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  1. Keion "Time To Be Selfish" Brooks on the move. Good luck to him. Very happy his college career ended up not including IU.
  2. X, TJD and Race will start.Trayce is a lock. Race didn't come back to sit. X is still on the team, so he starts. There are two starting spots open, as I see it. Woodson won't take the focus off defense but he needs a shooter or scorer on the floor opposite Trayce. Kopp may start again but if any other option show a developed outside shot or ability to score they will take that slot because Miller is not great defensively and does not rebound. Tamar has more physical tools. If he develops his offense and defend, he's the best option because of his length. Jordan may be the most ready on offense and defense. His physical skills make him special and there were times last season he looked like the best player on the court not named Trayce. JHS should play early and often. Start? I hope so. If IU wants to go deep into the big dance he needs to be a big part of it. Another guard who can get his own, big, physical and strong on D. If he hits anything outside or can get to the rim he needs to be on the court. The positive is IU has a lot of options.
  3. Huge. Most talented IU team in years top to bottom. Hoping TJD brings that highlight jump shot with him. We know what we have with TJD, Race, X, Kopp and most of the returning players if they play at their same levels. But we are hoping the younger guys take it up a notch or two. Tamar could be a monster if he gets his game together on either end of the court. Trey could be fantastic if he has adds a jump shot. Jordan may end up being the most physically talented player on the team. Leal and Duncomb could both see big jumps in improvement that help the team. The additions of JHS, Malik, Kaleb and CJ is what makes this exciting. They give IU more athleticism and overall basketball skill than they've had on the bench in many years. As good as they were defensively much of last season i think they will be better next season. JHS bring another level of D at guard in a bigger more physical body. It really comes down to who on the team can develop a consistent outside shot or becomes a consistent scorer opposite of TJD. It's on in the B1G
  4. At first I was concerned because CMW made it clear he wanted bigger more athletic guards and GC does not fit the description. But the more you see and hear from the kid the more you like him. Coach on the floor type who knows how to lead a team. Cupps is about 6'2 165 by most recruiting sites. Compare that to K Lander, who IU listed at 6'2 and a very generous 185, and you get the sense he will need to hit the gym before arriving in Bloomington. But I wouldn't count him out regardless. Other's have had success at that size in college. Bobby Hurley (No, not saying he's Hurley) was 6'0 165 at Duke and that may have been when he graduated because I'm not sure he was 165 as a freshman. If Cupps can control the ball and knock down shots he'll help the team. The bigger challenge will be on defense and that's something he's going to have to figure out because teams will attack him. Look forward to seeing him develop and be a part of this team. He has the personality and leadership skills that draws other recruits to want to be on his team. By the time it's over he has the potential to be one of the all-time fan favorites.
  5. IU finally has depth at all positions, especially if TJD comes back. Maybe not the elite size inside of some programs but if you have 6'9 TJD and Duncomb with 6'8 Race, Banks, and Malik... that's enough to win a lot of games. Plus the size on the perimeter compares to upper tier teams, so you won't see IU getting physically mismatched all over the floor. Just as important as the added size and depth, they are athletic and there's a difference. Guys like Durr, DDavis, Jerkin and a cast of thousands in the 6'10 to 7'0 range have come and gone over the years and they all had something in common - they were slow, not athletic, or more project than player. Either due to injury or just not being that good they couldn't help the team more than a few sport minutes here and there offering little to no productivity. Can't see that happening with this group. We know TJD and Race can play. We believe Malik and Banks bring more athleticism and basketball skills to the table. And Duncomb has had a year to bulk up and prepare to contribute. Very interested in seeing what he can bring to the team next season. So even if TJD moves on they will have guys who can play. If they add Dexter Dennis, assuming he is more defensive stopper than offensive weapon, IU could have at least four high level defenders with TJD, JHS, DDennis and Galloway. That's not counting what X, Race and JG bring already and the potential of Malik, Banks, and Bates who are all potential defensive stoppers. IU has the chance to take a big step up defensively, which would be incredible to see, and then it's a matter of how much they can do on offense. I'm guessing CMW believes they will shoot better but even if thy don't it's going to be tough to score on IU.
