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  1. Athletes, Coaches, Fans will say yes. School presidents and the army of lawyers running these institutions will say no.
  2. When it comes to assistant coaches it seems IU is always looking for someone to help on the east coast. That's fine. It would be nice if they could also coach basketball. I'd crack up if it ended up being AJ Guyton. Not sure what kind of coach/recruiter he is, but it would almost be worth it just to tick off DD.
  3. Rob with a dagger to beat Butler Please let there be a college basketball season
  4. I agree. It's his job now to stir things up. The problem is his petty personal attacks on Archie Miller and others. If you call a grown man lil' Archie, it has nothing to do with his coaching or recruiting abilities. It's a personal attack you would expect from a 4th grader. Interesting notes: If you compare their college stats Archie was the better player. If you compare their coaching stats - Archie is a better coach. If you compare their actions and how they treat others, Archie is a better person. Any way you slice it, Archie Miller is better than bitter danny dakich
  5. DD is the definition of bitter. He's always thought more of himself than he should. His coaching career was lackluster in a lackluster conference where, in ten seasons, he had a winning record only 4 times and finished with a losing record in each of the last five seasons. You notice there is not outcry to hire him as a head coach or assistant coach anywhere. Burnt bridges, big ego, and little talent do not equal options. Seems pretty clear it all went downhill when he expected to get the IU job and it didn't happen. The whole "IU guy" thing was flushed. Now he's media. The only thing he has left is to manufacture controversy. Watch - in a month or two he'll praise Archie. The fact is, DD is a small, two-faced, bitter little man. He will eventually get run out of his radio gig as he continues to find ways to get suspended, and as noted earlier, he will burn his bridges.
  6. I don't follow a lot of other teams as closely, so it's hard to say IU has more or less major injuries than most. It just seems that way when you can't go a year without a serious injury that ends their season or significantly limits their ability to get on the court. During the Crean-years it became the norm for at least one or two to show up in a walking boot just prior to the first game. It would be an out of the blue thing that just happened to occur routinely.
  7. ESPN is virtually unwatchable. Politics and social justice end up in just about everything they do. And just to be clear, social justice has nothing to do with justice. Once you add "social" to it, it's no longer about justice. It becomes a subjective catch all to mean whatever someone wants it to mean and used against whoever they want to use it against. Just like the nonsense of "my truth". If it's my truth, it can be whatever I want it to be. It has nothing to do with actual facts or reality - if it did it would just be called the truth. People accepting this crap are part of the problem. But it's not just ESPN. I tried watching undisputed for awhile. Garbage. Listening to Sharp's "skip skip skip, c'mon skip, skip c'mon, skip skip skip" is torture. And Bayless may be the most deserving of a forearm to the face. Again, unwatchable. The rest is really just more of the same. Every story has to have an angle that touches on their agenda related to politics and social justice. Unless one of the teams I follow is playing a game on their stations, I have no use for them.
  8. Lander excels with his ball handling skills, quickness, and foot speed. He will need to bulk up, like any freshman, but it's not key to his offensive game. If anything, he will need it on the defensive end.
  9. I find articles like this ignorant. They could have called it, "Fans of Teams that Previously Won and Want to Win it Again". All fans want to win. If you haven't won at a high level in several years, you want to win now. If you won it all last year, you want to win now. That's what all fans want every year. The only thing this article does is show how weak writers are today. It's fluff and nonsense all day every day. Anyone could put together this list and make up an article just like this one. Still, it begs the question - what is living in the past? In what way are we living in the past? Is it because the fans recall and discuss great seasons in their favorite program's history? All fans do do that. Is there a retro fashion statement being made with leisure suits and platform shoes? I am not seeing that in Indiana. Are families remodeling their homes to match days gone by with shag carpet and lime green furniture? What does it mean to "live in the past"? And what about teams that have never won a championship or had any real success? What past do they have to live in? Perhaps it is the idea teams like IU have fans that want and expect to be championship contenders again. Should we expect less? Should fans who buy tickets and donors who contribute to the program just fold it up and quit? Never going to happen. The fan base is too large, too strong, and too committed to seeing IU winning at the highest level again. Yes, we expect to be title contenders again. It's just a matter of time. That is not living in the past. That's an IU fans expectation. It's in our blood. Too often this pointless drivel comes seeping out from alleged professional writers. It has to be the second biggest con business going today, right behind the so-called recruiting experts who try to pawns their "insights" for money. You come to expect it. Just as you can expect a few anti-Bob Knight articles to come oozing out as click bait when things are slow and the "writer" has to submit something.
  10. Exactly right. I typically do not follow a kid once he transfers but I'll be watching to see how it turns out for Justin. Sounds like Arkansas is going to give him the position he wants and flexibility to play how he wants. So, if he excels I'd expect to hear him and his family with the 'I told you so'. If he falls on his face, who will they blame? If the facts don't change - cannot shoot or dribble - then he really hasn't accomplished much with a transfer because his issues at IU were not a lack of starts or minutes.
  11. I'm not sure it's entirely within their control, at this point. Early on it seems like all the freshmen get an opportunity to show what they can do. Defending your position would be my first criteria for minutes. Then will any of them show the ability to consistently knock down shots or create offense? But it likely comes down to what rotations work. With only three post players inside it's going to result in situations where others to have to play out of position. That will dictate who gets time. If Geronimo can defend and rebound with his athleticism, he'd be the obvious choice. Plus, he gets some minutes because Race will be forced to play more inside (Brunk fouls a lot) and his competition for minutes is really just Hunter if you are looking at the Forward position. We hope Hunter has a big year but it is far from certain. Still, if Geronimo cannot defend or rebound the rotation changes. If they have to go small I'd guess Rob, Lander, and Durham will get the majority of minutes with Franklin being the next guy in rotation getting plenty of minutes also. Just not sure if Leal's shooting outweighs Galloway's all-around game. And will it matter? Once you start talking about the 9 - 11 guys, how many minutes are there to go around anyway? The good news is, they will be able to settle it in practice and on the court. Hoping that raises everyone's game and Archie has a lot of options to play the guys that have earned it.
  12. All of these kids are chasing their dream, so whatever they feel is right is what they should do. But too many simply chase a quick check rather than thinking long term. The top tier kids figured it out years ago that the goal is not just getting drafted. They started looking beyond their rookie deal. It's all about being in position to get that second deal. Jump too soon when you are not ready, some not close to ready, and you will be nothing more than NBA fodder, quickly drafted over in a year and fighting for your life against hundreds in the boat.
  13. Supremely confident the coaching staff knows how these guys can play together. Not sure other programs spend so much time fretting over how potential recruits will fit in together. Duke lands a great class every year with overlaps at positions and nobody is about to jump off a bridge worried how it will work.
  14. I don't see an issue with the B1G. In fact, I'd say it is one of the deepest and strongest in the country. If they were not getting to the championship game that would be one thing, but that is not the case. They have sent 8 teams to the championship game in the past 20 years. That's 40%. They just failed to win it, with the one exception being MSU. So basically, they were a game away from the title several times. 2018 UM 2015 UW 2013 UM 2009 MSU 2007 OSU 2005 IL 2002 IU - lost to Maryland but the Terps were not in the B1G at the time. 2000 MSU (won)
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