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  1. How could Jabari Smith come to IU even if he wanted since he already signed with Auburn?
  2. I never met him but I will genuinely miss him. He sent me a PM once when on the old board after I posted about my acceptance to IU. He was very kind and always upbeat in his posts. I will pray for him and his family. Extremely sad news. Live your life to the fullest and try to have some love and compassion for those around you. RIP MILEHIIU
  3. Green Phinisee/Durham Langford Durham/(Green)/Anderson/Blackmon McRoberts Hunter/(Smith)/Anderson Smith (Morgan)/Thompson/Fitzner/Forrester Morgan Fitzner/Davis/Moore/Forrester
  4. My line-up with Langford: 1- Green (back up Phinese who gets quite a few minutes) 2- Langford (back up Anderson-- 10th/11th man in terms of minutes ) 3- McRoberts (with Hunter getting lot of minutes) -- I would guess they will get about the same number of minutes 4- Smith (with Morgan getting minutes here and Race/Moore could get a few minutes here) 5- Morgan (will also get a significant minutes at the 4) (back up Davis who gets quite a few minutes) Going to be difficult for Moore to break through in the rotation and for Race to get many minutes. Its no
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