  6. Good luck to Rob. Hope nothing but the best for him. Maybe a new program can help him realize his full potential, which I don't think he has come close to so far.
  7. Checked three different two round mock drafts and Kofi was not on any of them. Seemed odd but very glad to see him go on his way and out of the B1G. Just as happy Frazier is finally gone. Also checked Oscar T from uk and he varied from pick 35 into the 50s. As for Trayce, he was in the 40s. They seem to be suffering from the NBA's three and D trend. In the past, these types of players would be more valued but neither of them can shoot consistently from the perimeter. Neither of them are great ball handlers. So, none of them fit neatly into today's NBA mold. They are more in line with bench fodder. We have been saying all along TJD doesn't really have a position in the NBA. He's a 6'9 post presence who struggles scoring over size, has no jumper and his handles are not great. If he developed any kind of shot from 15 or more feet it would be huge for his draft value. Final Note - uk fans believe Oscar is back. He won the player of the year award this season. There was a time when kids would not risk coming back after winning player of the year because you can't top it individually and the risk of injury is too great. Now it seems these guys are realizing just being big and strong doesn't cut it in the NBA. You have to have more of a game. Although it appears Kofi is going to take his shot now. Depending on how it works out for him it will be very telling for all big men going forward.
  8. The NIL seems destined to blow up at some point. Big programs with deep pocket donors will eventually make it untenable. Then what? Salary cap? And where is title 9 in all this? Will a young lady on the tennis team need a Porsche and million dollars to prevent her from suing everyone? The NCAA lost control and there is no getting the tooth paste back in the tube. The days of the NCAA as an institution seem destined to end in a fiery legal barrage. Then NCAA basketball as we know it will end. Where there is no vision, the people perish.
  9. I don't think TJD would worry if IU added three more 5 star recruits. I'm referring to those mentioned previously by others as possibly leaving because of MR committing. Specifically, Duncomb and JG. If adding a five star scares you and you think transferring is the best option for playing time, it will likely be to a lower rung team.
  10. Great addition. Congrats to Malik and his family. Congrats to CMW and the staff for another big time recruiting accomplishment. The funny thing is, when other programs land a top level recruit they don't seem too worried about who that may impact and cause to leave. I never read anything from Duke, Kansas, UNC, etc. fretting over who may decide to leave if they add another five star recruit. The question I ask is - if a current player decides they can't stay on the team if IU adds a great player, does IU really need them? Another question would be, what Power 5 conference team will you transfer to where you can just step in and be a starter getting lots of minutes with no competition for other great recruits if you don't think you can compete at IU?
  11. I did see where Jefe Jabrohns put out an update saying it was a "very good official visit". Of course, you have to subscribe for that kind of insight but I'm sure it's worth it. As you know, it's rare for a recruit to take an official visit and then suggest it was good after the fact.
  12. Great news about Race. As someone noted, if he can develop a reliable 15 - 16 foot jumper it goes a long way toward making his life easier and the team better. He struggles scoring over size with his back to the basket and that's not likely to change. Huge news for IU though. Now instead of needing to add multiple bigs they can likely get away with adding just one more and being somewhat competitive even if TJD goes pro. TJD 6'9, Duncmb 6'9, Race 6'8 and Banks 6'8. Would like to add one more 6'9 or better who can really battle inside but I believe they can compete with this group for the most part. If they lose TJD and fail to add a legit player to at least defend and rebound it's gong to be a lot tougher sledding.
  13. Shooting is needed but scoring is a necessity and there is more than one way to score. But in a situation where your team does not shoot and does not score at a high level, you better have defenders who can shut down the other team if you want any chance to win. Reminds me of the Bob Huggins teams of the late 80's and 90's. Several years they could not score very well but their D carried them and they scored a lot in transition and off that D. Of course they would press and he used a lot of grown men thugs to make it work but they could play defense. Lots of assumptions but if you have TJD, Race, Geronimo, Galloway, X, JHS, and a guy like Dexter, it's going to be tough to score on IU. Lots of ugly low scoring games would be likely.
  14. Last one that felt like virtually a lock would be Ziesloft. Two years at IU he hit 63 (45%) and 65 (42%). Compare to IU last season where Parker hit 53 (39%).
  15. Not seeing a lot of weave handoffs to get the offense going.
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