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  1. I dont have a problem with what TJD said. He came back for a reason. He didnt come back to horse around and have fun. He doesnt want to deal with what seems to be more issues than just the NW game. He didnt call anyone out. If certain players took offense to what he said, and went on twitter, they just outed themselves. Get rid of the riff raff. move on. all business.
  2. I think youre getting a little overzealous here with this post entirely. You're talking about 3 people that are/should have been freshman this past season. Lander will be a good ball player, but probably not live up the the fan created hype with the 5 star status. I dont think anyone thought Bates would be a world beater his first year. And did anyone expect Duncomb to play much if at all last year?
  3. Interesting article on ESPN saying that only 54% of FBS players that transferred enrolled at another school.
  4. what in the duece? I watch roughly 0% of the NBA. is there a backstory or just some nutjob random fan?
  5. Is there a rendition of a weekend recap in the form of Cliff Notes here? Did i miss anything or is it all just NIL talk?
  6. i believe it was roughly 35 minutes after entering the portal he was a Purdue lock, no? 😂
  7. 40% 34% 34% 30% freshman year to senior respectively.
  8. I get what you're saying. It would be a case by case situation. but if you continue to play for the future, you wont be around to experience it.
  9. Im tired of reading "we need shooters". We had two last year that provided an average of 2.7 3 pointers a game last year. and just stood on the arc. couldnt drive, didnt rebound, defense was okay. We need multi-faceted players that can shoot the ball around 32% 3pt, but also can drive, cut, intense defense, rebound. that 2.7 3 pointers a game disappears pretty quickly when you factor in literally every other aspect of the game.
  10. simple answer. whoever puts us in the best position to win this year. not in '23, '24, or '25 and beyond.
  11. To answer your question... with TJD we are full.
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