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Legendary female vocalists


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Great contibution, Tiz !  Thanks.  I have run those contributions over and over again.  Really thanks for that.

And who will ever forget the beautiful, Whitney ? 

Not that I want to turn this thread into great vocalists who died before their time.  However, just another contribution.....


Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You - YouTube

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24 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

CBS Sunday morning had a segment on Debbie Harry (Blondie) this morning.



So funny.  I was getting my fill of some Deborah, just last night. Now I am sorry I missed the piece on her on CBS on Sunday morning.


Guys.... you are rockin it.  Loving each and every contribution.  I will be revisiting this thread for days to come.  Thanks all.  Keep 'em coming !

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1 hour ago, Drroogh said:

Annie Lennox covering Procol Harum


Drroogh.  You are seriously dropping the mike on this thread.  I had completely forgotten about Annie.  But she had  IT.


Here's a lesser known female vocalist.  However.... she has some GREAT pipes !

Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye - YouTube


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