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After further consideration IOWA might be the TEAM

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To be most likely to be better than anyone might expect !! They did lose Peter Jerk , but they do have FOUR STARTERS BACK from a team that won 19 games  last season.!! They have 10 players who are 6'7" tall or taller !! THE TWO 6'11'" Freshmen recruits -what did they do in Iowa's 4 game European Tour this summer?? 6'11" Luke Garza averaged 22.5 points per game and 10.3 rebounds per game !! 6'11" Jack Nunge averaged 6.8 points per game , 5.3 rebounds per game and Led the Hawkeyes with 1.75 BLOCKS PER GAME !! those 2 "BIGGIES" combined to average 29.3 points per game and 15.6 rebounds per game on this  4 game tour !! They have the size to compete with the pee yew smellermakers , [imho] !! GO IOWA - BEAT PEE YEW !!!( GO everybody-BEAT PEE YEW !!) vbg !!

P.S. Iowa also has the Big Ten's Sixth Man Of The Year Award winner in 6'7" Nicholas Baer ! Baer came to Iowa as a walk on !! Not too shabby , From walk on to the B10's 6th. Man of the Year Award winner !! Look out for the Hawkeyes in 2017-2018 !!

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P.S Indiana University's HOOSIERS and the Iowa Hawkeyes are the TWO MOST UNDERRATED TEAMS IN THE B10 Conference ! But- it is commonplace for THE B10 to spring a bunch of surprises [SEE:UPSETS ] NO MATTER what the preseason predictions say !! Michigan State is the current odds on FAVORITES to win the B10 in 2017-2018 , but don't bet on them going undefeated in B10 Conference play !

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I just today ( Wednesday October 18 ,2017 ) a few minutes ago in the mail got my copy of Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook ! I've only had a chance to glance through it but it appears that they [Blue Ribbon] do have MORE information on all of the D1 teams , even the so called cupcakes ! It appears to be loaded with team info which is more thorough than the other pre season mags !!

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