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2023 K - Nicolas Radicic - COMMITED

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I like good kickers. Teams like Indiana benefit the most since they aren't going to blow out the better competition most of the time, if ever. When the team wasn't so hot, special teams were a huge reason why. I like how CTA has prioritized kickers. 

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I agree.  I have long touted Allen as a guy who has a good plan and vision for what he needs to win.

I have always said that IU should have an edge in the kicking game.  We aren't going to have the same margin for error with talent on offense or defense, that, say, a Penn State or Michigan (let alone OSU) would have.  If we are sound in the kick game, we might be able to pull out a tight game or two.  I think Allen would agree with this, based on how he has approached it.  

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Kicking game is a place you can make up for difference in talent. Flipping the field or locking up points in the kicking game for a school like IU is big. Hard for a program like ours to always sustain and finish drives. Automatic points are huge.

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