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  1. It seems as though this team is poised to make a deep NCAA tournament run. Time will tell. hope we get to watch this team play.
  2. Sorry if this has already been brought up. Fortunately I am still working during the virus, and havent had the time i would like to peruse through the threads Thoughts on if DA was kinda pushed out the door for another potential recruit. I just think the timing of DA transferring is slightly odd. Maybe it's just because of all of the recruiting buzz today. I could be wrong DA seemed like a good kid, but couldn't put enough together to see the floor.
  3. PG - Yogi SG - Guyton SF - Wilmont PF - O.G. C - Newton with an extended 2-3 zone; spread the floor motion offence, drive and kick/inside outside
  4. I figured Purdue was out as soon as Furst committed. Everything i saw Kauffman and Furst didnt want to play together. Is that no longer the case?
  5. first time poster. I have been looking forward to the tournament for 3 years now. I am more of a pessimist as a sports fan, but every bracket i looked at i could make a case for a sweet 16 run or deeper. Even more to that point, this was seemingly the most open tournament for anyone to win it all. woulda been a fun tournament to watch.
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