, anyone that actually plays for UNC or Kentucky.
  14. 3Ballin

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Ok, so just so i can sort all of this out.....is @CoachSS and @IUwins0708 are the Kardashians if the forum (attention seekers).....does that make @milehiiu Kris or Caitlyn Jenner??? 🤣🤣🤣
  15. 3Ballin

    Anthony Leal

    I dont care if the kid can do a tripple lending off the steel peir in Jersey and dunk the ball or if he can barely touch the net.....im tired of getting athletes that have to learn how to play basketball. We dont need a team of Usain Bolt's or Carl Lewis's that jump high and run fast but look like Michael J Fox when they take a jump shot. We have got to get kids in here that know how to play the game, that can guard their position and make plays on offense. Another year of losing would suck. But if CAM brings in a bunch of kids that work their asses off and buy in....then so be it. And no, I dont want Leal because he is from Indiana. I've said it several times on here....you dont have to live in the state to be an Indiana kid. This one just happens to live a few minutes from Assembly Hall.
  16. 3Ballin

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Well, this goes for most teams at IU not just this one....but if we started one on shots, i bet they wouldnt miss many.
  17. 3Ballin

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Thats because he would be in his thirties. Go watch "Benchwarmers" he'd be like the Dominican guy one team brought in with a birth certificate that said "i am 12" written in crayon.
  18. 3Ballin

    Indiana HS hoops

    Just saw this on facebook, but aparently there was a movie made about the '15 Barr-Reeve team that will be playing in Washington, Vincennes and Terra Haute in the comming weeks. It's called "Kings of Indiana" i believe. I'll see if I can find the link. KingsofIndiana.com
  19. 3Ballin

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Exactly....i think we got Romeo a year or two before we needed him. We needed to be an old team with solid ground work and a system that was firmly in place.
  20. 3Ballin

    Colson Montgomery

    Outside of soccer and swimming.....can we just get several great one sport stars to shine at IU??? We've had some fizzle and spark a little bit lately. We keep getting bottle rockets and we need some Chinese New Year $h!t!!! 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
  21. I have to dissagree with that. We get a LOT of good looks, its the attempts we dont get. There are usually 2 or 3 open 3's that could be taken on about every possesion, but we look like a kid that just watched their dog get hit by a car then pee a little down our leg and drive into 4 defenders for a turnover.
  22. 3Ballin

    Justin Smiths shot

    He deffinatly has a hitch in his shot. Its like he jumps, gets to the apex and remembers oh ya, um not dunking and flicks his wrist way late instead of it being nice and fluid and starting his shot on the way up and releasing at the top. Romeo has a little different version of the same problem. Make them take "jump shots" with like a 10lb or 15lb medicine ball. They'll break their wrists or learn how to use their whole body in sync to shoot.
  23. 3Ballin

    Ohio St post game thread

    At least they showed some fight somewhere.
  24. 3Ballin

    Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Maybe they were shooting better on what is normally the home half and CAM is trying to get off to a hotter start and is running out of other stuff to try?
  25. 3Ballin

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Old Yeller was kind of depressing....that is 🐃💩