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Top 10 Worst Named Cities in America


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4 hours ago, rico said:

Were you there all night?  Sorry, couldn't resist.........

Close.  Spent a week there, one night.   And if you believe that, I've got some property in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, I would like to sell you.   LOL

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1 hour ago, mrflynn03 said:

came across a place called monkeys eyebrow, ky last year on one of my adventures.


Thanks for the contribution.  Your post reminds me of a place, not a city, but a casino in Central City, Colorado, called.... The Brass Ass 

And they have a restaurant called.  Dynamite Dick's.   I kid you not.   LOL

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2 hours ago, rico said:

I don't know how many years back I read this and IIRC a radio station was involved.  But some podunk town in Montana changed it's name to Joe.

Joe, Montana

That's a good one. 

I can say this. Though it is not good as Joe, Montana..... and keeping on the Joe trend.  I have been in Joes, Colorado.  Population :80

Joes, Colorado 

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