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HSN Bracket Challenge

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All right, I’m in! I have no idea how it’s going to go. I don’t know how Purdue made it to my final four, but they did. They better not blow it! I have Michigan as a FF team, as well as Mich. St. I don’t know how they got there, lol. I just like John Beilein. 

Let the games begin!

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2 hours ago, tdhoosier said:

What does the winner win? 1,000 likes? A back massage from 5 Fouls? Changing the title under the user name from 'advanced member' to '2018 HSN Bracket Champion'?

I need to know what I'm going for so I can put in my very best effort.  

If you are wanting a back massage from me,  I will do everything in my power to make sure you lose.

Knowing my luck Bluegrass would win the challenge on the tie breaker over 3 of our most lovely female members.


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I've watched Oklahoma quite a bit this year, but man, Lon Kruger just can't reel Trae Young in. As much as I love watching Trae sink a 35 footer; there are so many times he can get either his team or himself a better shot. Still interested to see where his career leads him; as a Bull's fan I'd still take him top 5. In the age of Steph Curry, his upside is ridiculously high. 

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