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  1. I was very impressed by Jordan Miller when we lost to Miami, and he obviously played great tonight. I know it's wishful thinking but if we're able to get someone like that at the 4 spot next year it would totally change how we're able to play.
  2. A little late to the party here but that was an incredible game. I love watching this K State team.
  3. Who cares? (Directed at Dakich not you) Regardless of whether Woodson knew anything about the situation or not, I don’t see the point in even commenting on it. But that’s just who he’s become… anything to make a buck and get some publicity. Sad.
  4. I think Loyer would get outperformed worse than any of our guards did last night. I like Furst though.
  5. Perimeter oriented wing… could either be a 3 or stretch 4 for us. Good shooter.
  6. I’m amazed we’re only down 6 they way we’ve been playing. I expect the coaches to pound it into their heads at halftime that trayce has to touch the ball every possession unless it’s a fast break
  7. Give the ball to Trayce every single time. I don’t want anyone else even touching it at this rate.
  8. Trapped in the corner off the inbounds… instead of calling a timeout he chucks it as far as he can down the court without looking. Furman steals it and nails a three to go up by one with a few seconds left.
  9. That’s a horrible second round matchup for purdue lol
  10. If we were the top 5 seed would we get our preferred region (South) or does that only apply to the 1-4 seeds?
  11. Well Malik had a few mistakes on defense in back to back possessions too. It’s a matter of rotating who makes mistakes on defense at this point.
  12. That was a great screen by Malik on that Bates three. Such a smart move by him.
  13. I’m not sure why we stop doing what’s working… I know shots aren’t falling but why go away from what got you the lead in the first place?
  14. We’re too loose with the ball right now
  15. Can’t buy a call down low
  16. 12-1 run for the nittany lions since I turned the game back on. I’ll keep watching haha
  17. https://m.facebook.com/IndianaMBB/videos/2023-senior-day/1399947810753777/ for those interested in watching the senior night speeches
  18. Race! hope this is the Race we get for the rest of the season
  19. So does that chart not apply since rutgers took another loss?
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