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  1. No. It's in the contract IU has with Archie that he must seek a reasonable, competitive salary. Something like this happened a few years ago when Jim Les left Bradley. UC Davis paid him a really low salary and BU sued.
  2. How about that. I also spent time in sports PR. Again, Brad may never even think about IU, and all of your points make sense as to why he'd stay in Boston. But that wasn't my point. My only point was basing anything on a few comments here or there by a public figure won't advance anyone's arguement.
  3. Brad may never coach IU, and the family may love Boston. However, we should all understand that what a public figure says in public, or even in private to be discreet, isn't necessarily the truth or the whole truth.
  4. He has entertained offers. He may or may not want the IU job, but replacing an assistant who worked for him for two years more than a decade ago because the old assistant didn't succeed (even by the old assistant's own estimation) won't be an issue.
  5. You're right he was about to go on vacation, but it wasn't a surprise. As I said, he had good reason to believe his tenure was complete. He proceeded with his contractual obligations, as he should have, and he hoped that Fred wouldn't pull the trigger. Though Crean is also arrogant as heck, so he may have been delusional about it all.
  6. I'm not saying he is definitely fired, but he has to put on a happy face regardless. He can let on to the kids, parents, etc. He is also interviewing for his next job. It can't appear as if he doesn't care anymore, or that he has lost control, etc. That's really poor form. I remember Crean didn't let on either, but he had a good reason to believe the hammer was falling.
  7. Because the process has to move quickly. Ideally, if you’re firing a major college basketball coach you already know your options -- in order -- and what it takes to secure them.
  8. IU would take the NIT invite despite the situation around Archie because they need the TV revenue.
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