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  1. I thought we were talking about value? The last time I checked IU was the 3rd most valuable college basketball program in the country (behind UK and Louisville), and that is during probably its worst 25 year run in terms of on-court performance. So even without winning much, the program has maintained its value.
  2. Isn't that what happened from about 1996-2006? Many of the top high school players from those 10 years went straight from HS to the NBA. Will it be more now? Maybe, maybe not. NIL could certainly play a roll in some guys choosing/staying in college potentially. But the point was that even during IU's worst 25ish year run of performance on the court the program hasn't lost any value compared to its competitors.
  3. Not disagreeing with your overall point, but I believe IU basketball is still one of the most valuable (speaking financially) programs in the country. I think the program is still top 5 in that regard. So from a financial perspective, the lack of competing well nationally or having the best players has not really hurt the value of the program.
  4. I tend to agree on the Lakers defense. They lost arguably their two best perimeter defenders in Caruso and KCP, LeBron is basically on an as-needed basis as far as defense goes, Westbrook is a gambler on that end, etc. I could see them struggling a lot early defensively especially.
  5. I tend to agree since it's PG and I find him to be pretty self-serving when he makes many of his comments on things. But with that said, i could see this being legit if the acquisition would put the Pacers over the luxury tax.
  6. In PG's defense, his claim is that he did want to stay and that the best power forward in the league (his words) called him and said he wanted to join him in Indy, and then when he brought it to the Pacers they told him they couldn't afford to make the move. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is then I can't really blame him for changing course.
  7. Exactly. While market certainly plays a part, when/if the Pacers are contenders then they'll get free agents or the veteran guys willing to take less to be a part of the team type of guys, etc.
  8. It's not all about free agents, it's about spending when you have the opportunity to make a trade or do a sign and trade. It's about using all of the exceptions you have at your deposit, etc. Also, if the Pacers were all in on contending then free agents would come. Free agents have gone to Cleveland, OKC, Utah, Denver, etc., when those franchises have been dedicated to winning.
  9. I'll say this about Miami, I think they'll regret these deals in a year or two. They have a lot of money tied up in aging 2nd tier stars. Jimmy Butler has already shown signs of slowing down (his 3pt % has been going back down) and Kyle Lowry is certainly on his back 9. As mentioned, I don't think this is a group that gets by Brooklyn or Milwaukee, and potentially even Philly or Atlanta, etc. So by this time next summer or the following year they may be desperately looking to offload these contracts.
  10. Location definitely plays a factor, but I also view the Pacers as a franchise that is going to pretty much play it safe financially and not willing to go "all in" when it comes to the luxury tax when they have a chance to go for it.
  11. Like Robinson, Butler was their own free agent so the cap doesn't come into play, though the luxury tax does. Tucker was signed with a piece of Miami's mid-level exception, which any team over the cap can do. The difference between the Heat and Pacers is that the Heat are trying to won a title and are willing to invest to do it, the Pacers aren't.
  12. Who else did the get? They'll do a S&T for Lowry and Duncan Robinson was their own players so the salary cap doesn't matter there.
  13. I like what Miami has done too, though I still think it leaves them behind Brooklyn and Milwaukee, and potentially Philly if Simmons figures it out.
  14. Agree they need to do something, but I think operating around the edges of the roster is better than making a bad panic move. If there is an all-star than can figure a way to acquire then for sure they need to do that, but I wouldn't panic and just flip McCollum for a similar or worse player just to do something.
  15. For McCollum, absolutely. I don’t think Harris' value is anywhere close to McCollum though. I mean, Portland trading McCollum for Harris is not moving the needle for keeping Dame there.
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