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  1. So nice to have hope again as a fan. It's been way too long. I'm tired of being nervous during every game because of our weaknesses. Can't wait to feel confident again when turning on games and being able to relax a bit.
  2. Nice articles, thank you for posting them.
  3. Yank fan here in Johnson City, TN too... Between JC and Asheville, NC, it's truly an amazing place to retire. I came here after 20 years at the U of Illinois, 10 years in Bloomington and 4 years at Virginia Tech. Love my Hoosiers, been a die hard fan since 79.
  4. Even if the players return, we still need a couple of good reliable 3 point shooters.
  5. I'm sick and tired of losing to Purdue, Wisconsin, etc......
  6. Direst TV shows the game being played on the BTN at noon, Sunday.
  7. I'm just enjoying my ninth year of retirement and patiently waiting for Rob and Jerome to start playing to their potential. The sooner the better!
  8. Notre Dame is apparently having students on campus this fall. Starting their semester early, no fall break and end before major flu months.
  9. March Disaster has taken it's toll. I'm an optimist so I'm looking forward to next year!
  10. Looking forward to his contributions throughout the rest of this season! And, to his playing with TJD again next year. With those two, and with Race gaining experience and getting better, our front-court is/will be in good hands.
  11. Been watching IU basketball for 40 years. The last two have been so tough that I tape all our games and only watch the ones we win. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. Until then, I'll keep taping the games. Bummer!
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