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  1. I actually don't think we made Maryland look good at all. I wasn't really impressed with them. The fact that we played somewhat poorly and still could/maybe should have won isn't really a sign Maryland was good. They shot 34% from the field and 22% from 3 at home. We outrebounded them and had 11 assists to their 7. They are well coached, but I wasn't really that impressed with Maryland last night.
  2. Agree. Galloway would be really good there as well.
  3. Yeah, that's where we need more dynamic wings in this program. You need your guards back against the press, but then you put a wing in the middle that can handle and make plays. Kansas would put Jalen Wilson (that's his name, right?) and get it middle and he would blow a press like that open. We need some wings in this program that can handle and create.
  4. It's almost stupid how we've gotten the short end of the stick on flagrant fouls and technicals this season. JHS has literally gotten hit in the face/head numerous times and no flagrant. JG gets a T for throwing the ball to a ref, yet Fran and his son go ballistic and approach our sideline and nothing.
  5. IMO, we needed another ball handler in the middle, around half court, against that press. Get it middle and push the pace against numbers in your favor to get easy baskets. A few times we put Race there, but he's not great in that spot and turned it over or made the wrong decision. But, you have to create numbers to get easy baskets and ultimately force them out of that press.
  6. Yup, and this game is the epitome of why we need XJ back to fully be complete. We can win games without him, but to be our best we need him. We need a 2nd ball handler against that token press. We need another perimeter player that can get to the basket and create. We need another guard that can apply pressure and stay infront of top guards defensively.
  7. I don’t have a major problem with JHS's shots. We were never going to win that game without someone else stepping up and scoring, and JHS is the best option for that, regardless of how he has shot to that point. I'd bet there is a higher chance that the coaching staff was telling him that he needed to get involved as opposed to anyone telling him to stop shooting. He got a phenomenal look on an ATO when we were down 6 and just missed. Got another good mid-range look on the next possession and just missed, and then I think two possessions later missed (should have been a foul) in the lane. They were good looks by your 2nd best player when you needed a second scorer desperately to make some plays. It just didn't work out.
  8. Don't buy it. But if it is true, that just makes The Big Ten look even worse. IMO that's a major conference problem, not a Woodson problem.
  9. More concerned with our lack of forcing turnovers than our own turnovers, especially when struggling offensively, you need to find ways to create easy baskets.
  10. Yeah, we did a really poor job of making them pay for pressing us. Really bad job. Hoping if XJ gets back and with both he and JHS in the backcourt we can finally make teams pay. We let them control the tempo.
  11. Agree completely. We just let them dictate the tempo, which is always a losing recipe.
  12. That leads to part of my point. IU didn't play well tonight, no disputing that. But, Maryland was also really bad. It wasn't like Maryland played well either. The only major discrepancy was free throw attempts, and this is against a team in IU that plays almost exclusively in the paint vs a team that took 12 more three attempts. It doesn't add up.
  13. Just absolutely insane. Again, it's not like we're some high volume perimeter team. Almost all of our shots are in the paint.
  14. Can't win when JHS goes 1-for-14, we don't finish around the rim, and we don't really force any live balk turnovers. With that said, the officiating also was a major cause of deciding that game. There's a reason not finishing around the rim killed us but didn't really hurt Maryland at all and the answer is in the free throw attempts discrepancy.
  15. Turnovers and free throw attempts were the only major difference. We won just about every other statistical category.
  16. But is that still true if the free throws attempts aren't so incredibly out of whack? Especially considering we shot a ridiculous amount of fewer three's.
  17. If I'm Woodson I'm calling out the officiating and the conference immediately in the post game. More just to set the table for Saturday.
  18. That literally doesn't make any sense, when they've also attempted 13 more 3's.
  19. Can't win when JHS can't make a shot, but geez it is absolutely mind boggling that a team can double us up in free throw attempts while also shooting 12 more three point attempts!?!? It doesn't make any sense.
  20. JHS never touched that ball!?!?
  21. Maryland really has tried to hand us this game. They have not played well either.
  22. Especially with that joke of a flagrant on Bates earlier.
  23. Woodson needs to lose his mind here.
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