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  1. It's more than poor offense. D IS TERRIBLE.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family. Another huge loss for the IU family. Another loyal, long time fan who stayed with the team through the ups and many downs of the past several years/decades. It really makes you think about how quickly time passes. I was in high school when IU won the National Championship in 1987 and never would have guessed going on 34 years later they would have only played for one other title. Worse still, IU is not even close to competing for another title. This is why, as much as I like Archie, I am not willing to be patient endlessly. It would have be
  3. Nothing left to say really. Same things that have killed them repeatedly. No clue how to get good shots and any open shots they do get, they miss. Cant get stops on D. Cant get key rebounds. Once they got the 5 point lead second half you just knew they couldn't keep it. Consecutive poor shots, turnovers, missed free throws and lead gone. Archie has no answers.
  4. I'd like to see Joey get a real final season of play in, if possible. He's earned that much. And frankly, is IU in a position to turn down anyone with size that wants to play? They are not. I'd be interested in what kind of recovery we are looking at though. When healthy he can play a role and help the team. If he's going to have a lingering back problem he should probably get on with his life's work. The other question is, what coaching staff will he be talking to? I'd guess Archie would want him to return but if a new coach is in place, they may see it differently.
  5. I appreciate Al and his family. He worked hard and represented the program well. Most agree he has done more than expected when he came to IU. Wish they could have done more and let him play more off the ball and to his strengths. Good luck to him as he closes out his college career and whatever the next chapter of his life is.
  6. I'd simply ask him what needs to change for IU to become a contender in the B1G conference? I'd just like to hear the response to get a sense of his thinking.
  7. Archie needs a miracle B1G tourney run. That's really all that's left for him if he wants to keep his job. Interesting we are not hearing from AD Dolson. No vote of confidence. No ultimatums. No nothing. If I had to guess, he will just let the season play out before chiming in when it is done. But he has to say something eventually.
  8. Why does Rob have to look to the bench constantly for instruction? Every freakin time. A three year starter in this offense.
  9. I watched the replay of IU v UM/Fab Five on B1G network prior to the game. Just watching the shooting motion of Calbert, B Evan's, G Graham and even a guy like Nover it was really something. I expected every shot to go in. Then contrast to the past four seasons at IU and I expect every shot to miss. Speaking of Nover, the guy competed. No back down and an attitude to match. Sorely missing from IU for many seasons now.
  10. The fans have been more than patient with Archie but unfortunately for him, and any coach that comes to Bloomington, IU fans understand the game of basketball. We know when we are seeing good basketball and when we are not. We know good offense, good defense, high IQ play and when a team is committed to winning. That's not what we have seen the past four seasons. Even if they made the tournament last season it wouldn't erase how bad they have been this season. When you see guys consistently out of position and the other team basically running a dunk drill or setting up for wide open
  11. This team needs a psychologist more than a coach. Rob is as fragile as crystal stemware. He struggled from the word go with pressure as if he had never faced it before. No attack. No confidence. No chance to compete. You could see him pause in the middle of passing as if he wasn't sure that's what he should be doing, which gave the defense time to react. I have to wonder if things in his personal life are causing him to regress as a player. It would be difficult to claim a concussion from two years ago is the issue today. Armaan can claim the ankle is still a problem but he took some
  12. If people are still chatting in forums about this team I'd take it as a good sign, even if they are mad and frustrated. My concern is apathy has started to set in. I've followed IU basketball as far back as I can remember and it's getting to the point where I'd be ok missing games live and checking to see if they win or lose later.
  13. Seen enough. Defence getting gradually worse. Offense a joke.
  14. A Trey three attempt after one pass. Not even trying g to run an offense most of the time.
  15. Tentative. Rob looks like he has no clue whether to pass or not. Wild shots by Hunter and Franklin. Trey gets out of control too easy. Look great then fall apart. You think Rutgers might try the pick and roll lob again? Seems likely. TJD was crushing it. Instead of playing off him and forcing them to adjust, IU voluntarily goes away from him. Just poor basketball.
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