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So far:

Penn announces she will transfer.

Ali Patberg is coming back for her repeat senior year. Great for us and if she wants that I guess great for her. I thought it might be time for her to try her luck in Europe or start a coaching career. But a voluntary return so great for both.

Moren is extended with a new contract at 800k per year plus incentives. I do not know if she gets a shoe contract, radio show money etc but total package with incentives should be around a million.

I will try and research some recruiting info and post.

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Arizona gave Stanford all they could handle.

Stanford was actually quite lucky. In the first game, up one and with the ball the did not get a shot and then AZ missed two 3 ft shots at the buzzer. 
Very similar end in the final with AZ.

AZ was the team that beat us.

Congrats to Stanford. Sometimes it takes a little luck.

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Thanks for the post. 
The only thing I know to add is that Hannah Noveroske is transferring. 
Nice person but I think she was just not getting the minutes she wanted at this level of play. Good luck to her.

Ariel has played even fewer minutes. I do not know her plans.

I was surprised to see Key Wharten transfer.

I am not aware of new recruits. Paige Price is already here

Ali, Berger, Chloe and hopefully Nichole will give us 4 nice guards. Grace Wagner may play a little more small forward- I do not know. Lex and Mac will be back with KB and Paige as depth, both I feel will play a lot.

We must shoot the 3 better. It hurt us all year.

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