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  1. Well I really thought this 4 games series against the Rockies would get the Refs going but it is not.  The Rockies is the worst team in the NL and had the worst pitching in baseball.  Lost 13-8 last night and losing tonight 9-4 after 7.

  2. 15 minutes ago, jv1972iu said:

    Man, Luis Castillo needs help... and I mean big time.  Reds losing to a bad Rockies team BIG tonight.  Castillo has been pretty much terrible all but one start.  Reds are 1-7 in his starts going into tonight's game...and the score is 10-0 in the seventh.  

    They need to send him down to the minors

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  3. 2 hours ago, btownqb said:

    How on god's green earth do you have Keith Smart ahead of Yogi Ferrell?



    Yogi topples him in career avg, assists avg, rebounds avg, A:T ratio, 3pt %,

    1900 career pts vs. 760 career pts. Yogi was all B1G 1st team x2, Smart didn't make an all conference team, and Yogi was all league defense, as well. Yogi is 11th all time in the B1G in assists and 20th all time in scoring. He has the 4th highest offensive rating ever in the conference. He is also 4th all time in mins played total in the B1G.

    Yogi is much closer to 2nd then he is 4th.


  4. 2 hours ago, BGleas said:

    I was going to stay out of the discussion the last couple days in this thread because the topic has been beaten to death, but the site is so slow recently so I might as well jump in. 

    First, these are all opinion things so will vary greatly by the person and there are no right or wrong opinions here. With that said, for the life of me I can't imagine sitting down and watching an entire MLB game even if my favorite team was playing, let alone two teams I don't care about. I haven't watched an entire MLB game since the Red Sox-Dodgers World Series. 

    In terms of entertainment value, I would watch 6 random (non Celtics) NBA games in a row before I'd sit down and watch the Royals and the Orioles play a regular season MLB game. 

    I also love the NFL, but even with the NFL come October unless teams I like are playing in the Sunday or Monday night games, I typically watch a few snaps here and there, but then move on to something else. I'm definitely watching if my teams are playing, for sure, but I'm not watching the Sunday night game in November if it's San Francisco vs. Arizona or something. 

    With that said, I also don't sit down and watch entire NBA games unless it's the Celtics. So, it's not like I'm hunting the Hornet-Pelicans game on TNT either. But, I will watch for a bit much like the random Sunday night NFL game.

    Then with college basketball, again I love college basketball, but you're telling me you enjoy watching Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forrest in January as both teams shoot 40% from the field and struggle to score 60 points? Like, what about that is entertaining? 

    I remember earlier this season IU and the Celtics played at the same time. I chose to watch IU because as we can all agree with fewer games more rides on a singular college basketball game, and I knew when IU ended I would still get to watch half of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th of the Celtics game. 

    I can't remember who either team was playing, but I just remember when I flipped to the Celtics just being stunned at how immensely better the game was. How immensely better the defense was, the passing, the shooting, the flow of the game, it was an incredibly more enjoyable viewing experience. The skill and game play was head shoulders better.

    Don't get me wrong, I love IU and I love college basketball for the pageantry the school rivalries and all of that. And again this is all opinion, but I still will never understand how people think the college game (just speaking on the actual game play) is better when teams routinely struggle to score and struggle to even shoot a remotely respectable percentage. It's painful at times.  

    I would rather watch Belmont vs Murray St over any NBA game.  I will watch the Refs in baseball and will watch most NFL games.

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  5. 25 minutes ago, Steubenhoosier said:

    As someone smart once said, statistics are for losers. For much of his career, Yogi Ferrell was a get in the air and don’t know what to do point guard. For much of his career, Yogi Ferrell was a look for my shot first point guard. After his freshman season he averaged over 12 shots per game every season… not what I want from a point guard. 

    I realize that a lot of people on here, especially younger guys, worship Yogi Ferrell. He couldn’t hold a candle to QB or Zeke. As one poster on here says, ShewI’d even take Coverdale, for what he meant to, and did for, his team over Yogi Ferrell 

    In my lifetime I would say the best point guards I have seen at IU are.

    1) IT.

    2) Buckner.

    3) Smart.

    4) Yogi.

    5) Lewis



  6. Just saw a stat that toe is not good for baseball.  In April there were 1092 more strike outs than there were hits in the month and that to me is not good for the game.

    Also saw the Reds won 13-12 today but couldn't watch it today. We had a graduation party for my daughter who is getting her Masters degree in Social Work.

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  7. Pacers wine 152-95 and that is a Pacers record for points in a game.  It was a bad 4th quarter with them only 25 points after scoring 40+ points in the first 3 quarters.  They had the lead up to 67 points and the product OKC put on the court is an embarrassment.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

    Couldn't help but laugh at Amir Garrett. Little twerp. Trying to make his bones I guess. He and his 12.27 ERA got a little happy by striking out Rizzo today.

    Oh well. Just saw the score. I'll say the same thing I said earlier. Anyone who finishes behind the Cubs should reconsider their fandom....as well as coaching/management/players. 

    I have no idea what Garrett was thinking there.  Saying that the next time Baez comes up I am plunking him

  9. What a disgraceful performance today by the Reds losing to the Cubs 3-2.  The Reds in the 9th had runners on 1st and 3rd and no outs and don't score.  They took 3rd strikes right down the middle twice and you can't take those strikes.  The Reds led 2-0 after the 1st inning but couldn't score again against the Cubs terrible pitching staff.  They left the bases loaded twice but couldn't get the big hits.

  10. 13 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

    Just watched a Kent Sterling youtube video. He is really questioning if Ballard really knows what he's doing. Still no left tackle. You have to protect Wentz.

    But I do like the Kwity pick, there's no quit in this kid!!!

    I am sorry but how can Kent Sterling question anyone especially Ballard.  Sterling is an idiot who just likes to himself talk. 

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  11. Reds best the Cubs 8-6 despite the Reds bullpen trying to blow the game.  Up 8-2 after 6 but the bullpen gave up 4 runs and left the bases loaded in the 9th.  Also the umps tried to help the Cubs by calling balls on obvious 3rd strikes twice in the 9th.

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