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  1. Adding Clowney would cap off a remarkable recruiting class and take IU's momentum to another level.
  2. I'm ready to see an IU team that has depth and actually uses their scholarships, which means I'm ready to see a team that can sub at all positions when the play is not up to the standard I'm ready for guards who know what they are doing and don't have to stop and look at the bench on virtually every possession I'm ready for a defense that is in your face and an offense that moves at something other than a snail's pace I'm ready for Assembly Hall to become a nightmare for every opponent I'm ready for a team that has more than one player who can shoot and they shoot it consistently I'm ready for a team that doesn't wilt like a flower for most road games I'm ready for a team that has an edge - better yet, a team that plays with a bit of a nasty streak I'm ready for a team that is not physically overpowered and annually one of smallest team's in the B1G I'm ready for IU to return as an annual NCAA tournament team and national title contender I'm ready for IU basketball to start
  3. Waiting for all the "recruiting experts" to make their predictions on this one. You sense none are eager to step out on a limb yet and I'll take that to mean they have no clue. My belief is the experts rarely have a clue and that's why it is unbelievable anyone would pay for their insights. History suggests once one or two experts make their prediction you will quickly see others climb on board with the same prediction. Still, others will wait until the moment just before announcement to make their prediction. My favorite are the ones who do make an early prediction and just minutes before the announcement they realize, likely because of other predictions, that they they are on the wrong side. It's then time to make a quick unexplained switch to save face. Whatever professional insights and sources they had leading up to the announcement are tossed out the window as if they never were. Classic "recruiting expert" move.
  4. My guess is rotations and playing time will be the ongoing question even after the season starts. The first three games you hope they win easily at home but it should allow lots of guys to play. Then the season really starts. The first true test is St. John's in game number four at Bloomington. A couple weeks ago Athlon predicted the Red Storm will get a 12 seed in the tournament. At that point I'll be interested in who starts and how the rotations work. Does CMW shrink the bench? Does he sub in waves and play a lot of guys? No idea but it should become clear how things are going to work against better competition. Then you get some cupcakes before heading to Syracuse at the end of November. This may be the game that tells us how realistic expectations are for the season. If Syracuse is playing a high level zone defense (predicated 9 seed in same Athlon prediction) and IU has success beating the zone, then you have to feel they are set for conference play. If they struggle finding open shots or making open shots, that's going to be a red flag. All that said, TJD will be a staple getting big minutes and leading the way in the stat book; X is my guess as team's vocal and emotional leader (one they haven't had since Yogi); and whether he starts or not it's going to be hard to keep Tamar Bates off the floor.
  5. Johnny Cal hates true road games like J Biden hates smart decisions. If he doesn't have his fans outnumbering the other team's, he'd prefer not to play it. I'd watch the @ Notre Dame game and especially the @ Kansas game. There may be a sudden "covid-19 spike" for the cats that takes one off the books.
  6. Not sure how the numbers work out but I have to believe CMW knows who's likely to move on after the season. Trying to look at it logically and make an educated guess, this is what I come up with so far... Lock to go NBA: TJD - whether he develops a perimeter shot or not. Likely to go pro (overseas), transfer or just be done with basketball: Race - been here forever it seems (22 years old already), almost left once, and i'm guessing he has his degree already. I'd say he is headed overseas to make some money or looking to move closer to home to finish up his last eligible season. The NBA does not appear to be an option. Rob - assuming his role this season is mainly defensive stopper and backup PG, he will take his degree and his four years at IU and move on. Even overseas seems like a reach for him at this point. And I'm not even sure he would use his extra year of eligibility to play basketball. 50/50 to go pro (NBA or overseas) or transfer: Parker - He's 23 years old now. He already has two degrees if I remember correctly. Depending on how well he does this season it could go either way. He hung around for a reason but his family situation may force him to decide sooner than later. Kopp - I can see him declaring if he has a big season. Get the impression he's going to be a focus of the offense or at least get a healthy chance to prove he can be the guy opposite TJD. Xavier - The opportunity is there for X to showcase his skills. If IU makes a run and he leads the way I can see him taking his shot at the NBA. Staying Put: Durr - He's counting on the season after TJD leaves to have his chance. Until then he's coming off the bench. Seems unlikely to transfer again. The rest of the team is likely to return unless they become angry about playing time or just see the writing on the wall with Hood-Schifino, Banks, and Gunn already committed and at least one more likely to be added. Even guys like Leal and Trey who are IU guys from birth may end up realizing they want to play more. The point to all of this is, keep adding quality players. They're going to need them.
  7. Win early and win often. Have a breakthrough season and make a run in the tournament, the rest takes care of itself. My hope is IU develops an edge. It needs to be known that playing IU is going to be the hardest game you play all season. In your face defense. Relentless. Not sure who leads the way on this, but X seems to be a likely candidate.
  8. Congrats to Jalen and his family. Another great addition by CMW and his staff. Another recruit who clearly fits the description of the player CMW said he will bring into the program. He defends multiple positions, can shoot, scores in multiple ways. My concern was if they did not have early recruiting success this idea would fall off and it would lead to reaching for projects. Clearly that is not a problem to this point. At 6'5 and 210 lbs, which means he'll be closer to 220 or more before he steps on the court, he's another big guard to move around. IU is finally adding the kind of size you see in championship teams. Now add a quality big and this is a special class.
  9. Impact player that once again meets the description of the type of player CMW said he wants to bring to IU. Adding Jalen does a few things - it adds another guard with size; provides another multiple position defender, and a scorer. On top of that, if he commits it sets the table to add a big. You get a class like Jalen, Banks, and Gunn then add one of the big men they are after and it's a great recruiting class.
  10. I'll stick with shoe since that's a more common expression. In fact, pretty sure a boot is just a type of shoe.
  11. It never seems to end with IU basketball. There's always something that sets them back. Under Crean you'd get to game day and the reports would come out of someone spotted in a walking boot. They planned an overseas trip and oops, someone didn't get the paper work required to allow them to travel. Maybe it's nothing - just precautionary. But you do get tired of the feeling like the program is snake bit and you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  12. I'm interested in seeing how this trip pans out whether they play or not. I recall a trip when Crean was coach and at least one player wasn't able to participate last minute because the program didn't get the necessary paperwork done on time. It was a bad sign and made them look ridiculous. I'd like to think the program is on top of things now and whether they play or not it does not turn into a joke.
  13. I'm all for someone taking care of their mental health but she really shouldn't be competing for anything. If you could not finish competing as part of the team you shouldn't be able to compete as an individual. More important than Biles not competing is she took a spot on the team from someone else. There's another young lady out there somewhere who's dream was to compete in the olympics and they may never have another opportunity. Someone else wanted to compete for a gold and represent their country. If Biles had any idea she was struggling prior to the olympics she should have stepped away at that point. As it turns out, she stole someone else's dream.
  14. Random Rant A top recruit announced his Top 8 (some are not even colleges) last Friday and there are sites that want you to subscribe and pay for the information even today. It doesn't make sense. You can do a quick search and find the same information in seconds. Still, some of these scouting gurus have the audacity to charge you for the privilege of reading what they typed... or in some cases what they copied and pasted. I'm not opposed to people wasting their money. That's their right. But haven't we learned by now that there is no information made available by any of the so called experts, with their keen insights and connections, that cannot be found for free. Even when a kid announces his actual selection you can get that information at the same time or within seconds of the announcement for free.
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