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  1. I loved this but hated it. I didnt realize i have been so apathetic with IU... kinda just hanging back waiting for us to be good again. But even that team was a disappointment.
  2. if you need to motivate a player with NBA aspirations to improve their game..... that falls on the player.
  3. the difference here is the $4mil buyout of crean and the $10 mil buy out for CAM. partially with where we are after the last scenario it would be harder to do so with the same amount of money, but we are talking about a huge difference of $. you would think they would protect themselves more this time around.
  4. i dont see how IU would pay $10mill for CAM buyout to not hit a homerun of a hire. Meaning if the move were to happen this year, it wouldn't be for a mid major flavor of the month coach. If the move were to happen, it would happen with a very short list in mind.
  5. Anyone have the details for the ESPN+ article by Jeff Borzello?
  6. Definitely not giving up on Lander. I think he will be very good. I was just expecting a little more this season. Maybe too much. Not going to “if” this to death, but maybe next season.
  7. On top of this, most of these kids are winners in high school. Not really used to losing. In the middle of a frustrating game... I don’t believe this to be much of anything. Could be wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I understand where you're coming from. I will say i do hate the "but everyone is doing it." It does seem that everyone is doing it. they are getting caught, and nothing is happening. Barry Bonds does not hold the HR record lol
  9. fair enough. I guess until i see the NCAA do something to some of these programs, how worried should we be? I mean LSU, Arizona, Kansas, UNC, Duke, Auburn....etc.etc.
  10. Youre worried about getting stuck with the next Crean or Miller? What about getting stuck with the next Sampson?
  11. The last two years i have subscribed to the B1G + network to watch IU soccer. They had from i remember pretty much all the games. This year, they havent had any and dont seem to be carrying the one on saturday. WTH. am i doing this wrong?
  12. Turning point in the game: +/- 10 minutes in the first half. IU up +/-12 points. Our lineup on the floor was KL, AL, TG, JH, and RT. Jacob Young punked our guards last night more so than usual. Al, Jerome, and TJD came out showing teeth. they bit back. we wimpered and hid in the corner the rest of the game. RP is so lost mentally.
  13. i dont know much about this kid, but i would bet we could have used him last night.
  14. For the love of God there are at least 5 other posts about how much people hate CAM.
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