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OT: Prayers needed

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Many of you know the story about my 10 year old son Ayden and his health issues. At 2 Ayden was diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease and his doctors told us he would not live to see 3. Mile and Company selected Ayden as the official mascot of the original HSN and has followed us to version 3.0.  Yesterday Ayden had his check up with his Mito dr and lots of tests were ran and several more over the upcoming weeks. I ask for prayers because one of the issues is the likelihood of a Muscular Disease. His never ending leg pain, restless leg, and asthma all indicate a possible muscle disease. I ask for prayers of good news, and for God's will to be done. Please pray that the leg pain subsides. Baseball has started and he really pays the price to play but we will allow him to as long as his body allows.  Thank you in advance.

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No child should have to deal with the adversity that your son has, so early in life.

Prayers out for him and a positive report from the doctors.

Prayers to you to stay strong and positive for him

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Just now, Billingsley99 said:

Thank you. He is my hero for a reason!!. Yesterday he had 9 tubes of blood drawn and before he went in to give it he saw a little girl 4 or 5 crying not wanting to do it. He sat with her and told her it would be ok. I hold him while they take the blood and he said Daddy I can't cry because I don't want that little girl to think it's bad.  He then asked the nurse if he could get 1 sticker for him and 1 for that girl and she told him to take as many as he wanted.   He teaches me valuable lessons every day. 

What an awesome story. Sounds like your son has had a great role model growing up

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3 hours ago, iu2win said:

IU fans and many who post on this board sent prayers my way and helped me beat cancer six years ago.  I'm sending my prayers up for you and your family.  BELIEVE !!!

It's stories like this, and people like you.... that make me love Hoosier Sports Nation.... so much.  As with Ayden, may God continue to share his Grace with you.

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