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  1. As a poster stated previously, "welcome to big boy sports". It's similar to the real world, not everyone gets treated the same. Yogi had equity built up with the coaches. There's a reason he's #1 in assists and #6 in scoring in IU history, he was a great player. Coaches trust their great players and they sometimes (most of the time really) get treated differently. The best 2-3 players on most any team are going to have leeway that the 7-10th guys on the team don't have. Your 2nd best player can come down and jack a bad shot and then turn the ball over the next possession and probab
  2. Yogi was on the Hoosier Hysterics podcast this week and had a lot of good things to say about Crean. This idea that Crean didn't develop his NBA guys or help players get to the NBA is crazy.
  3. Completely agree on Archie. I think sometimes people confuse his dislike or more closed personality with the media as meaning that is what his personality really is. I'm not trying to act like I know Archie or have interacted with him in any way, but the guy has spent his entire life in the gym. He grew up in the gym around his father and brother, he played high level high school and college basketball, and has now been a high level college assistant and head coach for going on two decades. I guarantee that if you put Archie in a locker room or in a gym with a bunch of basketball players
  4. When you say 'lucky to make the playoffs' do you mean make it at all or get through the play-in? The Celtics are almost a lock to finish top 8 in the East. But it has of course been a tough season in Boston. I chalk the vast majority of it up to 1) injuries and Covid, 2) teams like Brooklyn, Philly and Milwaukee making some strong roster moves, and 3) Danny Ainge not putting a stronger roster of depth around Tatum and Brown. Kemba, Smart, Robert Williams, Tristin Thompson, Jaylen Brown, Tatum and Fournier have missed a combined 98 games (as of this morning). That is a lot of games
  5. Unfortunately for Langford, he's been passed in the rotation by Aaron Nesmith. Nesmith has really come on over the last two weeks or so, scoring 15 or more points in 4 of his last 6 games, on top of playing similar defense to Langford. He's still young and has a long way to go and injuries haven't helped, but it just doesn't seem to be happening for Langford. Stevens and the organization love him, so not giving up on him by any means, but oddly enough considering his scoring prowess in high school and college he just provides nothing offensively. Much like at IU, offensively he jus
  6. Maybe. He hasn't helped himself with all of the injuries. He's missed a ton of time over his two seasons. I'd also say those same things haven't seemed to hurt Nesmith. Sure, even Nesmith would probably get more time elsewhere, but when he plays he impacts the game and has scored in double figures several times the last month or so.
  7. Sounds like it will be another strong second half!
  8. Sad to see that Aaron Nesmith has passed Romeo Langford in the Celtics rotation. Langford still plays some, but Nesmith is ahead of him. Nesmith plays just as hard defensively but is way ahead of Langford offensively.
  9. Here's a change of pace. Who does everyone have for MVP?
  10. Lots of really good insight and points there. It is weird how sports is the one place where we always back ownership and not the workers. With that said, you're right on it being mostly about the ownership/loyalty we feel as fans to the team and we want that reciprocated by our players.
  11. Has football not done the same thing though? It's all about the quarterback. Guys are constantly changing teams in the NFL as well. Player empowerment is catching up in the NBA as well. You hear players opinions all of the time as well, and a lot of that actually started in the NFL. I think you're first part about the larger than life stars, etc., etc., is more where your age factor comes into play. It's tough to compare things to how you felt about them when you were a kid. Again though, this is all opinion. I think a lot of it boils down as well to fans not liking players having
  12. Definitely an opinion/personal preference thing, and neither of us are right or wrong, it's just what we like and prefer. I know I sound like a broken record, but I just don't see what people love so much about watching a random college basketball game, outside of the pageantry of college sports which I enjoy as well. I don't see what is to like so much about watching Oregon State vs. Cal on a random Tuesday in January as both teams brick wide open shots, turn the ball over and struggle to score in the mid-60's. I watched the Celtics-Blazers on Sunday and the game was a thing
  13. We're about the same age, so I don't think it has anything to do with being over/under 40. I'm child of the 80's/90's as well. I love football, I'm a huge fan, but between the NFL going from Thursday through Monday and all of the college football games, I find football has been way too saturated. Again don't get me wrong, I'm watching football, but typically by Sunday afternoon I'm pretty bored with it unless my Eagles are playing (or Steelers which is my wife's team). Also again, you know I love college basketball, but the actual game play I find to be pretty terrible. I love watc
  14. Ok, and I don't have a bias against MLB, I just find it incredibly boring. I don't have a bias against the NFL or College football, I enjoy them both. Heck, I have thousands of posts on HSN racked up over 12-13 years so clearly don't have a bias against college basketball. I played it and I've always loved it. I've never once posted on an NBA or Celtics message board.
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