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  1. That’s a good class new staff or not! Expectations need to be realistic some classes will be better than 2022 class others will not
  2. Where has the 0708 person been? Haven’t seen any info from him for awhile. I don’t always get caught up on reading everything so anybody know if he has been posting
  3. Abbey Road SWEET! The hidden meaning of. I shoes and the opposite stride on the cross walk! Fun times and memories! I really like the others as well! Great listening and experiences for Ayden great job!
  4. I think that is awesome and sounds like he knows good music! I love those old consoles wish I still had mine that was my parents but gave it to my little sister. Glad to hear about the old vinyl I gave mine away to a young enthusiast about 15 to 20 years ago what a great hobby and interest for Ayden and you to have together that really warms my heart
  5. Lol I hope so I wish nothing but the best for the young man and that’s ok with me if he lights us up for 40 just makes for a competitive recruiting rivalry. And I really hope we get who are priority recruits are ps love The Rolling Stones
  6. Well that’s life you don’t always get what you want
  7. I have no idea what they told the young man but he must have thought Purdue was the best choice for him! I too have had a lot of experiences in my 55+ years of a fan. I am going to enjoy this tremendous coaching staff and the style of play that we will see and all the kids that choose to play for the Hoosiers! And by the way is it clear that IU was not interested or he just pulled the trigger for Purdue I don’t know the answer
  8. Do you remember Troy Lewis? I was sick he went to Purdue and yes he killed us for 4 years but it was fun seeing the competition between players! I will be pulling for the kids playing for the Hoosiers and I don’t care if Smith scores 40 against us. You never know how a kid will do in college but I like who the staff has been offering since taking over. Btw never hear the end of it from who lol
  9. I would say the staff connects the dots better than everyone on an IU message board put together times hundreds lol
  10. I know who the thread is about i don’t put people on a pedestal like some here do! The truth is he may or may not get an offer and I don’t really care as that is not my job to promote specific people for my self interest. Bye only positive comments are allowed by you I guess fu
  11. I guess time will tell if Woody feels the same
  12. What about Rodney Rice, Noah Clooney, Juilian Philips and Kaleb Banks? I would like to see at least 2 of these guys play for our Hoosiers but I don’t know much about them other than they seem to fit Woody’s profile of a player that would fit his system
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